Launch Few Interesting Vas Services From Across Globe


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Launch Few Interesting Vas Services From Across Globe

  1. 1. <ul><li>Value Added Services </li></ul><ul><li>Dossier from different operators – </li></ul>
  2. 2. <ul><li>What is LBS (Location Based Services)? </li></ul><ul><li>It is an informative and entertainment service through which you can find out where your friends are, where the nearest ATM station is or simply find a Place of Interest (POI) near you. It’s as easy as SMS or you may even view the locations in a map with an MMS.   </li></ul><ul><li>How do I find a place? </li></ul><ul><li>To find a Place via SMS, type NEAREST <space> <CATEGORY NAME> and send to 141 </li></ul><ul><li>To find a Place via MMS, type NEAREST <space> <CATEGORY NAME> <space> MMS and send to 141   </li></ul><ul><li>What are the categories of places I can find through Location Based Services? </li></ul><ul><li>You can find the location of the following categories </li></ul><ul><li>Dining (restaurants)   </li></ul><ul><li>Banks (ATM, and branches)   </li></ul><ul><li>Religion (mosques, churches, temples)   </li></ul><ul><li>Hotels </li></ul>Find Your Place
  3. 3. Find Your Friend What is LBS (Location Based Services)? It is an informative and entertainment service through which you can find out where your friends are, where the nearest ATM station is or simply find a Place of Interest (POI) near you. It’s as easy as SMS or you may even view the locations in a map with an MMS.   How do I find a friend through SMS? To Locate a Friend via SMS: User-A sends SMS to 141 by writing FIND<space><NUMBER> e.g “Find<space><032XXXXXXXX>”   User-B will receive an SMS requesting to permit or deny User-A’s request   User-A will receive User-B’s response to request   User-A will then get location of User-B through SMS if approved otherwise a denial message will be sent
  4. 4. Balance Share is a new convenient hassle free service that allows Prepaid subscribers to transfer credit to their friends & family anywhere anytime via SMS. Now you will never run out of credit just ask your friend to send you balance. Who is eligible for this service? All prepaid customers who have recharged their number at least one time are eligible to use this service. Balance Share
  5. 5. Snap, Send, Share!!! Convenience you never imagined! Now you don’t need a computer to upload a picture on your facebook account. You can take a picture with your mobile phone and upload it to your Facebook account from anywhere, at anytime with ‘Upload Photos to Facebook™” facility. To upload pictures/videos, simply send them as MMS to [email_address] , and you are all set to go! How it works: Upon sending an MMS to [email_address] the first time, you will receive a “confirmation code” via SMS. Sign in to your facebook account.Go to Photos under Application menu, given at the bottom of the page Click on “Mobile Uploads” tab, and click on “Enter Confirmation Code” link Enter the “confirmation code” you received via SMS, and click on “confirm” Your picture will be uploaded to your account For all subsequent photo uploads, you would not require any confirmation code. Simply send them to [email_address] . Upload photos @ facebook
  6. 6. Now carry your favorite music with you..anywhere, anytime!! &quot;Music Club&quot; brings you non-stop fun & entertainment!! Get hooked on to the best music in the world simply by dialing 444. Our music library has the most amazing collection of music that is best suited for your moods!! Be it latest bolly wood, Pakistani or English songs, old melodies or your favorite remixes, &quot;Music Club&quot;is a one stop solution for you… And not only this, you can make your own music library with our ‘Create Play List’ feature and record a song in your own voice & send it to your loved ones. Isn’t it simply amazing?? You can dedicate your play lists to your friends & download ring tones while you are listening to a song. So try it now, simply dial 444 & get into the groove!! How to access: Dial 444 & follow the instructions. Rs 3+tax/min OR Subscribe to our exciting packages by dialing 444 & pressing 3 After registration, you will have to dial 440 to access your free minutes. *Please note that to redeem your free minutes you need to dial 440. If you dial 444, Rs 3+tax/min will be charged to your account. Music Club 40 Minutes Rs. 15+tax Package 2 100 Minutes Rs. 25 +tax Package 1 FREE MINUTES CHARGES  
