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Universal Medicom Services


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Universal Medicom Services

  1. 1. Department: Health and Sanitation Platform Used: ADO .NET and ASP .NET, MS SQL 2008, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript. UNIVERSAL MEDICOM SERVICES PROJECT BY: PRASHANT UPADHYAYA & DEEPAK ARORA
  2. 2. UNIVERSAL MEDICOM SERVICES Universal Medicom Services provides healthcare products & related services to customers across the world. UMS's primary goal is to make quality healthcare more affordable in India. Universal Medicom Services is a healthcare portal offering online medical consultation and comprehensive healthcare information.
  3. 3. UNIVERSAL MEDICOM SERVICES Primary Source of database has been taken from from the department of Health and Sanitation availability-health-centres-india-march- 2011 survey indicators laboratory-technicians-and-nursing- staff-primary-health-centres-community- health
  4. 4. UNIVERSAL MEDICOM SERVICES System Requirements: Software Requirement: Microsoft Windows 7. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Microsoft SQL 2008 (for backend services) Adobe Reader IX or above. Microsoft Office 2010 **Internet connection is mandatory. Processor 1 GHz RAM 512 MB Disk space (minimum) 32-bit 850 MB 64-bit 2 GB
  5. 5. UNIVERSAL MEDICOM SERVICES OBJECTIVES Our main objective is to provide medical help as possible quite at a single place with vast platform and also gave a platform for best doctors to reach worldwide patients those are keen to help and treat with best to their patients. It contains many useful and helpful facilities in a single door like: Doctor’s Forum. Chat a Doctor. Consult a Doctor. Patient’s Registration. Doctor’s Registration. Search a Doctor. Online Doctor’s Appointment Facility.
  6. 6. UNIVERSAL MEDICOM SERVICES LOGIN As considering regarding security, flexibility and authority we make three types of login and three types of Sign Up’s as well, they are: Administrator: Admin is the main login and one and only login can be done on the first run of application Admin has the authority to verify a doctor for being a part of this portal and also can delete any doctor for any complaint. Doctor: Second login type is doctor’s login. A doctor has to be register before start doing anything on the portal. A doctor has to be upload there copy of registration certificate approved by M.C.I (Medical Council of India). After upload admin has to verify, before verification no doctor can do their work. The period of verification is of 24 hrs. Patient: Last type of login is patient. In this login a patient can take advice a doctor, chat a doctor and also make appointment with any respective doctor.
  7. 7. UNIVERSAL MEDICOM SERVICES ADMIN LOGIN In Admin login, the user role will be to verify the doctor, to edit the profile of the patient, to modify to the profile of the doctor. First time when the user will run this software, the user will be needed to register himself as admin. From next time, user needs only to put his information and the user will enjoy the privileges of administrator. Administrator has all the power to edit the profile, to block the doctor, not to verify the doctor, delete any doctor. For registration purpose the administrator has to create a new user id and password for signing in to the software.
  8. 8. UNIVERSAL MEDICOM SERVICES DOCTOR LOGIN When the doctor login into his account, the doctor can view the comments or queries of the patients. He can provide the medical advice to the patient. The consulted doctor will provide the advice and doctor can visit doctor forum for providing any useful information to the patient. Doctor can have chat with the patient by using chatting option for which both user and doctor must be available both online. When the doctor will signup for the first time, the doctor needs to upload his signature, medical certificate as a proof. After being verified by the administrator the doctor can make the use of the software to chat with the patients and consult them regarding their problems.
  9. 9. UNIVERSAL MEDICOM SERVICES PATIENT LOGIN Generally a patient can consult any doctor by visiting his medical shop but with our software patient can consult the doctor by sitting at home. Not only this but for every single suffering we have an individual doctor. If the doctor is not available to chat, the patient can post into the forum and will get reply whenever the doctor will be online. Patient can find a doctor by filling up the information about the problem, category. After that, the doctor matched with the information will be shown and patient can consult the doctor regarding his problem.
  10. 10. UNIVERSAL MEDICOM SERVICES FORGOT PASSWORD If the user forgot the password, the password can be recovered by using the forgot password link. The email will be sent to the registered e-mail address of the user regarding his user details i.e. username and password.
  11. 11. UNIVERSAL MEDICOM SERVICES BLOG This feature is only available to doctor. The doctor can write the blog to help the patients. The doctor can prove the general information that can help the patient when they are in need of doctor. In the blog, doctor can write about the causes, treatments and prevention of the different problems. By reviewing the blogs the patients can be updates about latest problems and can cure them. Once the blog is posted by the doctor, It will be available to all the patient and other doctor but cannot be edited back by anyone. The doctor before writing the blog needs to provide some information such as name before posting the blog.
  12. 12. UNIVERSAL MEDICOM SERVICES ASK A DOCTOR Using this option, patient can ask the doctor regarding the problem he has. For every different problems, there are different doctors. The patient will click on Ask a doctor tab and then has to fill the information. The doctor that is related with the problem the patient had, can reply the patient with the solution. In this, the patient has to select the category of problem he has, the body part in which the problem persist, and problem description. The doctor can reply to it and the patient can check it later at anytime.
  13. 13. UNIVERSAL MEDICOM SERVICES CHAT A DOCTOR User can chat online with a doctor by just logging into his account. After successful login the user has to click on chat to doctor. After that new dialog box will appear where user has to click Login and finally the doctor those will be online will be available to chat with the user. Doctor who will be online will be marked as a green dot and user can know whom to chat regarding his problem.
  14. 14. UNIVERSAL MEDICOM SERVICES DOCTOR VERIFICATION The doctor during the sign up needs to upload his medical certification received from authority verifying that he has completed all the medical formalities and therefore certified to be a doctor. Once the administrator had verified his certificate and signature and found no discrepancy then the administrator will approve the person as a doctor. After that, doctor can play his own role such as treating the patients, reply to the queries of the patients, posting the blogs, chatting live with the patients, etc. It is very necessary to verify the doctor as the person will provide treatments to the patients which should be 100% correct.
  15. 15. UNIVERSAL MEDICOM SERVICES CONSULTATION BY DOCTOR This is the feature that is to be used by the doctor. In this the doctor will post the reply to the query of the patient. For this, the details of the patient who has posted the query will be shown to the doctor. After analyzing, the doctor can post the reply in the provided consultation box. The doctor related with the query can post the solution. As for the general problems, the General practitioner can post the reply.
  16. 16. UNIVERSAL MEDICOM SERVICES Viewing/Editing Profile In this the administrator can view the profile of the doctor. The administrator can block and unblock the doctor by selecting the doctor from drop down list. If the doctor is blocked by the administrator the doctor will not be visible to anyone and cannot post the blogs, reply to the queries of the patients and cannot see the queries of the patients. The administrator can also edit the profile of the doctor.
  17. 17. UNIVERSAL MEDICOM SERVICES CONCLUSION We are at initial level and we will definitely complete our dream of this project. We need a platform for establish us like yours. Please give a single chance to prove are self and its are promise we will definitely prove our self. Thank You Prashant Upadhyay Deepak Arora.