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Physics Motion


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This is my CCE project of Physics, Motion

Published in: Science, Technology
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Physics Motion

  1. 1. MOTION
  2. 2. CONCEPT :- Some objects in our surrounding are moving with respect to the stationary ones. Based on that object or body in our surroundings, our environment can be classified as :- • Stationary Objects ( in rest ) • Moving Objects ( in motion )
  3. 3. MOTION A body is said to be in motion when it’s position changes continuously with respect to reference point (stationary object). • E.g.:- hand of the clock are in motion. Reference point :- • When a car moves in front of a forest • With respect to the trees car is moving. • Trees – reference point
  4. 4. VECTOR AND SCALAR Scalar : • Gives only magnitude Vector : • Give both magnitude and direction e.g. Scalar Vector
  5. 5. UNIFORM AND NON UNIFORM MOTION A body travels in uniform motion when it travels equal distance in equal interval of time. A body travels in Non uniform motion when it travels unequal distance in equal interval of time. UniformNon Uniform
  6. 6. SPEED Speed:- distance travelled by a body per unit time ………. speed = distance/time Speed is scalar Speedometer and Odometer are used to measure speed of an object
  7. 7. AVERAGE AND UNIFORM SPEED Average speed :- The average speed of a body is the total distance travelled by the total time taken. Average Speed = Total distance traveled / Total time taken
  8. 8. VELOCITY Velocity :- distance travelled by a body per unit time in a given direction…… VELOCITY = displacement / time Velocity is vector. Direction of a body is as displacement at the body.
  11. 11. Acceleration •The rate of change of velocity of an moving object is known as its Acceleration. •It is a vector quantity. •Acceleration = Velocity/Time •It’s unit is m/sec2.
  13. 13. - PRATEEK SAXENA 9TH B 14