Velociter Case Studies (Fashionweaver)


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It is an ecommerce portal for lifestyle products.

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Velociter Case Studies (Fashionweaver)

  1. 1. 4/17/2014 Proprietary and Confidential 1
  2. 2. About The Client 4/17/2014 Proprietary and Confidential 2 Online apparel store Original Design and Product Parent company: Urban India
  3. 3. Client Requirement 3Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014 Robust and Secure web solution Attractive UI and Infographics Customer tracking and analytics Social media integration
  4. 4. How We Helped Them? 4Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014 Web 3.0 Social Media Attractive User Interface Easy to understand for novice user Customer detailed analysis Magento framework
  5. 5. How client benefited? 5Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014
  6. 6. System Architecture 6Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014 Server Admin Database Fashion WeaverCustomer
  7. 7. System snapshot 7Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014
  8. 8. System snapshot 8Proprietary and Confidential4/17/2014
  9. 9. Thanks Velociter Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Website: Email ID: 4/17/2014 Proprietary and Confidential 9