  7. 7. Convenience you never imagined! Its all through SMS now. You can update your status, post on your friend’s wall, message your friends, add new friends, poke them and much more, simply by sending SMS to 32665 (FBOOK). All you need to do is synch your Facebook account with your Mobile numbers on Facebook website. From then on, you can send and receive status updates, wall posts, message friends to their inbox, and much more. Isn’t it so convenient? In addition to this, you will receive all the notifications related to Facebook for FREE Facebook Mobile Texts
  8. 8. The concept of traditional blog websites to mobile phone in-order to create a unique experience for its customers. Now subscribers can register to “Youth Blog Zone” and express their views on a common forum. Members of “Youth Blog Zone” can find out about latest gossip and happenings, keep track of fashion trends, get recent information about movies, music, sports, business, politics, entertainment & much more. With this service, members of “blog zone” can post questions of their interest and can also leave opinions/comments on blogs. Youth Blog Zone
  9. 9. A new & convenient way to get your message across whenever you want someone to call you back, especially when you have run out of prepaid account balance & need to get in touch with your loved ones! Features Subscriber A can place a “call me back” request via SMS that contains subscriber B number Subscriber B (requested to call) can easily identify requesting subscriber number (subscriber A) Service available to all prepaid subscribers   Method Request through SMS   Subscriber “А” sends SMS request for call me back with the destination number (subscriber B). Operator sends an SMS to subscriber “B” requesting him to call back subscriber A.   Step 1: Go to Menu and choose Write Message  Step 2: Type ‘ CM<Space><Subscriber B Number>’ Step 3: Send  to 121   Note: An SMS notification will be sent to Subscriber “B” with number of subscriber A defined in header.   Terms & Conditions A Subscriber can send 1 CALL ME BACK request to any 1 On-Net & Off-net numbers in one day A subscriber is entitled to use this service, if they have minimum or equal to Rs.2.00 in their account balance If subscriber A has more than Rs.2.00 in their account balance, Rs.1+tax will be deducted from his/her account as a penalty   Call me back
  10. 10. Being at the forefront of innovation, we are proud to revolutionize MMS usage in a ways never done before. With PhotoExpress, our users can now use their mobile phones to send Printed Photographs to their friends & family, anywhere in the country! PhotoExpress is a convenient & cost-effective way to have your photographs printed and delivered to any physical address. For this service, we have partnered with one of the Premium Brands in the courier industry, to bring its subscribers this unique & exclusive service. How to use: MMS a Photo to 742 and follow the simple, step-by-step instructions you receive via SMS. Photo Express
  11. 11. Get more convenience with new smart messaging solution. Now all customers can time the delivery of the their SMS to any mobile Number, by using this simple process: For example, a message send at 3:00 pm, saying *late 4# Hello Will be delivered 4 hours later, at 7:00 pm. Just remember to type: *late<space> hours#<space>Message Note   Maximum time for SMS Timer is 168 hours.   Messages within 160 characters will be treated as Late SMS.   Any late SMS that goes over 160 characters will be delivered instantly as it  will be considered a normal SMS. SMS TIMER
  12. 12. &quot;This message will self-destruct in five seconds&quot; became a household expression after the famous Television serial Mission Impossible - G:i:30, enables it's subscribers to send self destruct messages. This service is a preview to our extensive association with Mission Impossible III . G:i:30 is So Secure - It Self Destructs. The message would automatically erase from recipients phone after 30 seconds of delivery. To send a Self Destruct SMS, send a message to 138 in the following format: Recipient's Number <space> Message e.g.0300xxxxxxx Have some news! Call me! G:i:30
  13. 13. Singing Karaoke is all about having fun. Jazz Karaoke presents a unique technology with which you can sing along with your favorite songs. And that’s not all, you can download ring tones of your songs and your friends can also rate your song. Jazz Karaoke is a new step in mobile entertainment industry. JAZZ KARAOKE
