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Poverty an alarming threat


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Poverty an alarming threat

  1. 1. Poverty an alarming threat By:- Bhagyashree Phulambrikar S.I.R.T Bhopal (M.P) TECH57286
  2. 2. What is poverty ??? ●Condition where people's basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter are not being met. Poverty is generally of two types: (1) Absolute poverty is synonymous with destitution and occurs when people cannot obtain adequate resources (measured in terms of calories or nutrition) to support a minimum level of physical health. Absolute poverty means about the same everywhere, and can be eradicated as demonstrated by some countries. (2) Relative poverty occurs when people do not enjoy a certain minimum level of living standards as determined by a government (and enjoyed by the bulk of the population) that vary from country to country, sometimes within the same country. Relative poverty occurs everywhere, is said to be increasing, and may never be eradicated...
  3. 3. A number of factors are responsible for poverty in the rural areas of India. Rural populations primarily depend on agriculture as their livelihoods, which in turn, is highly dependant on rain patterns and monsoons. Inadequate rain and improper irrigation facilities can obviously cause low, or in some cases, zero production of crops followed by the obvious but sometimes catastrophic repercussions that often follows. An Indian family unit can be often very large, which can exacerbate the effects of poverty. Also, the caste system which is still found a lot in India (although it is getting less) is a major reason for rural poverty for it keeps people locked in the endless cycle with less facilities and opportunities for the lower castes. The government has planned and implemented poverty eradication programs, but the benefits of all these programs have yet to reach the core of the country.
  4. 4. The phenomenal increase in the city populations is one of the main reasons for the urban poverty in India. The massive and relatively recent increase is a result of major migration of rural families to cities. This migration is mainly caused by poor employment opportunities in villages and is exacerbated by the fact that there are few job opportunities in the cities as well….
  5. 5. Poverty is like punishment for a crime you didn't commit. ~Eli Khamarov
  6. 6. Education :. ●Children living in poverty have a higher number of absenteeism or leave school all together because they are more likely to have to work or care for family members..… ●Dropout rates of 16 to 24year-old students who come from low income families are seven times more likely to drop out than those from families with higher incomes….
  7. 7. Terrorism:A problem of unemployment... It’s become a commonplace in newspapers to blame poverty of fueling terrorism by creating a state of misery and frustration that pushes people to join terrorist organizations. While this doesn’t seem a totally groundless accusation – it makes sense and feeds the riches’ tormented conscience – more and more research shows that the effect of poverty on terrorism is not that straightforward.
  8. 8. Health :A universal and simple measure of poverty consists in looking at different populations’ health and life expectancy. It’s no surprise that anywhere on earth, poorer communities fare worse than richer ones. But people's health is affected not only by material poverty but also by social exclusion, yet another of the neglected effects of poverty. No matter if poverty affects someone's mental or physical health, the end result is the same: on average the poor live shorter lives than the rich.
  9. 9. Environment:Backward industry and lifestyle issues There is no proof that poverty, especially in cities, has an impact on the environment. On the other hand, backward (or not so developed) technologies and an industry’s energy efficiency (how much energy it needs to produce an amount of goods) will greatly affect the environment. On the whole, the middle- and upperclasses lifestyles are also greatly responsible for the depletion of natural resources and the production of (toxic) waste. Or at least lifestyles based on over-consumption are the true responsible…..
  10. 10. ●”There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread”. ~Mahatma Gandhi ●”It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish”. - Mother Teresa ●“If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich”. - John F. Kennedy ●“There are millions of children today who don’t attend school. However, education is the only way to get ahead in this country”. - Azim Premji
  11. 11. Reasons for poverty in our country :● Unemployment:The continuously expanding army of unemployed is another cause of poverty. The job seeker is increasing in number at a higher rate than the expansion in employment opportunities. ●Price Rise:The continuous and steep price rise has added to the miseries of poor. It has benefited a few people in the society and the persons in lower income group find it difficult to get their minimum needs. ●Rapidly Rising Population:The population during the last 45 years has increased at the rate of 2.2% per annum. On average 17 million people are added every year to its population which raises the demand for consumption goods considerably
  12. 12. ● Low Productivity in Agriculture:The level of productivity in agriculture is low due to subdivided and fragmented holdings, lack of capital, use of traditional methods of cultivation, illiteracy etc. This is the main cause of poverty in the country…. ●Low Rate of Economic Development:The rate of economic development in India has been below the required level. Therefore, there persists a gap between level of availability and requirements of goods and services. The net result is poverty…… ●Shortage of Capital and Able Entrepreneurship:Capital and able entrepreneurship have important role in accelerating the growth. But these are in short supply making it difficult to increase production significantly…
  13. 13. Social Factors: ● The social set up is still backward and is not conducive to faster development. Laws of inheritance, caste system, traditions and customs are putting hindrances in the way of faster development and have aggravate" the problem of poverty. Political Factors: ● The Britishers started lopsided development in India and reduced Indian economy to a colonial state. They exploited the natural resources to suit their interests and weaken the industrial base of Indian economy.
