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Sports Quiz Finals at NITRUTSAV 2010 by Prateik Mahapatra

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Sports quiz final

  3. 3. 1. GUESS WHO• Although famous for other reasons, ‘X’ was an avid cricketer.• He went on to play 10 matches for MCC, eight of them at Lords.• His only wicket was that of the great W.G. Grace, a feat which inspired him to write a poem on the subject.• He is also a famous writer specializing in detective novels.• Who is ‘X’?
  4. 4. Answer (Elementary, My Dear Watson)Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle He was the famous creator of Sherlock Homes. Although a physician by profession, he had various interests including writing and cricket. WG Grace’s wicket turned out to be the only wicket of his short career.
  5. 5. 2. Who am I?• My middle name is St.Leo• My victory salute is called ‘To di world’• I was awarded the Laureus Sportsman of the year award in both 2009 and 2010• If I wouldn’t have been successful in my current sport I would have been a fast bowler• I am a Manchester United fan and I especially like Ruud Van Nistelrooy
  6. 6. Answer: Usain Bolt
  7. 7. 3.• In which sport do supporters, traditionally, throw off their hats when a player scores 3 goals?• The sport is played with a maximum of six players per side.
  8. 8. AnswerIce Hockey, specifically the NHL.Hats are thrown, hence the term ‘hat trick’.
  9. 9. 4. What is ‘It’?• ‘It’ was being considered to be moved to Versailles, Gonesse or a site in Marne-la-Vallee close to Disneyland Paris.• But now it has been decided that ‘it’ will remain at its original location even after 2016.
  10. 10. Answer: TheFrench Open
  11. 11. CONNECTION??? V/SWhat is so special about this fixture?
  12. 12. Red Devils v/s Red Devils Answer Both of these clubs call themselves the Red DevilsThe actual logo of CrawleyTown
  13. 13. Who is this? (AUDIENCE)• My nickname literally translates to ‘the little boy’• I captained my hometown club when I was only 19 years old• I have won all honours possible with country but as of now I have not won any top level club competition• I currently hold the transfer record for a transaction between two British clubs
  14. 14. Answer: Fernando ‘El Nino’ Torres El Nino is Spanish for little boy He has won both the Euro (2008) and the World Cup (2010) but has never won any top division competition at club level His £50 million transfer from Liverpool to Chelsea in January broke Andy Carroll’s £35 million record made just a few hours ago
  16. 16. Q. Identify - 1
  17. 17. HINT - 2 OR Popular demands wanted the spot to be called after ex-LIVERPOOL, ex-MANCHESTER CITY and ex- GERMAN international (1997-2006)..
  18. 18. AnswerThe White Horsefoot bridge (alsoknown as theDietmar Hamannbridge) and theNew WembleyStadium in thebackground
  19. 19. Q. Identify - 1
  20. 20. HINT - 2He is famous in the entertainment industry andspecializes in “LEGDROP”.
  21. 21. Answer: Hulk still rules!!!
  22. 22. Q. Identify - 1
  24. 24. AnswerCount Jacques RoggeIOC chairman
  25. 25. Q. Identify - 1
  26. 26. HINT - 2 London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics mascots
  27. 27. AnswerWenlock (Bronze) andMandeville (Blue)London 2012 Olympicsand Paralympics mascots
  28. 28. Q. IDENTIFY - 1
  29. 29. HINT - 2The guy is nicknamed “POWER” and is asporting legend having won 15 worldchampionships..
  30. 30. AnswerPHIL ‘POWER’ TAYLOR
  31. 31. Identify him and name the IPL franchise for which he will play this season AUDIENCE
  32. 32. Identify him and name the IPL franchise for which he will play this season Answers Ryan ten Doeschate & KKR
  33. 33. ROUND 3CONNECT
  34. 34. Answer They are the official timekeepers of the 4 Wimbledon and theThe US Open Grand Slams Australian The French Open
  35. 35. These all are under par scores of a golf .OSTRICH - 5 under par PHOENIX- 6 under par CONDOR- 4 under par ALBATROSS- 3 under par EAGLE- 2 under par
  36. 36. Answer: Iceman• In the pictures (clockwise): Steve Waugh, Bjorn Borg, Dennis Bergkamp, Retief Goosen and Kimi Raikkonen• They all share the nickname
  37. 37. ANSWERSThese are the teams for whichLANCE ARMSTRONG has been a procyclist
  38. 38. Guess who/what/where?
