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3_2_Yrs_Embedded Developer


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3_2_Yrs_Embedded Developer

  1. 1. Praveen Kumar B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication) Contact Information: +919033078452 +919727453893 Personal Details: Father’s Name : Mr. Arbind Kumar Date of Birth : 19-Dec-1990 Nationality : Indian Marital Status : Unmarried Blood Group : O+ Languages Known : Proficient :-English, Hindi, Bhojpuri Can Understand : Punjabi, Gujrati , Harayanwi , Rajasthani Interests and Hobbies: Love to Sing , Travel , Explore , Discussion &Debate , Surfing , Listening to Music; Leisure: Watch Different Video Spiritual, Funny ,Motivational, listening music ,Watching Hollywood & Bollywood movies ,Play Games; Personal Skills:  Positive thinking and optimistic  Enthusiastic and stalwart  Committed and dedicated  Adaptable and adeptable Seminar Internet of Thing Organized by Texas Instrumentation SUMMARY:  An Embedded Developer who provides sustainable and efficient alternatives to the existing products and procedures.  Designing HMI Application for UPS ; Solar PCS and MV Drive that have total control from HMI at Hitachi Hirel Power Electronics.  Designed Tracking Device such as Vehicle Tracking , Human Tracking at Propress Instrumentation.  Design and development embedded products based on AM335x processor, Atmel microcontroller.  Electronics & Communication Engineer with experience in designing and development of 8/16/32 bit Controller based product specially on AM335x (Cortex-A8) , Dual Core TI F28M35x Series(Cortex M3 and C28x) , ARM7, Atmel  Working Experience as a intern in Simplifix Automations and Solutions Pvt Ltd, an incubatee company at IIT Kanpur from June 2011 to Dec 2011.  Good work ethics, self-motivated, and Eger to learn and team oriented good communication skills. Carrier Objective: To work in a technically challenging environment which will make full use of my talent & experience and give me an opportunity for personal growth & professional advancement, while fulfilling company’s objectives. Highlights: Programming Languages Embedded C,EmbeddedC++ , Embedded Linux,(Java SE learning) Microcontrollers ARM Cortex-A8-AM335x-MPU,ARM7 ,ATMEGA-8/16/32/64/128/640. Tools CCSv6 , QtCreator4.8/5 , Altium_Designer,Photoshop_CC, EclipseJava, Android Emulator, Winavr,Keil4,Eclipcs_Galelio, Proteus, Studio4, Wind River,Flash Magic Communication protocols RS232,RS485,SPI,I2C,USB,MODBUS (Full And Half Duplex), (CAN, Profibus,Ethernet(Learn)). Hardware TFT((800x480),(320x240),LCD, RTC-DS1390,ISO-3082,ISO-35, microSD,Ethernet- PHY,GSM,GPS,RFID, Touch screen, Graphical displays, BMP085,Ultrasonic Sensor, Smoke Sensor, Zig-bee(One to One),Solid- StateRelay, SMD Soldring CURRICULUM VITAE
  2. 2. Job Profile: Software:  Software and Hardware testing on TI F28M35xx Dual core and writing an application code and analyzing the system as per required output in MV-Drive Project.  Developing UI Application as to navigate easily, access data remotely and data logging and animation to the Component as per requirement.  Designing Screen in term of UI background and Adding Effect to them using Photoshop.  Developing : Qt Based Application with touch screen and mouse controlled.  Structured and Memory Map Based Programming C andC++.  Kernel Configuration for dedicated pins , peripherals & adding modules .  Writing Board-evm file for Initialization of peripherals.  SD Card ,USB, Ethernet PHY ,Uart ,RTC ,TFT,CAN,NAND,WLAN,Bluetooth configuration and other peripherals  Middle layer Customization using Json adding/removing icons  Decofig file Configuration using menuconfig and Creating uImage  Written a basic character device driver and trying for block and network device driver Hardware :  Able to Analyze PCB designing upto 4 layer and Check Net for final release.  Schematic Modification, Placement of Component , Track Analysis and do care till Gerber release in Altium Designer Software.  Selecting hardware for design from various semiconductor companies like –  DC-DC converter,LDO,Switcher,RS-485,RS-232,Power Supply Implementation  CAN,profibus,Ethernet (focusing) Other :  Communicating to Vendor for finalization of chip and Other Component as per requirement of Project.  Purchase Order/BOM Creation/Issue Component Process On Navision Software .