  14. 14. 1) National Old Age Pension Scheme (NOAPS) 2)National family Benefit Scheme (NFBS) 3) National Maternity Benefit Scheme 4) ANNAPURNA 5) Rural Housing-Indira Awaas Yojana (IAY) 6) National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA)
  15. 15. ●Employment opportunities:Poverty can be eliminated if the poor people are given the jobs according to their needs and talents.Self employment can also be provided to them.Government can set up institutions which trains them in some practices and skills. ●Establishment of Small Scale Industries:Government should develop cottage, handicrafts and other small scale industries to in the backward regions of our country.Moreover this will transfer resources from the areas of surplus to the deficit solving the problem of urbanization. ●Education:Government should take steps to spread awareness for education so that the people do not have to depend on others for their income .They can also protect themselves from exploitation by the greedy traders.
  16. 16. ●Reduce Inflation:Inflation tends to make poor poorer and rich richer.There should be a stability in the price level of the country.Government should also reduce the burden of tax on the poor and charge more on the richer class.Rationing should be promoted so that the poor people get the basic necessities if life at lower price level. Check Population growth:- ● Much of the problem of poverty can be solved if the population of the country can be reduced to a average level.This will make developmental plans successful and the poor people will have a greater share in the funds of the government. ●Proper Utilization of Resources:Resources of the country should be utilized properly so that we can have the benefits of those free gifts of nature.
  17. 17. Uplift of Agriculture :Agriculture is the backbone of our country.It provides income to vast number of people.Hence the government should also concentrate on it and not only on the industries.
  18. 18. Below Poverty Line is an economic benchmark and poverty threshold used by the government of India to indicate economic disadvantage and to identify individuals and households in need of government assistance and aid . Criteria are different for rural and urban areas. In its Tenth Five-Year Plan, the degree of deprivation is measured with the help of parameters with scores given from 0–4, with 13 parameters. Families with 17 marks or less (formerly 15 marks or less) out of a maximum 52 marks have been classified as BPL.Poverty line solely depends on the per capita income in India rather than level of prices . Since the early 1950s, govt has initiated, sustained, and refined various planning schemes to help the poor attain self-sufficiency in food production. Probably the most important initiative has been the supply of basic commodities, particularly food at controlled prices, available throughout the country as the poor spend about 80% of their income on food. The schemes have however not been very successful because the rate of poverty reduction lags behind the rapid population growth rate.
  19. 19. Therefor we have been able to learned that poverty is one of the major issues in the world that need to be address quickly in the poorest villages in which thousands of people are dying, and most of these people are children’s. We have learned that poverty refers to the condition of not having the means to afford basic human needs such as clean water, nutrition, healthcare, clothing, food, and a place to live, poverty is a deadly issue that’s killing our population slow and that we as the affected ones need to take actions against it. We have also learned that poverty that affect mostly poor people, because of the little resources they have, this means that poverty is an issue that’s harming poor people that want to get out of poverty, but they can’t because they don’t have the support of rich people. Even though there are a lot of people trying to stop poverty, it is impossible to stop it without the support of rich countries, this is because to fight poverty we have to fight it with a lot of money and their only a few countries that could support us with this need. Something else that we have learned is that poverty today is looking worst then when it first started; millions of kids are living on piles of trash dying of starvation. The reason there are so many people living in poverty is because millions of other people are spending money in things they don’t need. The most important thing that we have all learned from this research is that poverty can be stop, but to be able to stop it we must all support each other, with no hate or anything that could harm us. So for those that are willing to help don’t help because you feel pressure, do it because you want to and your heart is telling you to do it……
  20. 20. Its time to :-
  21. 21. Regards:Bhagyashree Phulambrikar TECH57286