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Velociter Case Studies(Super sports corp)


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It is a portal which helps determine athlete performance for various sports.

Published in: Sports, Education, Technology
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Velociter Case Studies(Super sports corp)

  1. 1. 4/17/2014 Proprietary and Confidential 1
  2. 2. ABOUT THE CLIENT 2Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014 SUPERSPORTSCORP aims to help the teachers of physical education in school to identify students’ potential when it comes to sports and physical activities. They wish to improve the overall PE standards in the schools of India and expose a variety of sports to students at an early age.
  3. 3. CLIENT REQUIREMENTS Input and store data, such as age, height, w eight, grade, e tc., of students Compare the results with the benchmark Calculate mean and standard deviations which are used to understand and analyze every student’s speed, strength, endur ance, agility and flexibility. Assist the PE teacher in coming up with training schedule for students based on their potential. 3Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014
  4. 4. HOW WE HELPED? Developed ‘Acti-Fit’ Acti-fit computes BMI and other details based on the inputs and shows them graphically and rates them as low, normal and high. It computes the mean of all the students both within a particular school and all the schools nationally with which SuperSportsCorp has a tie-up. It also computes the standard deviation of each student against the above means, thereby helping teachers to assess students. 4Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014
  5. 5. BENEFITS TO THE CLIENT A standard tool which can be used across all the schools Enhanced comparison as students from one part of the country can be easily compared with those from another Easy to use tool by PE teachers and trainers Enables timely review and periodic monitoring of every student 5Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014
  6. 6. SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE 6Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014 User User User Student data fed into the system by users Admin Server Database Processes the data
  7. 7. SCREENSHOTS 7Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014
  8. 8. Thanks Velociter Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Website: Email ID: 4/17/2014 Proprietary and Confidential 8