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Student teacher relationship


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Published in: Education
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Student teacher relationship

  2. 2.  Introduction  Roles of a teacher  Student-teacher relationship Ancient Scenario  Comparison of ancient and contemporary scenario of student-teacher relationship  Reason for a bad student-teacher relationship  Some possible ways to improve it  Challenges in developing good student-teacher relationships  Psychology of Teachers  Psychology of Students  Positive points of contemporary student-teacher relationship  Negative points of contemporary student-teacher relationship  Will technology replace teacher?
  3. 3. Introduction Student–Teacher relationship is one of the most powerful elements within the learning environment. Teaching had been considered as a profession of honor and everyone respected teachers. But due to several factors its dignity has been severely affected. The education system has been totally commercialized. All such factors are resulting in bitterness between students and teachers. The modern student-teacher relationship is not defined by obedience and acceptance, but by questioning and analysis.
  4. 4. Student-teacher relationship Ancient Scenario Guru Shishya Parampara has been the most ancient and is also known as the best system. The Gurus had enormous knowledge. This Parampara used to take its time and due to this the students used to come out in a very perfect manner. They used to inherit a certain style and had the efficiency in it. In this he student was well trained and he had the full authority for his art form. The student used to have very humble respects for the Guru and discipline was pursued due to this they got the opportunity to learn
  5. 5. Comparison of ancient and contemporary scenario of student-teacher relationship Ancient Scenario Contemporary Scenario
  6. 6. Comparison of ancient and contemporary scenario of student-teacher relationship Ancient Scenario Contemporary Scenario • Teachers were given highest position in the society. • Degradation in the position of teacher. •Students were sincere towards teacher. • Students are not much sincere towards teacher. • Teaching was taken as a service to mankind. • Teaching is now more about earning money. • Students feared from their teachers. • No fear can be seen now in the students. • Students would do anything for their teacher. • That time has long gone when student would do
  7. 7. Reasons for a bad student-teacher relationship • Hectic schedule for both students and teachers. • Class strength has increased highly making it difficult to give individual attention to the students. • Attendance and bookish knowledge are the main reasons for attending classes. • Casual attitude of students towards studies and increased indulgence in mobile, internet, etc
  8. 8. Some possible ways to improve it • Reduce time for mobile, internet. • Change attitude towards studies. • Reduced vacation time. • Self evaluation of both students and teachers. • Teachers should be impartial toward all the students and aim at their overall personality development.
  9. 9. Challenges in developing good student-teacher relationships • Not enough time • Too many curriculum requirements • Expectation that children will wait quietly in line • Noise level in classroom • Maintenance duties • Adherence to lesson plans
  11. 11. PSYCHOLOGY OF TEACHERS: Teaching has now become mere a source of money and teachers are distracted from their soul motive of preparing students . As compared to earlier times when teachers were devoted towards their duty the present scenario is completely different. For this students are not lonely responsible teachers are also responsible. The present world is materialistic where person is recognized by his or her possession .To keep pace with the present world they are focused to earn money which has become their prime motive.
  13. 13. PSYCHOLOGY OF STUDENTS: If we unfold the pages of history its clear that a s compared to present time earlier students were determined and focused. In ancient time Guru Dakshina given to the guru was the result but now after paying fee to their teachers they think their job is done. Due to high ego the don’t want the interruption of teachers in their personal life. This has made them adamant.
  14. 14. POSITIVE POINTS OF CONTEMPORARY STUDENT-TEACHER RELATIONSHIP • Today student feel no hesitation in asking questions from their teachers. • Friendship bond is also increasing among students and the teachers. • Interaction has also started increasing between teachers and students.
  15. 15. NEGATIVE POINTS OF CONTEMPORARY STUDENT-TEACHER RELATIONSHIP • There is generation gap between students and teachers. • Technology is bridging gap in the relationship. • Everyone is becoming money minded.
  16. 16. as technology is bridging gap between student-teacher relationship… will technology replace teacher???
  17. 17. Conclusion We can lastly say that the student teacher relationship has completely changed as compared to earlier times. Students and the teachers nowadays don’t have enough time for each other. Which leads to the lack in understanding each other properly.
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