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Orthopedics is a branch of surgery that deals with the conditions of the musculoskeletal system.

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  1. 1. Orthopedic Surgery
  2. 2. Orthopedics is a branch ofsurgery that deals withthe conditions of themusculoskeletal system
  3. 3. It is an organ system which gives ability to movemuscles and skeletal systems.Orthopaedic surgeons use both surgical andnonsurgical methodsOrthopedics cure varied conditions such asdegenerative diseases, tumors, sports injuries,congenital disorders and muscle skeletal trauma
  4. 4. SurgeriesHand surgeryShoulder and elbowsurgeryTotal joint reconstructionPediatric orthopedicsFoot and ankle surgerySpine surgeryMusculoskeletal oncologySurgical sports medicineOrthopedic trauma
  5. 5. SymptomsAttempts to correct problems that arise in the Skeleton and its attachments Ligaments and tendons Problems of the nervous system Injury of the spine Occur at birth Through injury (hand, wrist, shoulder, knee and etc.) Result of aging.They may be acute or chronic, as in many problems related to aging.
  6. 6. DiagnosisDigital X-rays - a method formeasuring bone mineral density theyprovide larger, clearer images thatresult in a more accurate diagnosis.Computed tomography (CT) scan - isa medical imaging procedure thatutilizes computer-processed X-rays toproduce tomographic images ofspecific areas of the body. It isintegrated to show bones and softtissue with greater detail and clarity. Itis used to visualize injuries to bonesand surrounding soft tissues such astendons, ligaments, and muscles.
  7. 7. DiagnosisFluoroscopy - is an imaging techniquethat uses X-rays to obtain real-timemoving images of the internalstructures of a patient. Fluoroscopy isused during surgery, most often whenrepairing fractures or operating onthe spine.Electrodiagnostic testing – is amethod of obtaining informationabout diseases by measuring thespeed and degree of electrical activitywithin the nerves and muscles of bodyparts.
  8. 8. DiagnosisMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)–is a medical imaging technique usedto visualise internal structure of bodyin detailBlood tests - to examine yourpsychological and biochemicalstatues, to determine infectionspresent, or how a specific organ isfunctioning in your body
  9. 9. Work InvolvedMuch of the work involves addingforeign material to the body inthe form ofscrews, wires, pins, tongs, andprosthetics to hold damagedbones in their proper alignmentor to replace damaged bone orconnective tissue
  10. 10. Risk in surgeryRisk of excessive bleedingInfectionClotting of bloodNeurologic diseasesAllergic reaction to anaesthesiaDamage to nerves or to thespinal cord
  11. 11. RehabilitationMedicationExercisesRestore movementPhysical therapyMassage therapyPrevent injury andinfectionNutrition and diet
  12. 12. ResultsNormal result depends uponindividual age and general healthAbnormal result include persistentpain, swelling, redness, drainage orbleeding in the surgical area,surgical wound infection resulting inslow healing, and incompleterestoration of pre-surgical function.
  13. 13. Celebrities orthopedic surgerySome of the celebrities who havehad different orthopedic surgery Lance Armstrong - a professional cyclist, injured his shoulder in a cycling crash in Spain in 2009, sustained a clavicle fracture. He opted for a treatment to surgically repair the clavicle fracture.
  14. 14. Peyton Manning - aprofessional footballplayer had recurrentproblems with cervical discherniation and underwentneck surgery just prior to thestart of the 2011 footballseason.
  15. 15. Dara Grace Torres - TheAmerican swimmer and a12 time Olympic medalisthad to undergo manycorrective surgeries onher shoulders and kneesand cartilage transplant inorder to combat severearthritis in 2010.
  16. 16. Tom Brady - Aprofessional footballplayer, injured in the firstgame of the season in2008 sustained an ACLtear and subsequentlyrequire surgicaltreatment for this injury.
  17. 17. Princess Eugenie - sufferedfrom curvature of thespine and neededimmediate medicalattention. Eight inch longpins were placed in herback during an eight houroperation which meantthat she spent three daysin intensive care.
  18. 18. Donovan McNabb - a professional football player had a problemof groin pain due to a sports hernia, is a weakening of themuscles of the abdominal wall. He underwent surgery.Hideki Matsui - an outfielder for the New York Yankees. He wasinjured while catching a fly ball when he sustained a broken wristin 2006. He underwent surgical treatment where pins wereplaced to hold the broken bones in proper position.Gwyneth Paltrow - an American actress she sustained a tibialplateau fracture. The tibial plateau is the top of the shin bone,and fractures of this part of the bone can affect the knee joint.underwent surgery to realign the tibial plateau