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A case for for future technology professionals


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This presentation was intended for a talk to bachelor and master degree students in India. The topic was about picking up Salesforce as a career option.
This talk that never happened at a large scale.

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A case for for future technology professionals

  1. 1. January 2019
  2. 2. @crmcog | @techformist prashanthkrishnamurthy Prashanth Krishnamurthy
  3. 3. * Source:
  4. 4. Modern IT systems are consistently and definitely moving towards cloud- based systems. Expected to be further accelerated with faster internet, & a plethora of devices for customer touch-points.
  5. 5. * Source: Wikipedia
  6. 6. Agility Optimized cost. OPEX rather than CAPEX Flexibility Collaboration Performance Multitenancy Reliability and trust Security – data and infrastructure Scalability
  7. 7. * Source: is customer success platform
  8. 8. * Source: Super Office
  9. 9. Business • Offering and strategy • Develop better customer relationships • Get customer conversations flowing • Derive value out of every touch point • Provide better value • Provide differentiation Function • Improve quality • Improve sales • Provide better service • Make everything talk to everything else for a seamless process flow • Improve processes & eliminate waste • Derive function metrics – measure humans, systems & processes Technology • Flexible systems that quickly adapt and change • Low costs to develop and change • Low maintenance • Allow businesses to focus on customers rather than solve technology issues
  10. 10. * Source:
  11. 11. Sales Cloud • Manage contacts • Track Opportunities CPQ • Generate quotes, proposals and contracts • Automate billing and subscriptions Service Cloud • Capture feedback & complaints • Create & track service requests Field Service Lightning • Provide onsite customer service Marketing Cloud & Pardot •Build customer journeys •Focused on B2C marketing in SFMC •Powerful B2B marketing in Pardot Platform •Create business applications faster •Extend functionality offered by Salesforce, or build on your own Community Cloud & Chatter •Enable collaboration b/w customers, partners and employees Lightning •Create social and mobile apps •Low/no-code enterprise platform Quip •Create documents, on cloud – ala Google Docs Commerce Cloud •Provide eCommerce channel •Powerful order mgt. •Sell, service & fulfil Heroku / Mulesoft •Integration platform for your platforms •Native integration to SFDC IoT Cloud •Connect to IoT easily and make sense out of the data Analytics •Sales, Service & Einstein Analytics Financial Services Cloud •Increase finance advisor productivity Health Cloud •Enable patient care .. and more! •Rapidly evolving platform
  12. 12. * Source:
  13. 13. • Get prep for IT industry • Unleash your creativity with your own apps, start on your own • Solve a million business problems • Address any market - globally
  14. 14. Learn Signup on Trailhead Follow beginner trails - •Discover career options, skill- up •Build Apps Fast Explore other trails • Supercharge your CRM • Admin beginner, intermediate. • Analytics Develop Signup for a developer edition Start developing apps LearnMore Learn agile practices Development topics: • Beginner, Intermediate • Lightning Market Create a case study Blog about your experience, create Podcast and video Pitch product/solution • faculty • potential customers Fail, learn, repeat.
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