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Green Management
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Green operations management

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Green operations management

  1. 1. Going Green In Operations Management Presented by Bridget PetzoldFayetteville Technical Community College
  2. 2. Operations ManagementUsing the resources and capabilities of an organization to produce a product, whether a good or a service, in the most efficient and effective manner.
  3. 3. UpperManagement Decisions
  4. 4. Facilities• LEED Certified Building• Solar Panels• Awnings and Window Coverings• Motion Light Sensors• Programmable Thermostats• Sustainable Landscaping• Parking
  5. 5. EquipmentPerform a machine audit: Replace single function machines with one multifunction energy efficient machineVehiclesFuel efficient vehicles in fleetRecycle oil in fleet vehicles The Green Office Guide by GECKO 2011
  6. 6. According to the EPA – One gallon ofgasoline produces 19.4 pounds of CO2 American workers Average 47 hours a year commuting = 3.7 billion hours = 23 billion gallons of gas "How to Go Green: Work" by Team Treehugger
  7. 7. Many employees would takea reduction in pay if able to telecommute part-timeTelecommuters are not using the organization’s resources
  8. 8. Not enough power,or money, to make big changes?
  9. 9. Single Employee ImpactReplace disposable cups with mugs in the break roomUnplug electronic equipment when not in useReuse file foldersUse paperclips instead of staples 120 tons of steel would be saved if every person in the UK used one less staple "How to Go Green: Work by Team Treehugger
  10. 10. DIGITIZE“The greenest paper is no paper at all” "How to Go Green: Work" by Team Treehugger
  11. 11. • Send an Email rather than paper letters/memos• Save on your computer not in your filing cabinet• If you must print: »Decrease the font size »Decrease the margins »Print on both sides
  12. 12. SignageRemind fellow employees to go green by using small signs throughout the office
  13. 13. Turn off lightswhen not in use
  14. 14. Flip the SwitchPlug electronics into a power strip and turn them all off before leaving for the day
  15. 15. Use What You NeedEvery day 270,000 trees are flushed down the toilet
  16. 16. REDUCE WASTE and REUSE Waste
  17. 17. Waste is viewed two ways Materials Shape
  18. 18. What types of recycling are shown?
  19. 19. Recycling The process of reusing,reprocessing or refabricatingproducts after their initial use
  20. 20. Precycling“Proactive approach of selecting products and materials according to their potential for lessening the amount of material that goes into the waste stream and for future recycling”
  21. 21. The development of the 100% renewable PET bottle by Pepsi is the latest in a series of developments in bio-based bottles by major companies in the US market. "PepsiCo Developing Plant Based PET Bottle Expects 2012 Release" May 2011
  22. 22. Pepsis bottle is made from bio-based materials including switch grass, pine bark and corn husks. "PepsiCo Developing Plant Based PETBottle Expects 2012 Release" May2011
  23. 23. UpcyclingUsing every aspect of waste as value without altering the material or shape
  24. 24. TerraCycle Partners with product manufacturers to repurpose pre- and post- consumer packaging waste facilitated by the consumer
  25. 25. DowncyclingTaking a product at the end of its lifecycle and passing it through processes resulting in lower grade material for future use
  26. 26. What types of recycling are shown?
  27. 27. UpcycledPrecycled Downcycled
  29. 29. 93% of CEOs state sustainability is important to future success72% of CEOs cite “brand, trust and reputation” as top factors to take action58% of CEOs identify consumers as the most important stakeholder group to impact the way they manage societal expectations "A New Era of Sustainability" by UN Global Compact-Accenture CEO Study 2010
  30. 30. “Sustainability started as a moral obligation, but has now become a key differentiator for consumers”Sung-joo Kim, Chairperson and CEO of South Korean retailer Sungjoo Group
  31. 31. Consumer awareness and sensitivityto sustainability issues are increasing This increase in awareness has caused consumers to hold organizations to a higher standardCompanies are having to demonstratethe impact of their organization on the environment
  32. 32. Benefits of GreenOperations Management •Decrease in overhead resulting from: •Energy efficient facilities •Efficient use of resources to include equipment , vehicles & employees •Decrease cost of waste resulting from: •Precycling •Upcycling •Increase profit resulting from:
  34. 34. References“Green Office Guide” (trademark) 2011 by Green Earth Corporate Kindness Organization“How to Go Green: Work” by Team Treehugger“Precycling: Saving Money While Reducing Waste” by Ellen Brown April 2007“The Seven Office Wastes FAQ” _wastes_faq.htm“A Guide to the Benefits of JIT” by Charles Atkinson, Inventory Management Review Nov. 2005“PepsiCo Developing Plant Based PET Bottle Expects 2012 Release” www.sustainableisgood.comTerraCycle
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