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We believe that the right technology solution saves time and ensures success for your organization thus we help small organizations who are on their path of growth and need quick access to Essential IT solutions, in selecting appropriate solutions. For large enterprises we have technical experts and strategists who can help in planning, developing and deploying technical solutions.

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  1. 1.  The wizard technology is an upcoming software company,it is established in the year of 2010 with the goal to provide the software services,scaling of mini to majar projects in the company as well as beyond the company as outsources.upto now the company served for the oman,saudi Arabia,usa,uk countries providing company software services.  The company was discovered by the V.SWATHI,V,PRUDVI RAJ,V.RAMJI AMBEDKAR with the passion of bringing qualitive and best software services to the clients and satisfying the client requirements.
  2. 2.  1.CRM solutions  CRM is much more than only a product application. It is a business arrangement that gives you the capacity to associate with and comprehend your customers.You will get great results and fulfillment of work in no time.Go ahead with Wizards!!  2.WEB development  CRM is significantly more than only a product application. It is a business arrangement that gives you the capacity to associate with and comprehend your customers.You will get great results and fulfillment of work in no time.Go ahead with Wizards!.
  3. 3.  Wizard advances have customers in India, Usa ,UK,Australia,Singapore, our staff work for the customers to give great administrations and meet dead lines, we convey items with quality and support even in the wake of conveying the undertakings, we offer every minute of every day benefits in and out .our customers are expanding step by step by the administrations and connection we keep up with them
  4. 4.  Wizard Technologies is effectively looking for skilled web creators to enhance and fortify the present staff. In the event that inspired by joining our imaginative  group, please forward your resume and letter important to:
  5. 5.  Get in touch with Us by Our Customer Support ,and email supportContact-Us Assign work today group  group is remaining by to help you via telephone, through online visit, or our group gatherings. You can likewise utilize self improvement alternatives, including McAfee Virtual Technician and FAQs.  Add up to satisifaction guarantee  We are focused on your finish fulfillment. In the event that you are troubled with your item Support encounter, please present a case on-line to our Executive Escalations group and let us make things right. We will take responsibility for issue until it is determined
  6. 6.  Get contact data for specialized support, client benefit, deals, proficient administrations, and accomplices.  Site:  Tel: +91 9032013789, +91 9666256610  Email:  Searching for a Software Company to outsource or band together with then Contact-Us we can help you with Software Development Outsourcing Services.  We take pride in our innovation skill and capacity to take into account the extensive variety of programming improvement prerequisites of our customers.
  7. 7. Social Media Audit Social Media Monitoring Social Media Management Social Online Reputation Management Social Media Marketing Social Media PR
  8. 8. Social Media Audit:  Research your social media presence  Analyzing your social media opportunity and threats  Recommending the ideal social media strategy  Execution plan
  9. 9. Social Media Monitoring  Identifying con variations  Segregating con variations  Analyzing conversation  Insight & recommendation report
  10. 10. Social Media Management  Strategic presence creation on social media  Presence promotion and response management  Analyzing opportunities for social media outreach
  11. 11. Online Reputation Management  Researching and analyzing current online reputation  Defining a reputation score  Recommending steps to improve reputation score  Execution of recommendations
  12. 12. Social Media Campaign  Creation of campaign thought  Illustration of campaign execution – tool, Apps and prospective conversation strategy  Deliverables (ROI) via camping execution
  13. 13. Social Media Strategy With a well-designed social media strategy, you can leverage conversation to advance your business. Without such a strategy, you run the risk of falling behind. The benefits of social media campaigns are extensive – from increasing customer satisfaction to keeping tab on the competition, to marketing your latest product.
  14. 14. Facebook  Creating profile  Creating page  Content development  Buzz creation  Integration page with other social media channels  Post updates with links to the desired landing page  Joining groups and pages  Adding members  Starting discussions  Sharing links  Creating facebook “like” button and badge, to place it in the website and blogs  Run contests, promotional campaigns, polls…  Video sharing via YouTube tabs ( for viral campaigns)  Photo sharing via page flicker apps/ similar apps  Document sharing ( pdf, ppt, whitepapers, brochures, notes..)  Customized contact form/ registration form  Promote blogs/feed  Tagging use of various external interactive Apps
  15. 15. LinkedIn  Creating profile  Creating company page  Integrating profile with other media channels  Add connections  Join Groups  Targeting and networking with the influencers  Starting Discussions in groups  Publish Press release  Create polls  Launch and promote events  Submit feeds  Integrate blogs to the profile  Share likes
  16. 16. Twitter  Creating twitter handle  Post tweets with site link (content from the site)  Following key influencers  Use hash tags for keywords  Retweet influential tweets  Tweeting based on trends  Post natural updates frequently  Influence mentions  Network and engage the followers
  17. 17. Google +  Create profile  Create page  Content Development  Buzz Creation  Integrating page with other social media channels  Post updates with links to the desired landing page  Joining pages  Adding influencers to our circles  Starting discussion  Sharing links  Video sharing  Photo sharing  Document sharing ( pdf, ppt, whitepaper, brochures, notes…)  Tagging
  18. 18. Pinterest  Creating Profile  Creating boards  Content Development  Buzz creation  Add pins  Photo sharing with links  Follow influencers  Follow relevant boards
  19. 19. Digital PR  Monitor and evaluate relevant online media conversation  Engage with key influencers in the blogosphere  Develop the corporate blogs, social network sites and multimedia tools  Plan and develop content for corporate websites  Optimize e communication for effective distribution in the digital space
  20. 20. Social Bookmarking and Document sharing  Social Bookmarking ◦ Bookmarking Links from the site ◦ Adding keywords ◦ Using top SBM sites for quality backlinks: mixx, jumptages, Digg, Reddit, stumbleupon, delicious,  Document sharing ◦ Sharing presentation through slide share, scribd, docstoc ◦ Publishing white papers and Article in scribd and docstoc
  21. 21. 12 – Month Social Media marketing plan
  22. 22. 12 – Month Social Media marketing timeline Month 1-3 brand presence Create profiles Implement brand image Announce presence Traffic Sources Referring sites Search engines Project Traffic 12.5 % increase Twitter/facebook / LinkedIn followers 100 -2000 followers Costing $500
  23. 23. 12 – Month Social Media marketing timeline Month 3 - 6 : Brand/custom er engagement Increase followers base Monitor brand, industry, niche Reply to customers and prospects Traffic source Referring sites Search engines Projected traffic 25 – 30 % increase Twitter/ facebook / LinkedIn followers 1000- 3000 followers Costing $1500
  24. 24. 12 – Month Social Media marketing timeline Month 6 - 12: ROI focus Special offers for fans, members, followers… Converts fans, members, followers to email subscribers Revenue based campaigns Lead generation Traffic Sources Referring sites Search engine Projected Traffic 50-60 % increase Costing $2500
  25. 25. Thank You