L D D C Program


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A unique initiative from Lovedale Foundation to raise funds, keeping in mind the requirements of the donors & businesses as well.

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L D D C Program

  1. 1. LOVEDALE<br />Donor Discount Card Initiative<br />
  2. 2. LOVEDALE Foundationwww.lovedalefoundation.org<br />How<br />We work in partnership with individuals and organizations that support us financially and otherwise believing in the rights of child empowerment.<br />Where<br />We concentrate on rural and sub-urban areas across the sub-continent by adopting schools or even bringing in children who deserve the right to basic formal education<br />About us<br />We are a fully integrated <br />not-for-profit organization <br />delivering innovative modules in Education since 2001 To redefine the education system with scalable -sustainable solutions that empower deprived children equipping them with quality education thus intending to break the vicious cycle of poverty and helping them evolve into the able youth of tomorrow<br />What<br />The Banyan – Eco friendly architectural design facility for the underprivileged children (Organic Building) and Solar Electricity and water heater system with Rain water collection and recycled for usage.<br />Open verandahs classroom, Art and Music rooms, Movie / projection room, Library, Computer centre, Indoor garden. In-house Canteen, with staff available round the clock, In-house medical facility . Children’s shelter home (Little woods children's Home). Formal English medium education (The formal School). Vocational Training unit (Tech Banyan). Scholarships for higher education.<br />Secondary Programs & Career Guidance.<br />
  3. 3. Our Associate firms<br />Community Service Associates<br /><ul><li> Pristine Hospital
  4. 4. Peace Hospital
  5. 5. Child Care Centre
  6. 6. St. George School</li></ul>Support Associates<br /><ul><li> 40k Foundation, Sydney
  7. 7. Goldman Sachs
  8. 8. State street global advisors, New York</li></li></ul><li>Our Team<br />Board Members / Trustees of Lovedale<br /><ul><li> Jenny Verma, Executive Director
  9. 9. Ponnamma Mathew, Managing Trustee
  10. 10. Gerdine Van Alem, Advisory Board Member
  11. 11. Katie Scott, Advisory Board Member
  12. 12. G. S. Ravi Kumar, LLB, Advisory Board Member</li></ul>Call Centre for Lovedale fund raising<br />Transact Global<br />Marketing team, Public relationship Manager for Lovedale<br />Mavenzone Entertainments, Bangalore www.mavenzone.com<br />
  13. 13. Our Facility<br />
  14. 14. The LDDC Initiative<br />A foundation that changes the perspective for your donation. Experience the Change!!!!!<br />Lovedale has come up with a unique initiative that acts both as a donation towards a cause and a cost benefit move to the respective businesses and the end user’s aspirations to contribute to the betterment of the society<br />
  15. 15. LDDC - a glance<br />Name of the Program<br />Lovedale Donor Discount Card (LDDC)<br />Duration<br />Annual - Renewable <br />Participants<br /><ul><li> Businesses
  16. 16. Corporate Donors
  17. 17. Mavenzone
  18. 18. Lovedale</li></ul>Scope<br />Bangalore – pan India<br />Target Audience<br /><ul><li> 35 to 50 Business establishments
  19. 19. 3,00,000 Corporate Donors/Public (Increases on quality brands joining us, catering to consumer needs)</li></li></ul><li>Rules of Participation <br />for Businesses<br />Business Entities<br />Business establishment will offer discounts on their products ranging from 5% to 30% annually. <br />Tracking Mechanism<br />The cards thus sold and the sales/transactions there upon will be tracked through a highly sound and reliable technical team to assist the sponsors in accurately identifying the card usage.<br />
  20. 20. `2,50,000*<br />Cost of Participation <br />Logo of the Brand in the brochure / Information of the brand Products /range mentioned in the brochure and their discounts Logo of the Brand displayed with information - Lovedale website and Mavenzone website <br />For Businesses<br />`5,00,000*<br />The Above mentioned +<br />Logo of Brand on collateral developments<br />Name of the Brand on the back of the card<br />Database of card holders shared<br />Technical Data – MISC Report monthly<br />`7,50,000*<br />The above mentioned +<br />Logo of the Brand on the back of the card<br />Logo of the Brand in events conducted by Lovedale (Co-sponsor)<br />Password and Login ID to retrieve MISC report anytime<br />FREE MEMBERSHIP FOR 1 YEAR<br />Subscription fees starting from the second year onwards. <br />`10,00,000*<br />The above mentioned +<br />Logo of the Brand on the face of the card<br />Logo of the Brand in events conducted by Lovedale (Main)<br />Logo of the Brand at the ‘Banyan’ – Lovedale Campus<br />* Annual renewable membership<br />
  21. 21. Cost of Participation <br />For Businesses<br />FREE MEMBERSHIP FOR BRANDS THE FIRST YEAR<br />
  22. 22. Cost of Participation <br />`1,000*<br />LDDC Card charged for primary card. It will be targeted to bread earners of the family. The card will be personalised to the name of the card owner. It will also carry the logo’s of main sponsors and co sponsor only.<br />For Donors<br />`250*<br />Secondary cards for the spouse and family members of the primary card. The card will carry on the privileges the primary card will provide. <br />Emails<br />Emails sent to 10,00,000 potential donors, around Bangalore<br />Calendar - Yearly<br />Calendar with logo’s of all the brands involved in the program to 3,00,000 donors<br />Pamphlets<br />Pamphlet distributed to 6,00,000 potential donors, around Bangalore<br />* Annual renewable membership<br />
  23. 23. Benefits<br />Lesser Advertisement Expenditure<br />Corporate Social Responsibility<br />Increased Social Connectivity<br />Intangible Revenues<br />Access to consumer database<br />Tax Benefit<br />Completely Auditable process<br />Lesser inventories<br />Volume sales increasing revenues<br />Greater branding opportunities <br />
  24. 24. What we Offer!!<br />
  25. 25. Thank You<br />MAVENZONE ENTERTAINMENTS<br />Contact us: <br />PrashanthUllal – 9035988326<br />Prahlada- 9980063149<br />