Book Review: Life and Trial of Bhagat Singh


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Book Review Presentation of Life and Trial of Bhagat Singh

Written by Kuldip Nayar

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Book Review: Life and Trial of Bhagat Singh

  1. 1. Kuldip NayarKuldip Nayar is a veteran journalist, writerand human rights activist. He has beenIndias Commissioner to U.K. in 1990 and aRajya Sabha M.P. in 1997
  2. 2. Content of BookMatter of books revolves around the Legend Bhagat Singh and allthe events related to him which ignited or motivated him forrevolution.Pain, Pride, Honour of Legends family and relatives has beenmentioned with due respect.Impact of the young leader on the masses has been depicted.In majority of the part of book Bhagat Singh is condemned foruse of violence.Also the contrast between Mahatma Gandhi and Bhagat Singhhas been drawn in most of the parts.
  3. 3. 1907- Birth of Bhagat Singh, A time when Indian freedom struggle was beginning to flag. Studied in D.A.V High SchoolIn 1919, at the age of 12, Bhagat Singh visited the site ofthe Jallianwala Bagh massacre. In 1923, Singh joined the National College in Lahore.
  4. 4. Revolutionary Career• Lala Lajpat Rais death • Trial and execution and murder of Saunders • Hunger strike and• Dramatic Escape Lahore conspiracy case• Assembly bomb throwing incident • Execution• Assembly bomb case trial Shaheed Sardar
  5. 5. In the words of Subhash Chandra Bose:"Bhagat Singh had become the symbol ofthe new awakening among theyouths ...".Nehru acknowledged that the popularityof Singh was leading to a new nationalawakening….
  6. 6. STYLE OF WRITINGβ Content of book is simple has some really good facts.β Use of Couplet, Ashars enhances book reading experienceβ Majorly direct and narrative.β Conversations quoted as such with minimal grammatical changes.
  7. 7. THEME An insight into the life and values of Bhagat Singh. His vision and dreams. Management, Honesty and Humility. His perception of Future INDIA Foresightedness of Shaheed Sardar Bhagat Singh
  8. 8. Most Prominent Charactersβ Kuldip Nayarβ Chandra Shekhar Azadβ Shaheed Sardar Bhagat Singhβ Rajguruβ Sukhdev Some Importants mentions in the book: β Chabhil Dass β Lala Lajpat Rai β Mahatma Gandhi β Jawahar Lal Nehru
  9. 9. CRITICISMβ This book can be viewed as a Critical Evaluation of Bhagat Singh’s Lifeβ Author tends to get off the beat at timesβ In Book “Life and Trial of Bhagat Singh” authors focuses on various other aspects too.
  10. 10. SUMMARYInstances when author visited Pakistan have been mentionedwhere the legend was hanged to death.The written material covers almost all the phases and events of theLegend’s life.Starting from birth when his Grandfather dedicated him in theservice of nation to his being active in freedom struggle, all sphereshave been covered effectively.Book puts light on the ways adopted by Bhagat Singh and outcomesfrom them.Towards the end the unity amongst all the revolutionaries has beenwritten beautifully.
  11. 11. LEARNINGSβ Spirit to serve nation is commendableβ Human relation skills of Bhagat Singh were remarkable that is why he was able to make a mark in the history.β His oratory talents can be looked upon by our generation to outshine the world,β Leadership qualities can be idealized by the modern era.β Decision Making abilities helped him move forward with great zeal.β His ability to choose a right person for allocating and delegating of task was very much appraised.
  12. 12. And the Most important learning whichmust be grasped by all of us