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Mobile operating system


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Mobile Operating System.

Android and ios in brief

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Mobile operating system

  1. 1. Mobile Operating System iOs and Android in brief
  2. 2. Introduction  An operating system (OS) is an interface between hardware and user. It manages hardware and software resources of the system.  An operating system which controls mobile devices is called Mobile OS. They are simple and deal with the wireless versions of broadband and local connectivity. 1
  3. 3. Various Famous Mobile Os.  There are some famous Mobile operation systems are available in recent Current market.  Like 1. Android 2. iOs 3. Ubuntu Touch 4. Firefox os 5. Windows phone os 6. Blackberry 10, 7. ect…
  4. 4. Android •This is a mobile Operating System developed and operated by Google Inc. •This Os is originally developed for the location based service provided with a unique user interface. •It is an open source Os. But with some Google terms condition. Separate development of the os is possible but distribution is not possible via Google authorization.
  5. 5. iOs •This Os is developed and distributed by Apple Inc. •Many apple devices such as iphone,ipad and ipod are powered by this Os. •According to apple according to some security researchers ios is packed with tons os security features.
  6. 6. Android System Architecture
  7. 7. Dalvik Virtual Machine  Android os Run on the ARM based chipset devices.  As Android devices use java for core programming process it is to have JRE(Java Run Time Environment).  But Instead of using JRE android use A specialized virtual machine called Dalvik.  This virtual Machine is optimized to run java code and Make a link between hardware and core of android system.
  8. 8. Kernel (Brain of Os) •The kernel is the main component of most mobile operating systems; it is a bridge between applications and the actual data processing done at the hardware level. •Almost every mobile has different types of kernel installed on devices. •Android uses linux kernel to execute various operations. •Kernel contains hardware drivers, Memory location Information, automatic logic unit, power management units. ect.
  9. 9. Apple’s ios Architecture
  10. 10. Apple’s ios Architecture
  11. 11. Apple’s ios Architecture
  12. 12. Apple’s ios Architecture
  13. 13. Installation or Modification of Os.  Unlike Computers and Laptops installation or modifications of installed mobile os is difficult.  Every Mobile devices contains their hardware information in kernel and kernel is part of os.  If you want to install or modify your mobile os you need to have access of superuser.  Some Mobile phone carriers and even some regions declared this process as illegal.  Like you heard “Rooting”, “jailbreaking” etc.
  14. 14. Another way….  Even though modification or installation is difficult and little dangerous process some time we need to access core part of os(ROOT) for maintenance or development purpose.  Os developer companies create some tools for their own use to gain temporary “Super user” acces.  Individual mobile manufacture companies also made some of this kind of tools generally knows as “FLASHTOOLS”
  15. 15. Android and ios tools.  Although individual Mobile companies create their own flashing tools. But there is a common command line operation tool is available for all android phones.  This is called “adb” = “Android debugger bridge”.  adb is a set of command line operation for gaining full access over your android phone.
  16. 16. Android and ios tools.  In ios getting gaining the superuser access is called “Jailbreaking”.  A custom binary made by hackers is neseccery for flashing or jailbraking like “RedSn0w”,” Pwnage tool” are used for above purpose.
  17. 17. Firefox Os. 1. Firefox os is linux based operating system. 2. It is developed by Mozilla a non-profit organization.s 3. The os is publically announced in feb 2012. and more devices powered by this os will be available at the end of the this fall. New Mobile Os’s
  18. 18. Ubuntu touch. 1. This is another linux based operating system. 2. This os is created and distributed by famous open source organization ubuntu. 3. Simple and Enhanced UI makes this os different and unique from other os. New Mobile Os’s