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(ebook) List of E-Book Sites (1)


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  • The            setup            in            the            video            no            longer            works.           
    And            all            other            links            in            comment            are            fake            too.           
    But            luckily,            we            found            a            working            one            here (copy paste link in browser) :  
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(ebook) List of E-Book Sites (1)

  1. 1. Here’s a list I found O’Reilly online | Computer books and manuals | | | The Network Book Some #bookwarez.efnet.irc links Some #bookwarez.efnet.irc fiction Pimpas online books (Indonesia) | Security, privacy and cryptography | My own misc online reading material | Computer books | | | | | | Linux documentation FreeBSD documentation
  2. 2. Sun documentation | SGI documentation;td=2 | IBM Online Redbooks Digital Unix documentation _HTML/LIBRARY.HTM Filesystem Hierarchy Standard | UNIX stuff | usail/ | | | Programmers reading | Programming Pearls 2nd edition C stuff | Dave/C/CE.html | | | Perl stuff | | | Java stuff | | Lisp stuff repository/ai/html/cltl/mirrors.html
  3. 3. | Ada stuff Database reading SQL stuff | | Visual Basic stuff Handbook of Applied Cryptography X Window System | | http:// GTK and Gnome stuff QT and KDE stuff | | ~rlarrosa/tutorial.html Corba stuff TCP/IP info Misc programmers reading | Some useful tech articles | Considering Hacking Constructive Eric’s Random Writings IBM’s History
  4. 4. Electronic Publishing Digital processing The Hardware Book Network iQ Router Reference Manual Cisco Product Documentation Novell developers appnotes Icons for your desktop Hackers’ Hall of Fame at Discovery Online Symbols and signs and ideograms and stuff Dictionaries | | | | Misc reading material | Dantes Inferno | Books and texts | | | | Literature stuff | Octavo books Project Gutenberg - books and texts
  5. 5. Project Runeberg - Scandinavian in books and texts The Elements of Style Bigtext - illustrated books and manuals for DOS Breeze - a complete text system for Windows Language links Grimms’ fairy tales Winnie the Pooh Seven Wonders of the World Medieval history Misc history | Stonehenges Legends In Parentheses historical papers Bulfinchs Mythology The Dead Sea Scrolls Qumran historical site Index of cults Heretical speculation
  6. 6. The esoteric Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani Runes and Norse stuff | Extinction level events | | Stephen Hawkings Universe The constellations Falling into a black hole Gravity is a push Online audiobooks ElecBooks NewMedia Classics Online Books Archive Internet Public Library PalmPilot E-Text Ring Virtual Free Books All About Ebooks WAIT A MINUTE, READ THIS
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