Internet Retail Vision


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Internet Retail Vision

  1. 1. Your First Knowledge Portal On Online Retail<br />
  2. 2. Indian Internet Industry<br /><ul><li> 71 million - Number of Active Users
  3. 3. 4rd highest - In terms of number of Users
  4. 4. 391.8 million - Mobile Internet Users in India
  5. 5. 4.7 % - Percentage of Indian Users on Internet Space
  6. 6. INR 4300 Million - Revenue from Online display advertising for FY 2009-10</li></ul>Currently, internet usage in the Country outweighs the Television Viewage by a good 21 million Users<br />Source:TRAI<br />
  7. 7. Online Retail – Beyond the Implicit<br />Indian Internet and E-Commerce Industry<br /><ul><li> More than 50 Million Active Internet Buyers on the Web
  8. 8. E-commerce Industry in the Country is approx. INR 9000 Crore out of which the e-Retail Industry Constitutes as much as 1300 Crores
  9. 9. The Growth Rate in the Industry is 30 % among the highest in the Country surpassing the television industry pegged to grow at 22 % </li></ul>REASON<br />Worldwide, Ecommerce market is growing faster than Predicted, Up over 400% in the past 3 years (Source: Forrester Research)<br />
  10. 10. Indian Online Retail – Familiarity Still Recent <br />Information Gap Persistent within Consumers, Retailers, Retail Brands and Related Stake Holders as regards to Potential of Online Retail . None of the Knowledge platforms Exist that can fill the Void.<br />
  11. 11. Our USP<br /><ul><li> Promotion of Knowledge and Information to foster businesses by the use of new age mediums
  12. 12. Execution of our existing strategies through the right channel and for the right People
  13. 13. Setting up of a dedicated team for our Media Line of Business
  14. 14. Our Unbiased approach towards the Distribution and Processing of Knowledge</li></li></ul><li>Target Audience – Who is it Meant For ?? <br />
  15. 15. Advertising on – Value Proposition<br />It offers quality and up-to-date content%<br />Content Powered by Marketing Intelligence as per the need of the hour<br />Uniqueness – First Knowledge Portal for Online Retail<br />Offers Exclusive Position For Advertisers <br />
  16. 16. Key Promoters and Leadership at the Rear<br />Ankur Dinesh Garg<br />Internet Specialist<br />& CMD<br /><ul><li>Bachelors & Masters from IIT Powai, Mumbai
  17. 17. 7+ years of start-up experience in internet businesses with rich experience in e-commerce, multi-channel retail, consumer strategies etc
  18. 18. Founding member of India’s leading internet technology firm
  19. 19. Brain behind naaptol, HomeShop 18, Ferns’N’Petals, Indiatimes Shopping, TheMobileStore, MagicBricks, SimplyMarry and several others</li></ul>Wirefoot India Technology Private Limited<br />An upcoming consulting firm, focused on helping business across various function of Internet and Mobile business. <br /><ul><li>7+ years of experience in strategic planning, marketing, sales, business development and key account management across India & South Asia
  20. 20. Held successful key positions in Gartner and Honeywell
  21. 21. Six Sigma Green belt with B.E. & MBA from top 10+ B-school in India
  22. 22. Wide experience in providing IT Consultancy, Advisory and Enterprise solutions to CXOs across multiple vertical markets</li></ul>Chandradeep Sen<br />Vice President<br />Business Development<br />
  23. 23. Thank You <br />For Any Query<br />Contact Us<br />Prashant Pandey<br />Knowledge Initiatives Leader<br />Email:<br />Mobile: +91.931.166.6884<br />