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Introduction to Google Apps Platform


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Introduction to Google Apps Platform

  1. 1. Introduction to Google AppsPlatformPrasetyo Andy W.@praw
  2. 2. Who am I?
  3. 3. What are we talking about?
  4. 4. Google Apps PlatformApps ScriptApplication APIsDomain Admin APIsAuth APIs
  5. 5. What is Google AppsScript?
  6. 6. Apps ScriptJavaScript cloud scripting languageAutomate tasks across Google products and 3rd partyservices
  7. 7. What you can do with it?Automate repetitive processes and workflowsLink Google products with third party servicesCreate custom spreadsheet functionsBuild rich GUI and menus
  8. 8. Development EnvironmentBrowserNo client libraries needed to install and server tomaintainDirect access
  9. 9. Prerequisites Google Account Supported web browser Basic understanding of JavaScript
  10. 10. Google Apps Script SecurityModelGrant access needed to any scripts you run that accessesprivate dataScript permission level and access Standalone scripts Container-bound scripts Container owner Container editor Container viewer
  11. 11. Building your first script We will create standalone script There are two ways to create a new standalone script: From Google Drive, choose Create > More > Script Go to
  12. 12. Building your first script Let’s try to create a simple one: create a new Google Docs email you a link to the newly created document
  13. 13. Executing a script Script editor Custom function in a spreadsheet Web app Gadget in Google sites Container extension Time-driven trigger Container-specific trigger
  14. 14. Executing a scriptclick Run icon or choose Run >createAndSendDocument from the menu
  15. 15. More about Apps ScriptTutorials:
  16. 16. Building user interfaces HTML Service UI Service GUI Builder
  17. 17. Storing data Script and user properties ScriptDb Spreadsheets JDBC
  18. 18. Events and TriggersEvents: action that happens when the state of anobject changes Clock tick events Script installation events Spreadsheet open events Spreadsheet edit events Spreadsheet form submit events
  19. 19. Events and TriggersTrigger: type of script resource that listens to aparticular event and executes a function when thatevent fires
  20. 20. Now, let’s talk aboutApplication API
  21. 21. Application API Allow developers to write applications that access Google Applications: Gmail, Calendar, and many others using Google Data APIs, Gadgets and Google Apps Script Based on JSON and Atom and RSS syndication formats and the Atom publishing protocol
  22. 22. Application APIs Calendar API Tasks API Gmail API Contacts API Document List API Spreadsheet API Site API
  23. 23. Prerequisites Get a Google Account Try out Google apps (Calendar, Contacts, Docs, etc) Register your project, visit APIs Console (https:// Learn about REST Learn about JSON data format
  24. 24. Invoke the API Using REST directly Using client libraries
  25. 25. Restful APIs{apiName}/{apiVersion}/ {resourcePath}?{parameters} Returns JSON format
  26. 26. Client Library Client library is available for: Java PHP Python .NET Ruby
  27. 27. Calendar APILets you develop client applications that create newevents, edit or delete existing events, and search foreventsIntegrates your apps with Google Calendar, suits forapps that need to display Calendar and synchronizes itwith Google CalendarUses JSON starting on v3
  28. 28. Tasks APIprovides developers with a powerful set of APIendpoints for searching, reading, and updating GoogleTasks content and metadataVarious integration projects with web apps or otherGoogle APIs, use Google Task API to manage Googletask lists in a mobile app
  29. 29. Gmail APIHelp you and your users interact with, configure, and extend GmailSome possibilities: Gadgets OAuth Access to IMAP or SMTP IMAP Extension Gmail Inbox Feed Email Migration API Email Settings API
  30. 30. Contacts APIAllows client applications to create, edit or delete user’scontactsSupports protocol (via curl or wget), Java, .NET andPython
  31. 31. Document List APIAllows developer to create, retrieve, update and deleteGoogle DocsIncluded advanced features like resource archives,OCR (Optical Character Recognition), translation andrevision historyUseful for storing data in the cloud, perform resourcemanagement, convert document formats, etc
  32. 32. Spreadsheets APIManaging worksheets in a Google spreadsheetConsuming the rows of a worksheetManaging cells in a worksheet by position
  33. 33. Spreadsheets APICommon examples: Computing financial data stored in an inaccessible system Presenting statistics to users in a web browser Consuming data entered into a spreadsheet by a user
  34. 34. Sites API Allows client applications to access, publish, and modify content within a Google Site Access and modify Google Site data using Google Data API feeds
  35. 35. You can do it all, if weimplement Auth APIs
  36. 36. Auth APIAllows third-party applications to get limited access toa user’s Google accounts for certain types of activities
  37. 37. Auth APIOAuth 2.0OAuth 1.0Hybrid ProtocolOpenID
  38. 38. OAuth 2.0Used for authentication and authorizationRelatively simple
  39. 39. OAuth 2.0Four steps of accessing Google API using OAuth 2.0: 1. Register application 2. Obtain an access token from the Google Authorization Server 3. Send the Access Token 4. Refresh the Access Token
  40. 40. OAuth 2.0 scenariosLoginWeb serverClient-sideInstalled appsDevicesServices accounts
  41. 41. OAuth 2.0Endpoint: response_type redirect_uri scope state
  42. 42. Okay, let’s move on and talkabout Domain Admin API
  43. 43. Domain Admin APIsAllows developers to write applications to manageGoogle Apps domainsMigrate from and integrate with existing ITinfrastructure, create users, update settings, auditactivity and moreBased on JSON for Admin Audit API and GroupsSettings API, others are based on RSS syndicationformats
  44. 44. Domain Admin APIAudit API Email Migration API Admin Audit API Email Settings API Email Audit API Groups Settings APIAdmin Settings API Provisioning APICalendar Resource API Reporting APIShared Contacts API User Profiles API
  45. 45. ExamplesAu-to-do
  46. 46. ExamplesAu-to-do
  47. 47.
  48. 48.
  49. 49. Thank you!Prasetyo Andy W. @praw