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Change your cyberoam password, be safe


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For SIMC-B students and other cyberoam users....

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Change your cyberoam password, be safe

  2. 2. ©2010-2011 Prashant Kumar Page 2
  3. 3. Friends there are various Cyber Crimes in this world. To be on the safer side, please change your Passwords of the SIMCemail and Cyberoam. There are, or may be many anti-social elements who may take benefit of your username, passwordor even IP. Please protect yourself via changing your Cyberoam password. You might be surprized if you come to knowthat anyone (SIMC students whose Mac id has been listed/allowed) can Log in through any laptop in your Cyberoamaccount if they are in campus or even woodstock ambience/hostel (by slight change in the IP setting). Even they can ‘login’… in your mails, if you have not changed your mail id .Please don’t be in this dream that no one can use your cyberroam data limits. Because people are already using yourCyberoam accounts/data limit, without your knowledge. And for any cyber crime commited via your cyberoam account,you will be liable as per the Indian Laws. You must know this: IGNORANCE OF LAW IS NOT AN EXCUSE IN INDIAN LEGALSYSTEM. Below is the procedure mentioned for changing the Cyberoam password. I have tried my level best to make itsimple and easy. So that, everyone can understand it within seconds. If you can’t understand the procedure, please sendme a message or consult the IT Team, SIMC-Bengaluru. College and universities will not be liable for any cyber crimehereinafter, as you all are being asked to change the password as soon as you get this message.©2010-2011 Prashant Kumar Page 3