Telephonic interview


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Telephonic interview

  1. 1. Telephone Interview
  2. 2. Definition• A telephone interview is an interview for employment conducted on the phone.• Telephone interviews are often used to screen candidates in order to narrow the pool of applicants who will be invited for in-person interviews.
  3. 3. Why & When……?While youre actively job searching, its importantto be prepared for a phone interview on amoments notice.You never know when a recruiter or anetworking contact might call and ask ifyou have a few minutes to talk.
  4. 4. Confirm the Phone Interview:-Before the call, confirm all the details includingthe date, time, and who you will be talking to. Besure you know whether the interviewer is callingyou or if you need to make the call.Choose an Interview Space:-Use a quiet, comfortable, and private space. Ifyoure at home, kick out kids, spouses, significantothers, parents, pets, and anyone else who is inthe house and close the door.
  5. 5. During the Phone Interview• Dont smoke, chew gum, eat, or drink.• Don’t say Hello and How are you…!• Use the persons title (Mr. or Ms. and their last name.) Only use a first name if they ask you to.• Dont interrupt the interviewer.• Use a land line Or Proper network mobile• Turn off call waiting
  6. 6. • Have a glass of water nearby• Give short answers.• Take notes• Focus, listen, and enunciate• Pay attention to body language• Multi-task
  7. 7. Interview session• Have questions to ask the interviewer ready Questions About Your Background:-  Name of company, job title and job description.  What were your responsibilities?  Why are you leaving your job?  What are your salary expectations? Questions About the New Job and the Company:-  What interests you about this job?  What experience do you have?  What do you know about this company?  What challenges are you looking for in a position?
  8. 8. Questions About You:- Tell me about yourself. What is your goal? What is important to you? What is your greatest weakness? What is your greatest strength? What motivates you? What is your preferred way to communicate? What is your favorite work? How about your favorite movie,song, celebrity?
  9. 9. • After phone Interview :- Send “THANK YOU LETTER”Writing a thank you note after an employmentinterview can be the key to getting a job offer.In these days of electronic communication, It isbetter to send thank you letters by email.
  10. 10. Wait for call letter