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  1. 1. TransmediaStorytelling MKTG 6226Pratyush Das & Tracey Tang @_pratyush_das @traceytcc
  2. 2. Transmedia Storytelling 101 A process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of a unified and coordinated entertainment experience. - Henry Jenkins
  3. 3. TransmediaStorytelling
  4. 4. The Matrix• Animated shorts• Comic books• Trilogy of action films• MMORPG game• Video games• Anthological graphic novel• Fan fiction/Fan theatre
  5. 5. Books Cartoon MoviesComics Fan fictionVideo games Board games Toys
  6. 6. Why does it work?• Offers back story• Maps the world• Offers other character’s perspectives• Building brand equity• Deepens audience engagement – From passive to participation• Collaboration and connection Source: Henry Jenkins (2011)
  7. 7. Is transmedia only about Hollywood?
  8. 8. Dexter ARG (Alternate Reality Game) Emerged entertainment experience Source: JawboneTV
  9. 9. •Changed the perception of personal trainers•Highlighted the dangers of obesity•Engaged people through personal stories audience could relate to•BL success is due to its authenticity. •You can see the contestant work hard and sweat and you understand the effort that is required to make a change in your lifestyle.
  10. 10. The Biggest Loser Universe Books ClubWorkout DVD Meal Plan Resort Video Games
  11. 11. How to use Transmedia• Develop a brand story• Indentify your target audience• Select the best media channel to engage the audience Managerial Implication• Engage multiple audiences from different generation• Extend the life cycle of the brand• Goal: Create an ecosystem for your brand • The popularity of one media will increase the popularity of another