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Students use technology to learn maths


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The slide show give an idea how the students can use technology to learn Mathematics
by Pratima Nayak

Published in: Education
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Students use technology to learn maths

  1. 1. Impacts of Technologyon Student’s LearningProcess
  2. 2. Technology makes leaning enjoyable.Learners to have the freedom ofchoice to decide their own time, place,pace.
  3. 3. Technology helps the students toconstruct knowledge .It encourages self learning aswell as learning in group.
  4. 4. ICT-supported learning canpromote the acquisition of thenew knowledge .
  5. 5. Technology can reduce theeffort devoted to tediouscomputations and increasestudents’ focus on moreimportant mathematics.
  6. 6. Students learn tricks for fastcalculations.They learn problem solving.
  7. 7. The students learn to enjoylearning Mathematics throughdigital games.
  8. 8. Technology makes idea Tangible.
  9. 9. The studentslearn moremathematicsthroughvisualization andmodels in thecomputer.
  10. 10. Use of calculators/Graphic Calculators• Saves time.• More realistic.• Exploration• sense-making with multiple representations.• Development of flexible strategies.• Mathematical meaning and concepts.(Burrill et al., 2002; Ellington, 2003):
  11. 11. Using Graphics software It is easier to see how the variable m in f(x) = m x represents a rate of change when the function is graphed and students can explore the connection between m and the gradient (slope) of the line.(Roschelle et al., 2007).
  12. 12. When teachers use technology to introduce theconcept of the equation of a straight line (y = k x +m), the teaching will be different compared to anordinary introduction.
  13. 13. The students will be able to easily investigate how different values for theparameters will affect the graph of the function.
  14. 14. When students develop presentation it develops their creativity and communication skills
  15. 15. Learning materials that are enhanced with various media such assound, narration, video, animation, graphics etc. provide learnerschoices to enhance their different intelligence or learning styles .If designed and implemented properly, ICT-supported education can promote the acquisition of the knowledge and 21st century skills Creativity, critical thinking ,Communication & problem solving.
  16. 16. What is Role of Teacher?
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