brand awareness of Coca cola company


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ppt presentation of coca cola brand awareness report

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brand awareness of Coca cola company

  1. 1. Project guide : Prof. Gincy Mathew Prof. Jallavi Panchamia Submitted By : Prashant Patel Presentation on BRAND AWARENESS & SALES OF HINDUSTAN COCA-COLA BEVERAGES PVT. LTD PRODUCTS
  2. 2. Research Objectives  To study the awareness among the age groups 18-30 about the various brand of coca-cola Company.  To understand the factors affecting the awareness & purchasing of the brands of beverages industry (soft drink).  To understand the hierarchy of work authority and Sales activities of Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd. Company (HCCBPL) in Ahmedabad by Harsh Shah & in Mehsana District by Prashant Patel.
  3. 3. Beverage Industry  In1772 Joseph Priestley invented a method of "pushing" carbon dioxide into water by dissolving it under pressure.  The Beverages (soft-drink) industry comprises companies that manufacture non alcoholic beverages and carbonated mineral waters or concentrates and syrups for the manufacture of carbonated beverages.  Major players in the beverage industry are Hindustan Coca- Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd, Pepsico India Holding Pvt. Ltd, Parle Agro, Dabur India Ltd & RC cola.
  4. 4. Overview of Company  Coca-Cola history began in 1886 by Dr. John S. Pemberton.  In India, the Coca-Cola system comprises of a wholly owned subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company namely Coca-Cola India Pvt Ltd which manufactures and sells concentrate and beverage bases and powdered beverage mixes, a Company- owned bottling entity, namely, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd; thirteen licensed bottling partners of The Coca-Cola Company, who are authorized to prepare, package, sell and distribute beverages under certain specified trademarks of The Coca-Cola Company; and an extensive distribution system comprising of their customers, distributors and retailers.
  5. 5.  The Coca-Cola system in India has already invested USD 2 Billion till 2011, since its re-entry into India. The company will be investing another USD 5 Billion till the year 2020.  The Coca-Cola system in India directly employs over 25,000 people including those on contract.  Overall Carbonated Soft Drinks Market in India: Rs 13,000 Crore Overview of Company 15% 14% 13% 10%8% 42% Thums Up Rs 1,950 Cr Sprite Rs 1,820 Cr Pepsi Rs 1,625 Cr Coke Rs 1.105 Cr Mountain Dew Rs 1,105 Cr Other
  6. 6. Brands of Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Thums Up Limca Sprite Fanta Minute Maid Diet Coke Georgia Gold Maaza Kinley Burn Schweppes
  7. 7. Market Segmentation Channel Type: Grocery E&D-1 E&D-2 Convenience Bus Station/Highway Single Screen Cinema Market Class: Urban Rural
  8. 8. Urban Markets
  9. 9. Rural Markets
  10. 10. The Sales Process  Company has the number of the distributors according the geographical area and assign the Ares Sales Managers (ASM) to that specific area, who is responsible for the sales activities in that area, under ASM their is Sales Team Leader (STL), Market Developer (MD) & Capability Executive(CE) for all channel type (Convenience, E&D, Grocery) outlets of that area.
  11. 11. The Promotional Mix  Promotion consists of two components: personal selling and nonpersonal selling.  Personal selling - a promotional presentation made on a person-to-person basis with a potential buyer - is the key to marketing effectiveness.  Nonpersonal Selling - Nonpersonal selling consists of :  advertising,  sales promotion,  public relations.
  12. 12. Advertising Advertising is a paid, nonpersonal sales communication usually directed at a large number of potential buyers.  Types of Advertising:  Product Advertising involves the selling of a good or service.
  13. 13.  Institutional advertising involves the promotion of a concept, idea, or philosophy, or the goodwill of an industry, company, organization, or government entity. Advertising
  14. 14.  Point-Of-Purchase Advertising (POP) consists of displays and demonstrations promoting an item at a time and place near the location of the actual purchase decision, such as in a retail store. Advertising
  15. 15. Sales Promotion  Sales promotion was traditionally viewed as a supplement to a firm's sales or advertising efforts, but now it has become an integral part of the promotional mix. Company regular use this tool for increasing the consumption of their products for example:  In kinley 500 ml water bottle company offer 250 ml water free in this pack for more consumption of water for limited time period  Flat Discount on Thums Up & Coca-Cola 2.15 Ltr pack.  Free bottles of products on the purchasing specific number of cases of different products in different pack size.
  16. 16. Public Relation  Public Relations is an organization's communications with its various publics, such as customers, vendors, news media, employees, stockholders, government, and the general public.
  17. 17. Research Methodology  Research Objectives  To study the awareness among the age groups 18-30 about the various brand of coca-cola Company.  To understand the factors affecting the awareness & purchasing of the brands of beverages industry (soft drink).  To understand the hierarchy of work authority and Sales activities of Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd. Company (HCCBPL) in Ahmedabad by Harsh Shah & in Mehsana District by Prashant Patel.  Research Questions  Is the Consumer aware the number of companies in beverages industry (cold drink)?  Can Consumer identify the brand of different beverages company?  Can the punch line or brand ambassador or design of bottle attract the consumer for buying?
  18. 18. Research Methodology  Scope of the study  This Research part of the study is confine to the Gandhinager area & sales activities part of the HCCBPL products in Ahmedabad by Harsh Shah & in Mehsana District by Prashant Patel.  Kinley 500 ml water & coca-cola 400 ml bottle are major products, which is consider in the sales activities.  This study does not include the alcoholic drinks and beers.  We are considering only carbonated drinks, fruit juices and bottled water drinks.  Research Design  In this Project the Descriptive research design is used, as the name implies it is designed to describe something. Such as awareness of the different age group people, the degree of the awareness varies among the gender and age of the consumers.  Personal interview & Observation is used, during the sales of the HCCBPL products in market.