  39. 39. Answer: Valentino Rossi• All of these are either his nicknames or sources of them• “Valentinik”: This was from the Italian Donald Duck superhero, "Paperinik".• “Rossifumi”: This nickname is a reference and tribute to fellow rider Norifumi Abe.• “The Doctor”• “The GOAT”: Greatest of All Time, given by Colin Edwards
  40. 40. Connect (AUDIENCE)
  41. 41. Answer: EPLIn the pictures:• Hammers: West Ham United• Toffees: Everton• Potters: Stoke City• Wolves: Wolverhampton Wanderers• Black Cats: Sunderland• Toons: Newcastle United
  44. 44. 7) Identify ‘A’, ‘B’ & ‘C’• Tom Watson, Herbert Chapman, Brian Clough & ‘A’ share the record for being the only manager to win the English Top tier football league with two different teams.• ‘A’ won the English league with ‘B’ both as a player and a manager. He later moved to ‘C’ and won the league with them as manager.• He returned to manage ‘B’, when they were in a desperate position after losing a match to ‘C’. FORWARD
  45. 45. Answers• A- Kenny Dalglish, B- Liverpool, C- Blackburn Rovers• Kenny Dalglish won the English League with Liverpool and the EPL with Blackburn Rovers• In January he replaced Roy Hodgson after Liverpool’s 3-1 defeat to Blackburn FORWARD
  46. 46. • It happened for the first time in July 1974 FIFA World Cup.• It happened for the second time in the 1982.• It happened again, about 36 years later, on the 18th of June at the 2010 World Cup in a match between Germany and Serbia.• What are we talking about? FORWARD
  47. 47. AnswerLukas Podolski becomes only the 3rd German ever to miss a penalty at the FIFA World Cup He joins Uli Hoeness (1974 against Poland) and Uli Stielike (1982 against France) BACK
  48. 48. What are these?• Grove• Dinnington• Faenza• Hinwil• Enstone• Milton Keynes• Brackley• Woking• Hingham• Murcia• Silverstone• Maranello FORWARD
  49. 49. Answer Bases/Headquarters of F1 constructers• Grove- Williams• Dinnington - Virgin• Faenza - Torro Rosso• Hinwil - Sauber• Enstone- Renault• Milton Keynes- Red Bull Racing• Brackley- Mercedes GP• Woking - McLaren• Hingham- Lotus• Murcia- HRT• Silverstone- Force India• Maranello - Ferrari FORWARD
  50. 50. Fill in the blanks• The is a qualification allowing a driver to take part in Formula One Grand Prix.• It is issued by the FIA upon request. To qualify for an the requesting driver must already be the holder of a Grade A competition licence, and additionally meet the requirements of the FIA International Sporting Code, Appendix L. FORWARD
  51. 51. Answer• The FIA Super Licence is a qualification allowing a driver to take part in Formula One Grand Prix.• It is issued by the FIA upon request. To qualify for an FIA Super Licence the requesting driver must already be the holder of a Grade A competition licence, and additionally meet the requirements of the FIA International Sporting Code, Appendix L. BACK
  52. 52. • I also happen to hold the distinction of the only defending Wimbledon champion to be knocked out in the first round• I am a multiple Grand Slam winner• My sister was a registered tennis player• Even my ex is a multiple Grand Slam winner Who am I? FORWARD
  53. 53. Answer: Lleyton Hewitt His Grand Slams: U.S Open (2001), Wimbledon (2002) He was knocked out by Ivo Karlovic in the first round at Wimbledon 2003 His sister Jaslyn was a tennis player His ex is Kim Clijsters who has won 3 U.S Opens and an Australian FORWARD
  54. 54. • ‘A’ & ‘B’ were two of the best tennis players of their generations• ‘A’ hold the records of the youngest Grand Slam winner where as ‘B’ hold the record for the oldest Grand Slam winner.• They were both born in the same country ‘C’ but later took up different nationalities• ‘A’ and ‘B’ also happen to have the same first name• Give me A, B and C FORWARD
  55. 55. Answer: Martina and Martina • Martina Hingis was the youngest player to win a Grand Slam title when she won the women’s doubles title at Wimbledon in 1996 • Martina Navratilova became the oldest Grand Slam champion when she won the mixed doubles at Wimbledon 2003 • They were both born in Czechoslovakia. Navratilova took up American citizenship in 1981. Hingis represented Switzerland. BACK
  56. 56. • Chicago Bulls (1984-93)• X (1993-94)• Chicago Bulls (1994-98)• Washington Wizards (2001-03) What is ‘X’? FORWARD
  57. 57. Answer• X- Chicago White Sox or Birmingham Barrons (their minor league team)• In 1993, Michael Jordan retired from basketball and signed on for the White Sox for the 1993- 94 season, so that he could pursue a baseball career. FORWARD
  58. 58. # Boston Celtics – (1978-1992) # Member of 1992 Olympic gold medal winningdream team # "The Hick From French Lick“ – used as anickname # His autobiography – DRIVE : THE STORY OF MYLIFE FORWARD
  60. 60. domestique?• This cyclist born in Queens, New York has never won the Tour de France.• But he holds the record for finishing in the Malliot Jaunne’s team the most number of times.• With 15 Tours he also holds the record of the highest number of TDF participations by an American Who are we talking of? FORWARD
  61. 61. Le meilleur domestique = The best‘domestique’ • George Hincapie (left) • He has been on the Malliot Jaunne’s team 8 times • 7 times with Lance Armstrong (right) & once with Alberto Contador FORWARD
  62. 62. Who am I?• My maternal family name is Velasco• My nickname is ‘El Pistolero’• I am the fifth cyclist in history to win all three Grand Tours• I tested positive for Clenbuterol, but the subsequent ban was lifted FORWARD
  63. 63. Answer: Alberto Contador Full name: Alberto Contador Velasco He has won the Tour de France thrice (2007,09,10) and the Giro d’Italia as well as the Vuelta a Espana once each (both 2008) BACK
  64. 64. The 2000 US OPEN was the100th open played at X, whereX can also be referred to as asmooth round rock. 2010 USOPEN was also played at X.The tournament saw one ofthe greatest performances byTIGER WOODS as he won amajor leading his opponent byY which has yet to beachieved. Identify X and Y… FORWARD
  65. 65. ANSWERSX refers to PEBBLE BEACHY refers to double digit.TIGER WOODS had a score of 12 under parfollowed by ERNIE ElS and MANUEL JIMENEZ at 3over par. FORWARD
  66. 66. CONNECT JOSE MARIADAVID LOVE III OLASABAL CONNECT these two personalities from across the continents. FORWARD
  67. 67. ANSWERSThese are 2012 RYDER CUP captainsfrom USA and EUROPE respectively. BACK