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Social Media Marketing Project

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Social Media Marketing Campaign

  1. PRESENTED BYAshvinie | Kashif | Pravesh | Satyameet | Thomas
  2. SCENEVERSE :Kitchener-based start-upcompany, developingsoftware andcomputationalmechanisms to servesocial scenesSHOZON:Threshold pledge show-booking application forgrass-root musicians.
  4. GOAL : To attract 50projects and 5000 fans by theend of campaign
  5. TARGET SEGMENTAge : 17 to 32 Yrs Aspiring Artists Independent, self-reliant, energetic
  6. NETNOGRAPHYPunk is not only pop or rock• Celtic Punk : Celtic punk is essentially punk rock accompanied by traditional Irish instruments• Cowpunk: Cowpunk is a strange marriage of country and punk rock• Gypsy Punk: Essentially punk rock that reflects Eastern European roots• Psychobilly: Is a blend of 50s rockabilly music and punk rock
  7. Being Punk Malkovich“the reason I do love punks because I Attitude, not attire really do is that they are more honest and more true to them self than most others are. and have a f*cking good taste in music.” Agnostic Love Pets “I think punk tattoos areApolitical kind of lame. If you love the band that’s great. But when I see people Ink and piercings with just punk tattooed on them it looks really pathetic.”
  8. POSITIONING TRIANGLES Crowd funding for Indie Music COMPETITIVEShozon • Rockethub Unique to the Punk/Indie scene • Ticket-o- meter • Dukits
  9. POSITIONING TRIANGLES Lifestyle Goal : Live by their own rules LIFESTYLE Tattoos expressing socio-political messages, non-Shozon conventional /self Channel to express modified clothing & accessories depicting anti-consumerist movement, self modified bikes that talk about speed and
  10. POSITIONING TRIANGLES Relevant social & character tensions or conflicts: Inability to gather resources and fan base NARRATIVEAura: reliable event facilitator Involve Allegory : Elevation of the talent within
  11. POSITIONING STATEMENTTo the aspiring punk artist who desires to live by his ownrules, our brand Shozon is a reliable event facilitator,elevating the talent within by providing resources and a fanbase through collaboration, because it is crafted for anddriven by artists who have their roots engraved in thePunk/Indie culture
  12. Campaign “Smackdown” Campaign “SMACKDOWN”
  13. Campaign Campaign FINAL Awarenes Launch FINAL 3 SMACKDOWN CAMPAIGN IMPLEMENTATION PLAN s 4 weeks 2 weeks 5 weeks 4 weeks Profile Posting of SMACKDOWN Identificatio creation & videos by Crowdfunding Content artists and initiations on n of 15 sustained fan Shozon talents Developmen engagement t Approaching Key influencers Engaging Key influencers Facebook promotions, Tweets, Blogs, Forums, TumblrMay 1 June 1 June 15 July 22 Aug 22
  14. Campaign Metrics# of unique fansAverage amount of time spent by fans# of like and dislike on campaign page# of Tweets and Retweets about the campaign# of mentions on blogs and other online publications% traffic increase on other social media channels
  15. Campaign BudgetPossible Social Media Expenses AmountIT / Technology Development $ 5000Social Media Monitoring, analytics $ 500-1000Blog Seeding Program (WOM) -Twitter ( Facilitated by Influencers, -mainly relationship based ) *Assuming Existing Community Manager