  19. 19. Research Methodology  Sampling Techniques  In this research the convenient sampling technique is used as the name implies samples are selected which are convenient.  Selection of sample size  In this research we are take 95 sample for Brand Awareness of beverages industry.  Research tool used  Questionnaire  Graphical Representation  Pie charts  Bar diagrams
  20. 20. Research Findings A. Number of female & male respondent.
  21. 21. Research Findings B. How Many Companies do you know in the Beverages (cold drink) Industry?
  22. 22. Research Findings C. Can You Identify Coca Cola Products
  23. 23. Research Findings D. Can You Identify Pepsi Products
  24. 24. Research Findings E. Can Punch line or Brand ambassador make your mind to Buying decisions of Cold drinks?
  25. 25. Research Findings F. When you go to shop or Malls, Boards-Banner or Cold drinks Bottle can attract you to Buying?
  26. 26. Research Findings G. Can a Design of a Bottle or tin attract you to Buying?
  27. 27. Research Findings H. What you consider when Buy a Cold Drinks.
  28. 28. Research Findings I. If you can’t find your favourite drink in the shop can you go to other shop? Or drink whatever you get at that place?
  29. 29. Research Findings J. Which is your favourite Cold drinks (It may be Carbonated Soft Drinks Or Juice)
  30. 30. Conclusion  Research Point of view  In the Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd company Coca- Cola, Thums up, Maaza, are the brands which are most aware by the consumer in the age group 18-30 in Gandhinager City.  Punch line or Brand Ambassadors of the brand and Boards-Banner or Cold drinks Bottle at the shop or mall are attracting the consumer toward the buying of that product of particular cold drink.  Price & taste of the cold drink are equally important for the beverages company by Consumer point of view.  Juice segment product is most preferable or favourite by the consumer in the age group 18-30 in Gandhinagar City.
  31. 31. Conclusion  Observation & Personal Interview point of view  Prashant Patel- Mehsana District  Mostly I was visit the rural area around the mehsana & visnager & I was observed that the distributors of the company is do the regular delivery of the beverages at their outlet & also at those outlet which is under the monopoly of competitors, STL of the company solve the issue of the outlet owner very shortly & effectively which generate the strong bonding of the outlet owner with the company.  Cooler related issue of the outlet is solved by the company in very short time.  Mehsana-Ahmedabad highway’s most of the E&D outlet is capture by the company & there is monopoly of the company at that outlets & every outlet owner is very satisfied with the company excellent service & delivery at right time.
  32. 32. Conclusion  Advertising at the coca-cola most effective outlet Shanku Water Park & Resort is attract the consumer of that visitor of Water Park & Resort.  500ml pack of kinley water is not except by the most of the outlet because of the local brands give strong margin given to the outlet owner but by the distributor & company’s employees convince most of outlet owner ready to sale company new pack in kindly water.  Campaign by company in rural area should increase the awareness of the consumer toward the company.  Harsh Shah - West and Central Ahmedabad  Order generating system  Supply chain management  Tel-sale  Process of Launching new product
  33. 33. Recommendations  Research Point of view  Leading brands are most aware by the consumer as compare with the juice segment like minute made pulpy & minute made nimbu in Coca- Cola Company so that company will have to focus on that segment product advertisement for make their consumer more aware about that.  Advertisement of brand in television as well as at outlet side & design of bottle is attract the consumer toward the purchasing that product, so company in the beverages industry will have consider this thing as important.  Price & taste of cold drink is equally important for the consumer so the company has to control to price of less than the current price with maintain the taste of the each product.  Distribution segment of company is important as most of the consumer are loyal toward their favourite drink & if they don’t get it go to the other shop.
  34. 34. Recommendations  Observation & Personal Interview point of view  Prashant Patel- Mehsana District  One common thing that I observe at most of the villages & in rural area is that most of the consumer & seller of coca-cola product are not aware with that Thums up, Limca and all other brand is come under the umbrella of the coca-cola, person of the distributor go to the outlet and says “bolo Thums up ma kae leva nu” so they thing coca-cola & Thums up are both different product so I suggest that company should give to the T-shirt with the logo of coca-cola & it should be compulsory wear by the persons who delivery the beverages at outlet.  Banners at the outlet specifically mehsana to Mothera road should be increase so consumer can easily identify that coca-cola products is available here & sales should be increase.  Normally at most of the outlet there is skim of the company to the outlet owner is 30 to 50 Rs off or 3-4 kinley soda bottle on purchase of 1 case of other beverages, I should think that kinley 500ml water pack instead of this skim should increase the awareness of new pack of water by company in
  35. 35. Recommendations  Harsh Shah - West and Central Ahmedabad  Discount coupons given to retailers were not reached at proper time also found some coupons having wrong entries (like wrong discounts), it disappointed some retailers, recommending to provide correct coupons on fast delivery basis  Grocery store keepers get more discount from malls so they avoid give order to MDs (e.g. (1) Dhwarkesh grocery store , jodhpur char Rasta – majorly buy from Reliance Market. (2) Shivshakti Store ,Shubhas chowke – buys from some mall (details not provided)). We should allow more discounts or offers to grocery stores.  Found delays in resolving complaints regarding unavailability and non working of coolers at areas under observation, recommending improving TAT of resolving the said issue. Coolers of closed shops can be transferred to working shops.