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Solving addition word problem knowing key words


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Different key words added for solving word problems.How to identify the operations to be done in word problems in Mathematics

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Solving addition word problem knowing key words

  1. 1. Solving Mathematics word problems
  2. 2. There are two steps for solving mathematics word problems:
  3. 3. Step-1: •Translate the wording into a numeric equation that combines smaller "expressions“.
  4. 4. Step-2: •Solve the equation.
  5. 5. Suggestions: Step-1 •Read the problem entirely Try to comprehend again and again till you feel the whole.
  6. 6. Suggestions: Step-2 •List information and the variables you identify For example units of measure to the variables (liters, kilometers, centimeters.)
  7. 7. Suggestions: Step-3 •Define what answer you need
  8. 8. Suggestions: Step-4 •Work in an organized manner.
  9. 9. Suggestions: Step-4 •organising will help you think clearly
  10. 10. Suggestions: Step-4 •Draw and label all graphs and pictures clearly
  11. 11. Suggestions: Step-4 • Note or explain each step of your process.
  12. 12. Suggestions: Step-4 •Small notes will help you track variables and remember their meanings
  13. 13. Suggestions: Step-5 •Look for the "key" words . •Certain words indicate certain Mathematical operations:
  14. 14. Learn “Key words” for different operations.
  15. 15. Addition: Key words + • increased by •more than •combined together •total of •Sum of •added to
  16. 16. Addition: Key word “increased by” x is increased by 8 x + 8
  17. 17. addition: Key word “more than” •x more than 5 x + 5 •7 more than x 7 + x
  18. 18. addition: Key word “combined together” •x and y combined together x + y • x and 8 are put together x + 8
  19. 19. •total of x and y x + y •Total of 8 and y 8 + y Addition: Key word “a total of ’
  20. 20. •Sum of x and y x + y •Sum of 5 and a number 5 + x Addition:Key word “Sum of”
  21. 21. • y added to x x + y • 10 added to a number x + 10 Addition: Key word “added to”
  22. 22. It continues…