  3. 3. ORGANIZATIONAL EXPERIENCE: Company name: Hitachi Hi-rel Power Electronics Pvt Ltd Designation: Engineer, R&D Dept. From: July, 2013 to June 2015 Current Job profile MV Driver Control Card  Developing a control card based on TI F28M35xx Dual Core based MV Drive Control card  Create testing procedure to test hardware and software  Write Application to Integrate all peripherals and check up to worst condition Achievements  Validated peripherals and writing Application as per requirement on M3 Core and C28x.  Role in project:  Application level Programming using C. Embedded Linux based HMI Development  Developing UI for UPS , Solar PCS and MV Drive  Block Diagram Animation  Hardware Analysis , designing and testing to meet requirement.  Alarm Indication with Buzzer and an Alarm Containing Music.  Data log send data to SCADA system or other.  Data Access from Control Card  Navigation through touch on UI Application and Command Insertion Process.  Configuration of peripherals to meet the requirement . Achievements  Successfully validate kernel Configuration for Peripherals for UPS,Solar PCS & MV Drive HMI Hardware.  Successfully validate PCB testing for Ups , Solar PCS & MV in process  Successfully ported Application of Ups , Solar PCS & MV.  Successfully Modified Middle Layer for each application along with setting and calibration option. Role in project:  Application level Programming using C & C++.  Start up Script using Linux.  Kernel Board file Configuration for Peripherals.
  4. 4. Company name: Propress Instrumentation Pvt Ltd Designation: Embedded Developer , R&D Dept. From: June 2012 to June 2013 Past Job profile & Projects:  Design and Development of 8 bit controller based project.  Interfacing different sensor and module. GSM and GPS tracking System For tracking a particular vehicle ,person we can use this device , for getting result we have to send a message to system and it will reply you a longitude and latitude and after applying some calculation on data you can locate it on google maps. Responsibilities:  Coding as per the design.  Development of GUI Environment: GSM,GPS,Atmega128. Zigbee Based Canset Monitoring System For monitoring the data of demo satellite like pressure temperature , altitude , speed , time , state of satellite on Endpoint on software part in GUI. Responsibilities:  Coding as per the design.  Testing the product. Environment: Zig-Bee ,GPS, Atmega16, BMP085 Sensor, Battery Voltage, Impact Force Sensor. Smart Irrigation System Automatic switching of power supply based on misscall , in this project a user have send message to a device and the device first of all check the 3 phase first of the it will on the moter otherwise it will send u a message that the perticular phase is no working. Responsibilities:  Design the hardware.  Coding as per the design. Environment: GSM, Atmega16 controller. GSM and keypad based security system As security is needed at every home, the project is about the same ,there is A-16 connected to keypad getting the value from user and accordance with the saved password it matched and one write wrong a message is send to owner of the house and alarm rangs. Responsibilities:  Design the hardware.  Coding as per the design. Environment: Atmega 16,DC motor,C lang. GSM Module based Mobile From this mobile one can call to a person , read and write a text message , incoming call can be indicated on the screen and from touch screen one can control the whole phenomenon.  Role in project i) Programming ii) Hardware iii) Testing Environment: Atmega16 controller, touch-screen , GLCD
  5. 5. EDUCATION  2008-2012 Bachelor of Technology- Electronics and Communication, LPU, Punjab (69.39%)  2007, ICSE ,R.P.S Residential Public School, Patna (68.5%)  2005, CBSE, J.P.S.S.S ,Ara (70.6%) TRANING & INTERNSHIP  Summer Training: advanced embedded system and its application-BRICS, IIT Kanpur  Advance Embedded System Skill Enhancement Certificate course-Think Labs, IIT Bombay  6 Month Internship: Simplifix Automation and Solution Private Ltd, IIT Kanpur  1 month PCB deigning and fabrication at LPU hand made MENTOR AT BRICS Trained up to 1000 student on Atmel Microcontroller : Programming & Assembling of component on basic project In 2011 & 2012 Summer Training Program Verification: I consider myself familiar with Electronics & Communication Engineering Aspects. I am also confident of my ability to work in a team. I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge. Signature Praveen Kumar Engineer (R&D) Hitachi Hi-rel Power Electronics Pvt Ltd