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ManpraX Hiring principles


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We can help you hire the right talent too :)

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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ManpraX Hiring principles

  1. 1. Hiring Principles ManpraX Software LLP
  2. 2. Principles  Teach everything you know you are good at  Share the vision  Set short term, achievable goals  Track progress, closely!  Celebrate success  Align everyone's interest
  3. 3. Hire the best - Rockstar  Controlling the quality of individuals you hire V/S Controlling the work they do every day !  Total Cost = Salary + Cost of mistakes + Management Cost  Rockstar = lesser mistakes + lesser Management time + 25% higher salary  Higher productivity + better Ideas  If you know how to use them they can be 4X profitable
  4. 4. Ongoing Process  Hire Continuously, not project / requirement based.  Smart people attract other smart people  Constant learning helps maintain standards  Cumulative smartness, smarter decisions
  5. 5. Teach the game  Teach them what you are good at, and in turn make them teach what they are good at.  Everyone should be on a similar page if not same  A steep learning curve gives higher satisfaction than compensation  Inculcate a culture of sharing knowledge | Top Down approach
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