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Albert's Insomnia - Detailed Educator Information


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Albert’s Insomnia engages all the students; even those students that think they don’t like math or are not good at it.

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Albert's Insomnia - Detailed Educator Information

  1. 1. An elementary school principal confided in me saying: “It is hard to move the needle on standardized tests because we teach students their math facts, they take the test, but they do not retain it; and we waste a lot of time doing it over and over.” I shared with him the following…
  2. 2. …kids had: • Sticks, rocks, and dirt to play with • Very few toys • 3 channels to watch on a black and white tube TV (with no remote!) • An hour of cartoons Saturday morning • Classrooms that were probably their most mentally stimulating environment
  3. 3. Kids have:  Toys kids could not have even imagined 30 years ago  Multiple Cartoon Channels 24/ 7/ 365  Supra-normal stimuli video games, computers, internet, cell phones, instant messaging, apps, on demand movies, social media, etc  Classrooms that are likely NOT their most engaging environments
  4. 4. BLACKSMITHS = EDUCATORS METALS = STUDENTS’ BRAINS FIRE = ENGAGEMENT Metals are reshaped only when the fire is hot enough. Otherwise, the metals retain their shape and the blacksmiths only have sore arms to show for all their efforts! What can you do?
  5. 5. With student-teacher ratios of about 25-1, what can a teacher possibly do to engage these hyper-stimulated students and keep them engaged in a math lesson?
  6. 6. Technology has raised the melting point. Students’ “melting point” way way back in that small town was very low. The warm glow a light bulb would create enough heat to reshape those minds. Today, kid’s minds are complex alloys requiring high tech fusion reactors to approach melting points needed to form their minds into the high powered tools needed to build the future.
  7. 7. Engage students with a “real” game; not a “disguised” activity. What is the difference? The level of engagement. You can see the difference in the students and here is a check list:  A real “game engine”  Curiosity  Automatically tiers instruction  Competition  Collaboration  Creative and Critical thinking skills  Problem solving  Communication  Every player enjoys some success  Unknown or undefined end point
  8. 8. We are graded on how our students score on Standardized Tests not how much fun they have. Albert says, ”YOU CAN DO BOTH!”
  9. 9. Albert’s Insomnia engages all the students; even those students that think they don’t like math or are not good at it. The students on the edge of success get engaged and move the needle! These kids get caught up in the game play that are the lessons of arithmetic cleverly disguised and automatically tiered. This combination provides valuable educational benefits while entertaining and fully engaging everyone in class!
  10. 10. Helped Increase the number of students to “exceed the standard” in math 33% in our pilot school! *Data from 3rd, 4th , 5th grade average according to GaDOE 2012 CRCT press release*
  11. 11. Albert's Pilot school GADOE CRCT results (Math) 3rd Grade 2012 2013 % Increase Gwinnett County 87.70% 85.10% -2.96% Stripling Elementary 75.00% 80.90% 7.86% Gwinnett County Exceeds 55.10% 53.20% -3.45% Stripling Elementary Exceeds 31.80% 38.30% 20.44% 4th Grade Gwinnett County 89.70% 92.80% 3.45% Stripling Elementary 78.40% 87.20% 11.20% Gwinnett County Exceeds 50.20% 53.70% 6.97% Stripling Elementary Exceeds 26.90% 38.50% 43.12% 5th Grade Gwinnett County 91.70% 94.80% 3.38% Stripling Elementary 83.60% 89.90% 7.54% Gwinnett County Exceeds 49.30% 59.30% 20.28% Stripling Elementary Exceeds 35.80% 48.50% 35.50% Gwinnett County 1.29% Increase Averages Stripling Elementary 8.87% Increase 7.58% More than County average Gwinnett Exceeds 7.93% Increase Stripling Exceeds 33.02% Increase 25.09% More than county average
  12. 12. My name is Kathy Spruiell, and I am a teacher. I have taught students, as well as teachers for over twenty years. Math is my passion, and I firmly believe in the importance of number sense and numeracy for all students. Two years ago I met Rick Buchner and was introduced to his fact fluency games and materials. At the time, I served as an instructional coach in the Atlanta Metro Area. Rick came to our school as a presenter for two of our school Math Night assemblies. Additionally, Rick volunteered to train our third, fourth, and fifth grade teachers how to use his materials during instructional planning time. The next year, we wrote a grant to purchase and use his cards and books again in fourth and fifth grade classes. At the end of our second year of using Rick’s materials, we experienced some increases in the number of students who met and exceeded on our state’s standardized math tests for third, fourth, and fifth grade. A lot of processes and components factor into raising scores. The focus on fact fluency, including Rick’s materials, contributed to our positive uptick in scores along with a lot of effort from teachers, administrators, and students. I know that as a teacher, my pacing calendar for the school year is fast and full, so I need to be able to help students learn basic facts without taking away time from the other concepts I have to teach. I have made Albert’s resources an integral part of my math centers, guided math instruction, independent practice, homework, and much more. Testimonial
  13. 13. Electronic Resource Program (ERP) Features: • Formative assessment for the students • Teacher Evaluation Tools • Live dashboard for math progress for the school • Allows quicker and better utilization of schools’ resources (i.e. math coaches) • Free unlimited use of mobile app for registered school users • Teacher can create customized hands of the game • Albert’s Insomnia Math Bees • Fundraising Opportunities • Coming Soon “Albert’s Daily Challenge” so teacher does not need to do any preparation • Can be geared DOWN for K-2 • Can be geared UP for Middle School • Great companion materials; Albert’s Insomnia Classroom Kits with 4 card games, 4 score pads, activity book and lesson plans • Contest opportunity where every student in the class participates and shares in the challenge not just the top one or two students! • Early adopter special pricing!
  14. 14. Play the game for free yourself and see! Go to: • • Click “Play Free Now” (blinking, top, center) • Select “Register” and fill out info • Select “Log in” (with registration just created) • Select “Albert’s Challenges” • Select “Level 1” • Go! See how many levels you can finish on this free demo challenge ladder !
  15. 15. Contact Information: • Owner Richard John Buchner III “Rick” • Email • Website • Phone Toll Free 855-3ALBERT 855-325-2378