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  1. 1. Resumes4 Main TypesEffective, Functional, andChronological
  2. 2. • A resume gets you the job you are afterDefinition of Resume
  3. 3. • Professional • Is a self-marketing tool tailored to your career objective • Focuses the interviewer’s attention on your strongest pointTypes of Resumes
  4. 4. • Gathering and processing of the data you need for your resume• This resume is built from carefully chosen dataEffective Resume
  5. 5. • Selective and only highlights those skills pertinent to your job objective• Valuable information only which means only important factsFunctional Resume
  6. 6. • Orderly experiences by date• The combining of all employment history simply written in order by starting with the most recentChronological Resume
  7. 7. • The differences are in the way the information is presented• Chronological is in order• Professional focuses the audience to your major points• Effective gathers and processes your information• Functional only highlights the valuable informationThe differences in theTypes
  8. 8. Name Address Phone numberResume Career objective Professional profile Educational information Description Employment history
  9. 9. percents knowledge about resumes knowledge about writing a resume knowledge about the purpose of a resume has used a resume