Christians - By Maya Angelou


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Christians - By Maya Angelou

  1. 1. (contents of the link is given below. Forgiveness Maybe you have made a really bad choice a long time ago and maybe you did. And maybe you have hurt a lot of people in your life and maybe you have, maybe you have done some things that you would rather not talk about and I am sure you have, but the thing is that God knows all about them. That's the problem isn't it? How are you ever going to be clean again? Those are the things that you run from, those are the thoughts that run through your head when you think about God. What torment you must feel what condemnation and judgment must come over you and how you must run from it run and run and yet everywhere you run its still with you. So let me tell you something. Something you have been waiting to hear something that will set you free. Are you ready, it doesn't really matter what you have done! You are saying what do you mean it doesn't matter but I have done so many things how can you say it doesn't matter? I am saying that nothing you have done has been for any reason but to bring you to this very moment in your life to this very day. If you will, this can and will be your year of jubilee. This can be the year you forgive yourself! Because you see that's the problem, you see you need to forgive your self. Not God forgiving you, because in his eyes there is nothing to forgive, because he has only seen you as perfect, he has never seen you in anyway except the way he sees Jesus, and he sees Jesus as the perfect man. You are the one who has to forgive not God. Gods work is completed; it has been for two thousand years. Its for us to catch up with God, we have to forgive. Has no one ever told you about forgiveness? There are two parts to forgiveness. We must FORGIVE and FORGET. I am sure you have head those words before forgive and forget, but what does that mean? Well this is how it works. When we forgive we are GIVING something to the one that we
  2. 2. forgive (even ourselves), we give peace, understanding, comfort, and even salvation. It comes out of us to them, but that is not the end of it. And this is the beauty part, because when we then forget that's when we GET something in return and what we get is peace, understanding, comfort, and even salvation, and that comes from God. This is where the healing comes from the healing of our mind and body and spirit. And the truth of the matter is that if we don't forget then we have not really forgiven and you know what the Lords prayer says forgive me as I forgive others and others are yourselves too. We have to do the complete work not just half. I know you have said, oh I forgive that person, but can you really forget what it was that they did? Don't you want something out of this life? Don't you want your life to have purpose? Look around you, no one ever forgets the wrongs that people do to them, but that's what God asks us to do. That's what jubilee is about not just forgiving the wrong but forgetting it too. Don't you believe that God forgave us when Jesus died? Yes he did and we weren't even born yet but we were still in Jesus when he died on the cross, and really the truth is that the only one God ever had to forgive was Adam because he was the one that sinned against God. And when Jesus died he died for Adam, so then God could then forgive and forget, and what did God get when he did this? Well he got the perfect man. Someone that he could have communion with on his level, he got a companion, a son. So as far as God is concerned IT NEVER HAPPENED! So what God sees when he looks at you and me is the perfect man, like Adam was before the fall, only better because we have experienced all that the world has to offer and we see that it does not satisfy any thing inside of us. All we have to do is go to God and tell him that we love him and that we want all that he has for us, all the joy, all the peace and understanding that a father should have for his children. We don't have to be afraid any more that we are not worthy to stand in the presence of God. So what do you want to see? Do you want to see all of your mistakes, or do you want to see what God sees when he looks at us. All he sees is our beauty; all he sees is Jesus, the perfect
  3. 3. man. The enemy has tried so very hard to keep this hidden. So that we would not know who we are and we would not run to God in our times of trouble. But listen to me, run to him don't run from him he is there waiting to take you in his arms and love you through all that you have to go through. Try it I promise it works, and know that I have faith in your ability to forgive and forget. Romans 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. Take a minute and read this poem about Christians - Contents Of THe Link Christians - By Maya Angelou
  4. 4. When I say... "I When I say... "I am a Christian" am a Christian" I'm not shouting I don't speak of "I'm clean livin'." this with pride. I'm whispering "I I'm confessing was lost, that I stumble Now I'm found and and need Christ to forgiven." be my guide. When I say... "I When I say... "I am a Christian" am a Christian" I'm not trying to I'm not bragging be strong. of success. I'm professing I'm admitting I that I'm weak have failed And need His And need God to strength to carry clean my mess. on. When I say... "I When I say... "I am a Christian" am a Christian" I'm not claiming to I still feel the sting be perfect, of pain. My flaws are far I have my share of too visible heartaches But, God believes I So I call upon His am worth it. name. When I say... "I am a Christian" I'm not holier than thou, I'm just a simple sinner Who received God's good grace, somehow! Share this with somebody who already has this understanding, as
  5. 5. reinforcement. But more importantly, share this with those who do not have a clear understanding of what it means to be a Christian, so that the myth that Christians think they are "perfect" or "better than others" can be dispelled. May your day be filled with many blessings!!!