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A small presentation on the steps to be followed to advertise a small upcoming NGO on breast cancer awareness.

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Pink ribbon campaign

  1. 1. PINK RIBBON CAMPAIGN Fight against Breast Cancer By: Piyush Kukreja Prateek Sikka Prateek Tayal Prerna Sharma Pritpal Singh
  2. 2. BREAST CANCER Originates from breast tissue. Either from the inner lining of milk ducts or the lobules. Majority of human cases occur in women, male breast cancer can also occur.
  3. 3.  New lump or mass in the breast A lump - painless, hard, uneven edges, more likely to be cancer. But sometimes cancers can be tender, soft, and rounded. So its important to have anything unusual checked by your doctor Swelling of all or part of the breast. Skin irritation or dimpling. Breast pain. A lump in the underarm area.
  4. 4. DIAGNOSIS Easily diagnosed by microscopic analysis of the biopsy. Screening techniques are useful in determining the possibility of cancer. Further testing is necessary to confirm whether a lump detected on screening is cancer. Additional tests performed in special circumstances are sufficient to warrant to excisional biopsy as the definitive diagnostic and curative method.
  5. 5. PREVENTION Early diagnosis Screening tests: clinical and self breast exams, mammography, genetic screening, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging. The World Cancer Research Fund indicated that women can reduce their risk of breast cancer by maintaining a healthy weight, drinking less alcohol, being physically active and breastfeeding their children.
  6. 6.  Worldwide cancer cases = 12.7 million Number of deaths due to cancer = 7.6 million Number of breast cancer cases = 23% of 12.7 million Number of deaths due to breast cancer = 14% of 7.6 million Lifetime risk of breast cancer:  Age 20-29: 1 in 2,000  Age 30-39: 1 in 229  Age 40-49: 1 in 68  Age 50-59: 1 in 37  Age 60-69: 1 in 26
  7. 7.  Breast cancer is the most common cancer in most cities in India It is the 2nd most common in rural areas X-axis = Age Group, Y-axis = Percentage of cases
  8. 8. COST OF CANCER TREATMENT IN INDIA MEDICAL TREATMENT PROCEDURE COST (INR) Lumpectomy 180000 Total Mastectomy 420000 Radical Mastectomy 360000
  9. 9. THE CAMPAIGNCommunication Idea: Prevent Breast Cancer through Regular Check-ups.Target Group: MumbaiTarget market: Middle class educated working womenDuration of the Campaign: 1 month
  10. 10. MANPOWER REQUIRED 15 full time dedicatees 40 interns (preferably girls) hired from different colleges of mumbaiThe process:  10 teams will be created of 4 interns each along with 1 mentor  Remaining 5 people will be handling different departments like finance, logistics arrangements, corporate relations (in the form of associations with hospitals, housing societies and malls etc.), social media etc.  Any volunteer generated because of the awareness created will be also be included to have their contributions.
  11. 11. MAJOR WAYS OF COMMUNICATION Personal selling Word of mouth Social media Radio Public relations Print ads Corporate tie ups
  12. 12. PERSONAL SELLING Personal selling is the form of selling of an idea. Various ways in which this aspect will be covered are:  Awareness through kiosks in hospitals, housing societies and malls.  Street plays in the housing societies.
  13. 13. WORD OF MOUTH The interns hired will be a big source of this form of marketing.  A majority of the word of mouth will spread directly to our target market. Street Plays performed in the housing societies. The awareness efforts given on the kiosks will also immensely help to develop word of mouth. Moreover the pamphlets with QR codes given, if carried to their homes will also play a part in this form of communication.
  14. 14. SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook Twitter Webpage
  15. 15. FACEBOOK An FB page created. Interactive page with information about the campaign and importance of the awareness about this cause. Links for symptoms, preventions, best hospitals in Mumbai Regularly updates print ads.
  16. 16. FACEBOOK- THE PROCESS A page created, DISHA: A fight against breast cancer. Campaign: Content coming through interns. Approved by the social media head and then posted on the wall of the page. All the interns share the updates from the page, on their walls. These interns share the updates on their friends’ walls as well. Interns hired are girls from professional colleges: best representation of the target market.
  17. 17. Twitter Celebrities, survivors VolunteersLink of webpage Events Radio jockeysPromote tweets, trends link Facebook page
  18. 18. www.dishapinkribboncampaign.comBreast Cancer statistics Symptoms Treatment Early detection stage Diagnosis Survival stories Celebrities and their support Facebook page link Chat Function Customer CareSection for making donations
  19. 19. RADIOCore Communication IdeaPrevention is better than cure. A fight against breast cancer.To know more please visitwww.dishapinkribboncampaign.comMumbai: 98.3 FM, 93.5 FM Sat-Sun, 10-12 am, 4 ads, 10 seconds per ad - 40 sec 6-9 pm, 5 ads, 10 seconds per ad - 50 sec 90 seconds per week on 1 channel 180 seconds per week on 2 channels Popular Radio Jockeys to promote about Pink Ribbon campaign in their shows Talk about
  20. 20. PRINT Different languages – English, Marathi, Hindi and GujaratiTimes of India, Loksatta, Dainik Bhaskar and Chitralekha 10 by 10cm adsAppear twice a month Grihshobha and Meri Saheli - full page ads in Hindi
  21. 21. PUBLIC RELATIONSSocial Cause Event on Breast cancer day Race for the Pink Ribbon Campaign,Meditation Sessions 4th Monday in the month of OctoberWinners – discounts, t-shirts, caps Participants – Pink Ribbon Badges Media and Press Coverage
  22. 22. CORPORATE TIE UPSPublicity through Facebook page, twitter, web page, pamphlets Tie ups with hospitals
  23. 23. MARKETING BUDGET Particulars Amount (in Rs.) Salary to full time employees (15x8000) 120000 Salary to Interns (40x2000) 80000 Cost of Kiosk (80x1500) 120000 Cost of Flex (80x400) 32000 Cost of Pamphlets (24000x3) 72000 Advertisement on Radio Channel 1 252000 Advertisement on Radio Channel 2 252000 Ribbon Badges (30000x0.75) 22500 Transportation Charges 25000 Refreshment Charges 25000 Miscellaneous Expenses 20000 T-Shirt (100x300) 30000 PR Event Expenses 300000 Advertisement in Newspaper 640000 Advertisement in Magazines 50000 Total 2,040,500