  14. 14. Bid for Golden Number Bid for auspicious, pleasant and easy-to-remember Golden or Special numbers. Multi-SIM Enjoy the convenience of using one mobile number across multiple handsets or devices to make simultaneous data transfers while talking on the phone. 2-in-1 SIM Store two mobile numbers in one SIM card, giving you the convenience of making calls and sending SMSes via both numbers while using only one mobile phone with one SIM card. SIM / Number linked
  15. 15. CALLSafe assigns you a random virtual number when you make a mobile call or SMS for purchase enquiries, advertising or contacting someone new, whilst keeping your actual number will be kept confidential CALL SAFE
  16. 16. Gift and Collect SMS ‘ GIFT Msg,Reply For FREE: ’ Receiver pays if he/she decides to collect the ‘collect sms”
  17. 17. QR codes are like barcodes. Using your mobile's camera you simply scan the QR code which will connect you directly to mobile content. They give you easy access to a range of things like mobile website pages, promo details, special offers, maps and much more. No more typing out long URLs. There's nothing tricky, just scan and go. Want to know if you can download a QR reader for your mobile free TXT QR to 710 . How are they being currently used? There are plenty of ways you can use QR codes to connect easily to mobile content. URLs: Scan a QR code on a newspaper article and you could go straight to a mobile website for more background information. Downloads: Download a coupon in the supermarket or a movie trailer at the cinema. You can even get an ETA for the next bus at the bus stop. Instant TXT: Scan and instantly send a pre-populated TXT to enter a promotion. Display TXT: Scan the QR code on a concert poster and promoters can send you the tour dates. Business card: Scan and upload contact details off a business card into your phone. QR Codes
  18. 18. To access this service, dial 274 followed by the Recipient's Etisalat Number then send. For example, dial 27408090000000 and send. The recipient will be asked to press 1 to split the bill or press 2 to decline.  Enjoy a world of equality as you split the bill 50-50 with your peeps in the cliq! With this unique service, you can share the cost of a call with another member of the easy cliq community when you call him/her. So for every second you pay for, your peep within the cliq pays for the next. Talk & Share
  19. 19. This is a mini version of Google search via SMS, no internet connectivity is required. In this case, the search is keyword-based. Google SMS can give definition of words, News headlines, Sports information; and so on via SMS. Google SMS is also available through MTN Sim Plus. GOOGLE SMS SEARCH
  20. 20. Today, majority of Nigerians spend a significant percentage of their daily lives stuck in traffic, either on their way to or from work. We spend upwards of 2 hours covering a distance which ordinarily should not take more than 20 minutes. MTN Eye assists you in knowing exactly when to set out on a journey and informs your decision on the most appropriate route to use to get to your destination. MTN Eye would save you valuable time and money. Now motorists travelling into or around Lagos, can take the guess-work out of their travel, thanks to Nigeria’s first traffic monitoring and advisory service from MTN Nigeria - MTN Eye. MTN Eye is not a surveillance or security system. Neither is it intended for any security related purposes. The videos have a low resolution so they are not usable for any kind of recognition of faces, vehicle number plate, etc. MTN Eye from MTN Nigeria is Nigeria’s first commercial traffic monitoring and advisory service which gives traffic advisory information to MTN Nigeria subscribers via their mobile phones or computers. The Video mode or Video service is accessed via your mobile phone web browser or your computer browser. Once on the MTN Eye site, simply search for the street/location of interest from the list of covered areas and click on it to view the traffic video. The Video service delivers a 10 second video footage, showing the current traffic situation on the location requested. The clips are update every 3 minutes. To use the SMS service, you simply send the appropriate keyword to 444. You will receive a an text message on your phone. When you click on the link in the message, a video of the street is downloaded on your phone MTN TRAFFIC EYE