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Nescafe Marketing Presentation


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Nescafe Marketing Presentation

  1. 1. Batch: 2011-2014 Course Code: 50121308Course Name: Marketing II Roll #601 Assignment #302
  2. 2. Brand Name: Nescafe Parent Company: NestleYear of Establishment of Nestle: 1866 IntroductioNestle was established in Switzerland by Henri Nestle n Year of Entering the Indian Market: 1961 First Plant set up at Moga, Punjab Brief Overview: In 1930 the Brazilian governmentapproached Nestle to create a new instant coffee that would give the consumer another option and at the same time increase the dwindling coffee exports of Brazil. It took eight years but in 1938 Nestle introduced Nescafe.
  3. 3. Product Range (in India)
  4. 4. STP Analysis Targeting A target market is a set of buyers sharing common needs or characteristics that the company decides to serve. Positioning. Position is the act of designing the company image to occupy a distinctive place in the minds of the target markets. A product position is the way the product is defined by consumer attributes Segmentation Market segmentation means dividing a market into smaller group with distinct needs, characteristics, or behaviour who might require separate products or marketing mixes.
  5. 5. Segmentatio n Geographical Segmentation Nescafe has divided the country into four segments i.e. Southern, Northern, Eastern and Western. The Southern Segment consumes the most amount of Coffee and prefers hard and roasted coffee.Where was in Northern region, Nescafe instant coffee is consumed in higher quantities. Demographical SegmentationNescafe has tried to segment every age group, families, region, gender and different socio-economic.
  6. 6. Segmentatio Past n Nescafe was targeted to morning people PresentNescafe is now targeting the Youth According to Andrew Ward, worldwide account director ofNescafe has launched a $30 millionglobal campaign, specifically aimed at 16-24 years old. Use of Youth Icons like Purab Kohli, Vir Das and Deepika Padukone as According to McCann-Erickson Brand Ambassadors World Group, coffee is the most popular drink among the youth.
  7. 7. Examples NESCAFE CAPPUCCINO Targeted to • Premium urban consumers • Core audience aged 17-30 • Concentrates on the theme of “The magic world of endless pleasure”. NESCAFE CLASSIC Targeted to • The urban professional • Core audience aged 20-30• Concentrates on the classic taste of coffee with the tagline “Coffee at its Best”
  8. 8. Positioning Nescafe’s positioning is “1 coffee cup, 1 good feeling ” The TVCs and all Promotional Messages focus on passing love between two person. Sharing a cup of coffee is shown as a symbol of sharing happiness.The Red Nescafe mug is another popular symbol which associates the Brand Nescafe with the concept sharing happiness. Nescafe Classic is positioned as “100% Pure Instant Coffee” Nescafe Cappuccino is being positioned as “A true Café”
  9. 9. Tvc and Print Ads They all focus on positioning the brand as a symbol of shared happiness.