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Velociter Case Studies (Xenura)


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Its an online testing platform

Published in: Education, Technology
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Velociter Case Studies (Xenura)

  1. 1. Xenura Learning Solution Pvt. Ltd. 4/17/2014 Proprietary and Confidential 1
  2. 2. About The Client 4/17/2014 Proprietary and Confidential 2 Xenura Online test conducting platform Conducts all India level IIT tests Excellent question quality Student driven activities Large variety of courses
  3. 3. Problems They Were Facing 3Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014 Common platform all over India Hard to judge performance of student Comparative ranking was hard to calculate manually Difficulties in maintaining different sets of questions Analyzing student data was difficult Absence of platform for students who were not able to join classes Geography base tracking was impossible
  4. 4. How We Helped Them? 4Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014 Dashboard for students Dashboard for teachers Digital question entry system Course management Different question set management One click exam creation Segregation of top student All India comparative results Robust and secure system
  5. 5. How client benefited? 5Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014 Create question banks Create tests from one or many question banks Deliver online tests Multiple choice test maker Eliminate manual ranking of students Store test data in a central database Access test data using anytime, anywhere Upload images and documents and embed YouTube videos Reduction in cheating Manual spell check is avoided
  6. 6. System Architecture 6Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014 Teachers Student Server Admin Database Xenura system
  7. 7. System snapshot – Admin Panel 7Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014
  8. 8. System snapshot – 8Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014
  9. 9. Thanks Velociter Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Website: Email ID: 4/17/2014 Proprietary and Confidential 9