GRE High Frequency Words


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GRE High Frequency Words

  1. 1. GRE List Title Vocabulary Wizard 6.7 (Vocabulary Wizard) ¨Ï1995-2005 Prosigner 08/09/24 PM03:30 page 1/50 1 abase v. a<ad(=to)+bas(=lower) 12 abstemious a. abs<ab(=away, from)+tem<tom(=cut) make someone lower in rank, position, not eating and drinking too much; frugal; character, etc.; lower; humiliate temperate; sparing in dringk, etc. It is written in the Bible that "whosoever shall He was so abstemious that he extended his humble himself shall be exalted, and he that self-control even to his beloved music, and shall exalt himself shall be abased ."; His listened to records no more than an hour each refusal to abase himself in the eyes of his day.; The drunkards mocked him because of followers irritated the king, who wanted to his abstemious habits. humiliate him. [+] abstinent, continent, temperate [+] debase, degrade, demean, humble 13 abstinence n. 2 abdicate v. ab(=off)+dic(=say, proclaim) restraint from eating or drinking formally give up an office or a duty; give up the The doctor recommended total abstinence from throne; renounce; give up salted foods. We will not allow you to abdicate your [+] continence, sobriety, temperance responsibilities as a leading citizen of this 14 abstruse a. abs<ab(=intensive, away)+trus(=thrust) community.; Rather than leaving immediately, deep in meaning; difficult to understand; they waited for the storm to abate. obscure; profound; difficult to understand [+] bate, dwindle, lull, relent, slacken, subside, He tried to conceal his lack of true scholarship wane and intellectual depth by making use of unnecessarily abstruse language.; She read 3 aberrant a. abstruse works in philosophy. abnormal or deviant [+] esoteric profound, recondite, enigmatic Given the aberrant nature of the data, we came to doubt the validity of the entire experiment. 15 abysmal a. [+] anomalous, atypical, untypical; [-] normal bottomless 4 abeyance n. bey(=gape) His arrogance is exceeded only by his abysmal condition of not being in force or in use for a ignorance. time; suspended action [+] fathomless The case is being held in abeyance until 16 accolade n. ac<ad(=to, near)+col(=neck) further evidence can be found.; The deal was bestowed of a knighthood by a tap on the held in abeyance until her arrival. shoulder with the flat of a sword; praise; [+] dormancy, intermission, interruption, approval; award of merit latency, pause, quiescence, suspension Critics who bestow their accolades too easily may gain some quick popularity, but they will 5 abhor v. ab(=away, from , intensive)+hor(=shudder) soon lose credibility and influence over their hate something very much; detest readers.; In Hollywood, an "Oscar" is the I wouldnt say that I abhor housework, but I highest accolade. must admit that I avoid it whenever I can.; She [+] award, laurels; [-] criticism abhorred all forms of bigotry. [+] abominate, execrate, loathe; [-] greatly 17 accomplice n. ac<ad(=near)+com(=together)+plic(=fold) admire a person who helps another in a wrong act; partner in crime 6 abjure v. I am sorry to have to tell you that I was an renounce upon oath accomplice in the practical joke that caused He abjured his allegiance to the king. you so much pain.; Because he had provided [+] recall, recant, retract, withdraw; [-] espouse the criminal with the lethal weapon, he was 7 abnegation n. arrested as an accomplice in the murder. repudiation; self-sacrifice [+] conspirator No act of abnegation was more pronounced than his refusal of any rewards for his 18 accretion n. discovery. growth; increase [+] denial, renouncement The accretion of wealth marked the familys rise 8 abominate v. in power. loathe; hate [+] augmentation, increment; [-] reduction in Moses scolded the idol worshippers in the tribe substance caused by erosion because he abominated the custom. 19 accrue v. ac<ad(=to, add)+cru<cre(=grow, increase) [+] abhor, detest, execrate, hate come as a natural growth or development; come 9 abrogate v. ab(=away)+rog(=ask) as a natural increase especially of money; come abolish laws, customs, etc. about by addition No one, however powerful of intellectually I am convinced that some substantial dominant, can abrogate the basic moral laws advantages will accrue to me if I complete my on which civilization rests.; He intended to college education.; You must pay the interest abrogate the decree issued by his predecessor. which has accrued on your debt as well as the [+] annihilate, annul, invalidate, nullify, vitiate; [-] principal sum. uphold [+] augment 10 abscond v. abs<ab(=from , away)+cond(=hide) 20 acerbic a. go away suddenly and hide; depart secretly and sour or bitter in taste; harsh or corrosive in tone hide How can you accuse me of absconding with 21 acerbity n. all your brilliant ideas when you have never had bitterness of speech and temper an original idea in your life!; The teller The meeting of the United Nations Assembly absconded with the bonds and was not found. was marked with such acerbity that little hope of [+] flee reaching any useful settlement of the problem could be held. 11 absolve v. ab(=from)+solv/solu(=loosen) [+] acrimony, asperity, mordancy declare someone free from guilt or punishment; pardon an offense The jury may have found him not guilty, but the "court of public opinion" will never absolve him of responsibility for the crime.; The father confessor absolved him of his sins. [+] discharge, forgive PDF Creator - PDF4Free v2.0
