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How to find a cancer survivors network


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Many Men and Women are Diagnosed with Cancer.

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How to find a cancer survivors network

  1. 1. Many men and women diagnosed with cancer look for a support group that could help them in coping and managing their symptoms, emotions, fears and feelings. During the course of cancer treatment, which begins immediately after detection, there are a lot of physical and emotional changes that a patient goes through.
  2. 2. Support groups are better than families, an extended family that helps in handling the innumerable emotions a patient goes through. Cancer specialists emphasize on the influence of support groups because even the family members of the patient are not always keen to take up the job of helping the patient.
  3. 3. Dealing with cancer patients involves a lot of care and love. Along with medication and chemotherapy, emotional support works very well to help patients in coping with their symptoms. Studies have shown that cancer support groups are capable of enhancing the overall self-esteem of patients, reducing depression, decreasing anxiety and even improving relationships with friends and family members. As a matter of fact, support groups can even help patients to cope with their diagnosis and enhance knowledge.
  4. 4. Early research with respect to cancer support groups revealed that patients who engage themselves in support group activities are likely to live longer and even survive cancer. Such patients have better mental stability and emotional benefits that may not be found in other groups. In fact, support groups have successfully improved the overall quality of life of many patients with cancer.
  5. 5. There are support groups on the Internet and even at the cancer treatment centers. There are some local support groups too. Patients choose their preferred support group so that it helps them to communicate better. Some patients are comfortable with telephone or online communication, while others prefer to meet in groups and participate in various activities. The greatest challenged, however, is to find out the most suitable cancer support group. The best way is to ask your cancer specialist. Normally, if you are lucky, you may get some quick connections too.
  6. 6. The internet is a helpful resource in finding cancer support groups. There are some support groups that have evolved s one of the most trusted names today.
  7. 7. Run by over a few thousands cancer support groups in the country, the American Cancer Society is one of the most trusted support groups. It maintains a concise list of different support groups and organizations involved in such services. If you cannot search online, you can find the contact details of the ACS and get in touch. There are cancer information specialists always available to assist patients.
  8. 8. Cancer Survivors Network is also another option and an online community related to the ACS. It is a community created by the cancer survivors and for fellow survivors as well as their loved ones. This is one nationwide network where you can find a lot of information and get engaged in live chats and discussion boards.
  9. 9. For professional support and help online or over the phone, CancerCare is one of the most preferred support groups.
  10. 10. Before attending a cancer support group, it is best to talk to the group coordinator and get all the detailed information with respect to the group. Visit us