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Will driverless cars result in more retail shoppers?


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Cooper Carry's retail leadership team share thoughts about the impact driverless cars will have on the design of retail centers.

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Will driverless cars result in more retail shoppers?

  1. 1. DRIVERLESS CARS & Their Impact on Retail Centers
  2. 2. We’ve seen them in movies I-Robot 1 & 2
  3. 3. We’ve heard about them on the news. Blind Man Finds Independence in Google Car's Driver Seat Driverless Cars Set to Hit the Streets of London This Summer U.S. Officials: Artificial Intelligence Now Qualifies as a Car’s Driver Autonomous-car-breakthrough
  4. 4. ?When will we see them on the road?
  5. 5. !Soon!
  6. 6. “Uber’s fleet to be driverless by 2030” Travis Kalanick Uber CEO
  7. 7. Autonomous vehicles will hit the market by 2020 Raj Nair Product Development FORD
  8. 8. Expect driverless cars to be in use everywhere in the next 10 years. Anthony R. Foxx, US Secretary of Transportation
  9. 9. Boston Consulting Group "the autonomous car market will be worth $42 billion"
  10. 10. Industry experts agree.
  11. 11. “Google test cars log 3 million simulated miles per day”
  12. 12. As designers, we see that driverless cars technology will not only revolutionize the way we travel. . .
  13. 13. . . . but it will also have a profound effect on infrastructure, landscape and the built environment.
  14. 14. Our towns and cities were shaped by the automobile.
  15. 15. Street widths, driveways and parking layouts have been dictated by cars.
  16. 16. Driverless cars will require new innovative ideas in highly trafficked retail and mixed-use projects. U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration illustration.
  17. 17. A group of forward-thinking Cooper Carry retail and mixed- use designers landed on several ways the adoption of driverless cars will impact retail design.
  18. 18. Remote Parking • needs to be parked • proximity of parking to destinations less important • cost of providing parking shouldered by developers and governments • rise in third party parking services
  19. 19. Bigger Valet Systems • guests arrive and depart via driverless cars • retail centers will require an new space to accommodate larger, more robust valet system • with designated waiting areas and Concierge desks
  20. 20. Master Planning The transition from traditional cars to driverless vehicles will be a bumpy road. Everything from street widths to below-grade parking will need to be rethought. Street grids might need to expand or contract depending on the size of cars.
  21. 21. Expanded Demographics • More people will be mobile • Everyone from the elderly to the visually impaired will have access to transportation and more likely to visit retail centers • More accommodations for hand- icapped guests may need to be considered
  22. 22. Walkability The reliability of driverless cars might make neighborhoods and cities safer for pedestrians. Less people likely to own a personal car. Neighborhoods, retailers and office buildings will develop around popular, pedestrian-oriented destinations. There will be an uptick in truly mixed-use communities, undivided by the spatial needs of parking garages.
  23. 23. Self-driving trucks have made their debut in Europe. Products will be more efficiently delivered, enhancing retailers’ ability to quickly provide products to consumers. Enhanced Delivery
  24. 24. As a result of more efficient delivery and logistics, retailers may require less brick and mortar space. Expect to see more retailers take on a business model like Bonobos where guests can try the product in store and have it delivered to their home within a day or two. Smaller Square Footage Requirements for Retailers
  25. 25. Brand Experience The retail center and its retailers’ brand experiences extend beyond the property lines. • Developers have already realized this, investing in websites & social media • Driverless cars will only add to that, creating the social experience for guests in the car before stepping foot on property
  26. 26. From safety features to reliability, there are lots of hurdles before society adopts the concept.
  27. 27. As designers, we are constantly on the lookout for the next big trends that will impact our clients. And, we feel that driverless cars will need to be addressed in the future design of retail centers, neighborhoods, cities and beyond.
  28. 28. At Cooper Carry, we believe in connecting people to place. If people are arriving via driverless cars, our designs will adapt to this new transportation to seamlessly connect people to place. We look forward to what the future holds!
  29. 29. Gar Muse Principal Angelo A.Carusi Principal David W. Kitchens Principal Lauren Perry Ford Associate Principal R. Allen Dedels Associate Principal Retail Leadership Maria Greenawalt Project Manager