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Reconn Information Services P. Ltd.

  1. 1. Company Profile
  2. 2. Company Profile Contents.............. 1. Introduction 2. Company Objective 3. Founders 4. Customers 5. Products 2
  3. 3. Company Profile Introduction Founded in April’ 2010, Reconn Information Services P. Ltd (‘RISPL’) is a Research and Consultancy firm focused on addressing the Analytical and Informational needs of Businesses operating in the International Trade. Businesses operating in the International Trade largely comprises of Container Shipping Lines, International Freight Forwarding Community and EXIM Companies. With the core staff of professionals managed by experienced management team and a customised solution approach, RISPL offers a more balanced and niche services in the Research, Consultancy and Information Services speciality. Objective Companies operating in the International Business has various analytical needs to make their Strategic and well informed Business decisions, however there is hardly any single entity catering to all these needs. RISPL understands these needs of this critical segment of the business entities, significantly contributing to the nation’s share of GDP. Reconn Information Services P. Ltd. has been established with the primary objective of catering to these various Analytical and Informational needs of companies operating in the International Business arena. Research and Consultancy services provided by RISPL assist these organizations to make well informed and strategic decisions, while focusing on their core competencies. 3
  4. 4. Company Profile Founders RISPL is founded by two core members, each with an experience of over 10 years from the International Transportation and Trade Industry. Each consultant is specialized in a particular discipline including Operations, Sales and Marketing, Technology management, Consultancy and General Administration. Prashant Pandit has been in the International Transportation Industry for about 10 years. In his incumbency, he was associated with the Freight Forwarding and Liner Shipping Industry. Equipped with professional management qualification in Masters in Marketing Management, Prashant brings in an expertise and experience in Strategic Marketing, Consultancy, Business Planning and General Administration. His past associations includes major shipping lines such as Hapag Lloyd and K-Line, whereas Hellmann Logistics in the International Forwarding segment. Abhijeet Mane has been in the International Transportation Industry for over 12 years. During his tenure he was professionally associated with the companies operating in the Customs Clearance, Transportation, Freight Forwarding and Liner Shipping Industry. With professional qualification from ICS, Abhijeet has an extensive knowledge and experience in the Research Operations, Sales and Financial aspects of the International Trade. His past associations include major shipping lines such as Contship and China Shipping. Being in the Industry for over 10 years, both the founders have an extensive networking with the Professionals in every segment of this Industry, which offers every opportunity for each customer to build on their professional expertise. 4
  5. 5. Company Profile Customers RISPL offers a list of Regular and Customized solutions to its Customers to choose from, depending on their Business Analytical Needs. RISPL caters to three segments of its customers within its portfolio, which are meticulously segmented in two primary categories on the basis of their role in the International Business; Category 1: International Transportation Segment This category of RISPL customers consists of; 1. Shipping Lines 2. Forwarding Industry a. International Freight Forwarders b. Freight Forwarders c. Brokers Category 2: International Trading Segment This category of RISPL customers consists of; 3. International Trading Community a. Manufacturer Exporters b. Importers c. Merchant Exporters d. Buying Agents e. Indenting Agents f. Intermediate Service Providers 5
  6. 6. Company Profile Products RISPL offers a range of products to address various analytical needs of each of the above segment and its customers; A. Analytical Reports Products under this category offer Refined Analytical Reports supplementing customers decisions based on analytical findings. Analytical Statistics forms the bloodline for the Customers operating in the International Transportation Community. Most of the Marketing and Strategic Business decisions are based and are supported by the Statistical data in the operating area. It is observed and proved that these decisions are largely influenced and supported by the statistical findings in that particular segment. Our Refined and Customized Analytical reports assist customers to make their regular strategic decisions needed for their product and business planning. Special (Business specific) and Country Specific Reports from the Product Portfolio serves the specific but significant and unplanned needs of the customers in terms of their business analysis and product positioning. B. Informational Reports Products under this category offers daily informational/database support to the customers assisting them in their daily needs, without compromising on their core competency i.e., improving sales and providing service to their customers. Certain set of information is being updated by the trade on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and forms the important component of daily business needs. It is observed that our customers spend their substantial time in updating their database with this information. We ensure that our real-time updated daily ‘Informational Reports’ serve this specific need of the customers and equip them with the information and news pertaining to the trade to evaluate their regular business decisions and providing them with strategic advantage. 6
  7. 7. Company Profile C. Database Reports Customers’ operating in the International Business (especially trading) arena has to make important strategic and business decisions in terms of the market analysis, product positioning and branding. We understand this specific but very crucial need of the customers and thus RISPL’s products under this category offers range of customized but refined database of information to the wide array of International Trading and Service Community. RISPL’s products in this segment assist customers in expanding their portfolio by exploring various business opportunities and make strategic decisions in regards to their product positioning and branding exercise. RISPL assists their customers with strategic and informational advantage to make well informed decisions in the best interest of their business. Vertical Trade Reports, Product Reports, Special BCO Reports, Customer Credit Profiles and Consignee Profiles are the Customized Services offered by RISPL in this category. D. Trade Facilitation Services Customer’s active in the International Trade always remains concerned about various issues such as requirement of Legal assistance in the operating countries for their Arbitration needs in case of any disputes and faltering payments. RISPL understand that this could be a time consuming exercise adversely impacting the customers’ business expansion plans and defecting from their competencies RISPL’s product under this category has been thus designed to offer Legal Assistance in Operational countries for its Customers and DEBT Collection services. This range of services ensures that our customer’s remains free of its regular concerns and focus on its core competency and business expansion. 7
  8. 8. Company Profile Customers Advantage With its wide range of solutions – static and customized – RISPL is committed to bridge the gap of analytical needs for its customers. RISPL believes in empowering its customers for better strategic decisions by supplementing them with customized research, consultancy and information services. Our customers will benefit from our Research and Information services in the following aspects of their business; - Statistical Analysis - Well Informed Decisions - Business Expansion Plans - Strategic and Marketing Planning - Brand Building and Positioning - Focus on Core Competencies To know more about the company and its products, do feel free to contact; Prashant Pandit : 09821236181 Abhijeet Mane : 09920992955 8