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ex of my work for client: Broker Suite brochure


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I designed this logo and brochure of BrokerSuite (TM of CMC Ltd.), an On-Cloud back-office solution for Traders of Securities (brokers) and Depository Pariticipants
** this brochure is freely distributed by client on online media for product awareness **

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ex of my work for client: Broker Suite brochure

  1. 1. seamless integration end to end automation high performanceIntegrated Depository and Broker Back Office On Cloud
  2. 2. Introducing BROKERsuiteKey Benefits.Easy subscription model Any Time, AnywherePay as you GO and Pay according to usage, 24x7 availabilityinstead of large, chunky, upfront cost Use from any computer having an internet browserBrowser-based No Capital/Operating ExpenditureCompletely on-line software No high end hardware required No software licenses No Annual Maintenance (AMC)No need to manage your data Dependable and provenData resides in a highly managed secure DpSecure is best-sellingenvironment, on state-of-the-art servers depository back officewith adequate processes for Fail-Over. Our softwareData centres are ISO 20001, BS EN 999 and From a TATA group companySAS70 complaint. Data is regularly backedup.
  3. 3. Broker SuiteBROKERSUITE-on-cloud consists of DpSecure-on-cloud DepositoryParticipant software and BroSecure Broker Back Office software The DP Back office contains the following comprehensive modules and functionalities:  User Security, Administration, Access Control and Audit Trails  Client Account Opening with POA mappingDpSECURE $$$  Demat & Remat Processing On-Cloud  Slip Inventory  Instructions Processing  Interfacing with DPM and CDAS System  Several Billing options  Reporting Module & MIS Module  Interfaces with BroSecure Broking BackOffice or any other The Broking Back office contains the following comprehensive modules and functionalities:  Comprehensive trade processing  Transactional Accounting  Securities Delivery processing  Maker Checker facilityBroSECURE $$$  Reports—Client wise/Branch wise/group wise On-Cloud  Security  Integrates with DpSecure Depository Back Office or any other
  4. 4. Latest Technology, Modern Features .Multi-Branch Digitally signed Contract Notes in Broker Back Office Digitally signed Statements of Accounts in DP Back Office Teller Screen in DP Automatic Delivery Processing: no file uploads between DP and Broker Back Office Common Account OpeningMaker-Checker Maker-Checker facility for all data entryIntegration Total integration between BroSecure-on-cloud and DpSecure-on-cloud Facility to create files and upload delivery data in other software systemsCustomer Interface Auto-emailers to clients Web-Access for clients Use the same DP software that these companies use, without any investment CALL YASH: 9892457988 | (022) 6673 1943