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Pratik kishore jain_i_1_mm_ver_1.2pdf

  1. 1. I_1_Pratik Kishore Jain MARKETING MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT I-1 BUSINESS PERSON 2: BOARD PAINTER Firm’s Name: Kannu Painter. Name : Kannu Patel. Age : 55 years Education : 3rd class Address : Shop no.1, backside of Shreya hotel, near Virar station, Virar(w). Page 1 of 6 Confidential Document
  2. 2. I_1_Pratik Kishore Jain (A) BUSINESS MIX ANS 1) PAST: Sign boards and bill boards PRESENT: Sign boards, hand painting, thermacol decorations, T- shirts painting, etc FUTURE: Flex painting. ANS 2) PAST: Rs. 10 per foot. PRESENT: Rs. 40-50 per foot. FUTURE: Rs. 60 per foot. ANS 3) PAST/ PRESENT: He use to provide service directly. FUTURE: For flex paintings he will outsource to some agencies. ANS 4) PAST/PRESENT/ FUTURE: He resides there only so he selected that place only. ANS 5) PAST: At the beginning he promoted himself by advertising through bill board. PRESENT/FUTURE: Word of mouth publicity is conducted. (B) DAILY LIFE OF BUSINESS PERSON ANS 1) PAST: Per day revenue was Rs. 80 before two years. PRESENT: Per day revenue is Rs. 100 and 3000 per month. Her profit is reduced to Rs. 500. FUTURE: He said that it is unpredictable. ANS 2) PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE: Stock of resources is highly durable so loss is relatively very low. ANS 3) PAST/PRESENT: He utilizes his money in the business. Page 2 of 6 Confidential Document
  3. 3. I_1_Pratik Kishore Jain FUTURE: He planning to invest for flex painting. ANS 4) PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE: since the stocks of goods used in painting are easily available in the market, he brings the material as and when needed. ANS 5) PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE: His daily time table is - Daily working hours : 8.00am to 7.00pm Lunch time : 1.00pm to 1.30pm The shop remained close on sunday. (C) BUSINESS AND ITS IMPACT ANS 1) PAST: Drawing and painting was skills and hobby. So he made this passion into business. PRESENT/FUTURE: He is planning to opt for flex paintings to remain existed in the business market. ANS 2) PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE: People admire the skills of hand paintings as it is not so easy task for each and everyone. Teenagers like to have painted T- shirts to make their group unique. Flex and handmade signboards are used for advertisement. ANS 3) PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE: He cross tally the no. of orders he taken to paint and the objective he had set to complete his monthly target. He maintains an old and simple type of book- keeping . he had created a goodwill in the market. ANS 4) PAST: Cinema house and bill boards. PRESENT: Name plates. FUTURE: Flex paintings. - Are the factors influencing the sale of business. ANS 5) PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE: People who want their signboards to run for longer time will opt for hand made and thus are the customers of his business. Page 3 of 6 Confidential Document
  4. 4. I_1_Pratik Kishore Jain (D) MARKET ANS 1) PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE: Asian paints is the most important supplier from many years. Other items such as thermocol, wooden sticks and galonize metal are purchased from local suppliers. ANS 2) PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE: His major competitor is Flex painters. ANS 3) PAST: Making of New movie’s posters influence the business. PRESENT/FUTURE: Art galleries would influence his business operations. ANS 4) PAST: before there was no substitute to it. PRESENT/FUTURE: Flex painting is the best substitute to hand made board paintings. ANS 5) PAST: At that time colours were not easily available so he use to keep more stock. PRESENT/FUTURE: he is planning to take some small orders of flex also. (E) BUSINESS DIFFERENTIATOR AND CREATOR ANS 1) Since his service is unique and largely depends on skills so his paintings on board, frame or on paper will attract customers to purchase it. ANS 2) His paintings are relatively cheaper compare to other painters and his sign board paintings are durable. Customers who needs these facilities prefer to purchase his service. Thus these lifetime customers value the loyalty to him and increase his business. Page 4 of 6 Confidential Document
  5. 5. I_1_Pratik Kishore Jain ANS 3) SWOT Analysis: INTERNAL FACTORS EXTERNAL FACTORS STRENGTHS OPPORTUNITIES 1. His inborn skills of painting. 1. Flex paintings are in trend. 2. His Board painting is more 2. People like to frame handmade durable and reasonable. paintings in their home but should 3. He started outsourcing for flex be reasonable. painting. 3. Thermocol decorations in weddings 4. His raw materials can be kept for and other ceremonies. longer period. WEAKNESS THREATS 1. Making of board painting 1. Posters of movies and ads are now consumes more time. in flex. 2. Materials used in painting have 2. Flex painting is cheaper than became costlier. galonise board paint. Page 5 of 6 Confidential Document
  6. 6. I_1_Pratik Kishore Jain ANS 4) TOWS Matrix: OPPORTUNITIES THREATS 1. Flex paintings are in 1. Posters of movies trend. and ads are now in FACTORS 2. People like to frame flex. handmade paintings 2. Flex painting is in their home but cheaper than should be reasonable. galonise board paint. 3. Thermocol decorations in weddings and other ceremonies. STRENGTHS SO ST 1. His inborn mastery skills 1. He can expands his 1. This person takes of painting. business in flex the order of 2. His Board painting is more painting.(3,1) paintings much at durable and reasonable. 2. He can sell his lower rates thus 3. He started outsourcing for paintings to the making it a survival flex painting. customers as he is in the market.(2,2) 4. His raw materials can be cheaper.(1,2) kept for longer period. WEAKNESS WO WT 1. Making of board painting 1. He can save time 1. He can opt to some consumes more time. through decorating extent towards flex 2. Materials used in hand thermocol painting which is painting have became designs.(1,3) cheaper and thus costlier. increase his profit margin by making and advertising local ads.(2,1) Page 6 of 6 Confidential Document