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Environment Vs Technology

Effect of Technology on Environment

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Environment Vs Technology

  1. 1. Prepared by:- Prashant Sakariya
  2. 2. Environment is the total sum of all surroundings of living organism , including natural forces and other living things.
  3. 3. Technology is the collection of techniques, methods or processes used in the production of goods, services etc, such as scientific investigation
  4. 4.  Able to perform everyday tasks faster  Able to process information, manage and keep records better  Helps people gather information, learn ,enjoy entertainment and communicate  Technology , made human life so easy , now it’s been hard to think without it .
  5. 5.  Technology In Education Effective Use of Technology in Classrooms America Schools provide one of the most diverse environments today. ... Being in a diverse environment is a great way for students to get
  6. 6.  This paper is about the way information technology effects the business world today. ... We will also analyze the way information technology has affected the way businesses function and how the have adapted over the years . Civilization has never expended as much change as it has over the last twenty years. ... Every part of our lives are affected….
  7. 7.  Nuclear technology has been around since the middle of the Twentieth Century; masterminded under intense global military pressures, nuclear technology raises many questions about the value of a technology that has the capability to render the planet unfit for human occupation. .
  8. 8.  Today I will tell u little about the pros & cons that technology is placing on our Environment  Pros : Using technology we have found many clean energy sources , like solar power . So we don’t have to burn all those fossil fuels most power plants use.
  9. 9. How do we balance growth and development with practices that will help protect the resources and environments we all count on? • Improved nutrition, medical treatment have led to dramatic increase in world’s population • 1 billion to over 6 billion since 1800 • Industrialization, development have placed great strain on world’s resources, environment • Major challenge: achieving sustainable development Resource Use • Economic development that does not permanently damage resources • Try to balance need for development with protection of environment – Limit use of resources – Set aside areas where no development allowed Sustainable Development Protecting the Environment
  10. 10. The global environment has been seriously affected by pollution. Human beings have always polluted their environments, but pollution did not become a serious issue until the Industrial Revolution. • Revolution brought new industrial processes • Created waste products that harmed water, air, land • By 1960s, began to be threat to human survival Threat • Countries cannot agree on how best to fight pollution • One debate, issue of global warming • Rise in surface temperature of earth over time How To Fight • Could bring disastrous changes in Earth’s climate • Many scientists believe air pollution caused by human activity has caused global warming Global Warming Pollution
  11. 11. Technology does make activities uncomplicated and genuinely makes life easier, but how can a person stay physically fit and healthy when he/she does nothing himself/herself? many environmental issues are discussed.  Increased pollution  Increased use of fuel  As humans travel globally they carry and spread disease from one area of the world to another.  Ecosystems destroyed to build runways.  Affects of pesticides on organisms other than the crops sprayed.
  12. 12.  There has been an increasing concern about the impact that technology has on the environment Speed of change in human civilization has been occurring faster than changes in the natural cycle of the environment.  Technology has accelerated the process of change.  Two major factors have led to an increase in pollution and the depletion of natural resources.  Accelerated technological and scientific change.
  13. 13. Consider the impact each technology has on society and the environment. They can be either positive or negative impacts.
  14. 14. THANK YOU

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Effect of Technology on Environment


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