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Basic stock market


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Basic stock market

  1. 1. Basic stock market Investment Training Basic stock Market Investment Training Wouldn't you love to be a business owner without ever having to show up at work? Imagine if you could sit back, watch your company grow, and collect the dividend checks as the money rolls in! This situation might sound like a pipe dream, but it's closer to reality than you might think. As you've probably guessed, we're talking about owning stocks. This fabulous category of financial instruments is, without a doubt, one of the greatest tools ever invented for building wealth. Stocks are a part, if not the cornerstone, of nearly any investment portfolio. When you start on your road to financial freedom, you need to have a solid understanding of stocks and how they trade on the stock market. This course gives you complete basic knowledge about the stock market investments. Advantages in stock market investment I. II. III. A small investor can invest in big companies Taking the advantage of big companies as dividend/bonus your investment be a part of economic development 1. Introduction I. Stock market/stock exchanges II. Advantages of stock market III. National stock exchange IV. Bombay stock exchange V. Capital market VI. Derivative market VII. Currency derivative market VIII. Commodity market IX. SEBI (security exchange board of India) 2. Stock market indicators I. Sensex II. Nifty and other indices III. Calculation of index
  2. 2. Basic stock market Investment Training
  3. 3. Basic stock market Investment Training 3. Stock broker I. Type of brokers II. Dealing with stock broker III. Stock broker charges IV. Documentation required for D-mat account. 4. D-mat account I. Trading in stock exchange II. D-mat account/Trading account III. Trading terminal software types IV. Working with trading terminal software V. Entering Buy order VI. Entering Sell orders VII. Entering Stop loss order VIII. Short selling /short covering. IX. Order management 5. Equity market I. Dividend shares /splitting share/bonus shares II. Companies are listed in stock market III. (Type of companies) IV. Bull trend / bear trend V. IPO’s (initial public offer)/FPO’s VI. Applying IPO with ASBA. 6. Derivative trading I. Introduction to derivative II. Futures and option III. Future trading IV. Future terminology V. Future pay outs/Margins VI. Options VII. Option types VIII. Call Option IX. Put Option X. Option payouts XI. Call option buying/selling (write) XII. Put option buying/selling (write)
  4. 4. Basic stock market Investment Training XIII. Risk and returns options 7. Mutual funds I. Types of mutual funds II. Dividend type / growth type III. Mutual fund strategies IV. Systematic investment plan V. Systematic withdrawal plan VI. Systematic transfer plan 8. Equity analysis I. Technical analysis and II. Fundamental analysis "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin When it comes to investing, nothing will pay off more than educating yourself. Do the necessary research, study and analysis before making any investment decisions.