  2. 2. GRE List Title Vocabulary Wizard 6.7 (Vocabulary Wizard) ¨Ï1995-2005 Prosigner 08/09/24 PM03:30 page 2/50 22 acquiesce v. ac<ad(=to, 35 aghast a. intensive)+qui(=quiet)+esc(=becoming) filled with fear and surprise; horrified give consent silently; assent; agree passively She was aghast at the sudden attack.; He was Although we really dont agree with mothers aghast at the nerve of the speaker who had musical tastes, we decided to acquiesce to insulted his host. her appeal.; Although she appeared to [+] agape, dismayed, overwhelmed acquiesce to her employers suggestions, I 36 agrarian a. could tell she had reservations about the pertaining to land or its cultivation changes he wanted made. The country is gradually losing its agrarian [+] accede, assent, consent occupation and turning more and more to an industrial point of view. 23 acrid a. sharp; bitterly pungent 37 alacrity n. The acrid odor of burnt gunpowder filled the cheerful promptness room after the pistol had been fired. He demonstrated his eagerness to serve by his [+] piquant, poignant alacrity in executing the orders of his master. 24 acrimony n. [+] promptness, agility; [-] hesitance and sharpness or bitterness of speeech or temper reluctance 38 alchemy n. 25 adamant a. medieval chemistry hard; inflexible The changing of baser metals into gold was the He was adamant in his determination to punish goal of the students of alchemy. the wrongdoer. [+] inexorable, obdurate, rigid, uncompromising, 39 allegory n. unyielding story in which characters are used as symbols; 26 addle a. fable rotten; muddled; crazy "Pilgrims Progress" is an allegory of the This addle-headed plan is so preposterous that temptations and victories of mans soul. it does not deserve any consideration. [+] apologue, parable [+] decayed, putrid; bewildered, distracted, 40 alleviate v. al<ad(=to, add)+lev(=light, lift) flustered; insane, lunatic, maniac make pain or suffering less or easier to bear; 27 adjure v. relieve request solemnly The only truly effective way to alleviate the I must abjure you to consider this matter poverty of underdeveloped third-world nations is carefully as it is of utmost importance to all of to help increase their capacity to produce us. wealth.; This should alleviate the pain; if it does not, we shall have to use stronger drugs. 28 adulate v. [+] allay, appease, assuage, calm, pacify, flatter in an obsequious manner soothe; [-] exacerbate 29 adulation n. 41 allocate v. flattery; admiration assign He thrived on the adulation of his henchmen. Even though the Red Cross had allocated a [+] blandishment large sum for the relief of the sufferers o the 30 adulterate v. ad(=to, add)+ulter<alter(=other) disaster, many people perished. make something poorer in quality by adding [+] allot, apportion, mete something improper; make impure by mixing 42 alloy n. with baser substances a mixture as of metals Do you really believe that the academic Alloys of gold are used more frequently than the curriculum will be adulterated if courses like pure metal. driver education and consumer science are introduced?; It is a crime to adulterate foods 43 allusion n. without informing the buyer. indirect reference [+] degrade, impurify, pollute The allusions to mythological characters in Miltons poems bewilder the reader who has not 31 adversary n. studied Latin. opponent; enemy [+] connotation, implication, inkling, innuendo, Batman struggled to save Gotham City from the insinuation, intimation machinations of his wicked adversary the Jaker. 44 aloof a.e. [+] antagonist, oppugnant remote in manner; apart; reserved 32 advocate n.v. ad(=to)+voc(=call) He remained aloof from their quarrel.; apathetic, a person who advocates; barrister; speak in impassive, indifferent; reserved, reticent, favor of something; urge; plead for taciturn The Fund for Animals was a strong advocate of the campaign to save dolphins from death in 45 altercation n. alter(=other)+ca(=s.e.)+tion(=that which) the nets of the tuna fleet.; The abolitionists quarrel or noisy argument; wordy quarrel advocated freedom for the slaves. What began as a "minor quarrel" grew into an [+] justify, support; [-] denounce altercation and then into an ugly fight.; Throughout the entire altercation, not one 33 aesthetic a. sensible word was uttered. artistic; dealing with or capable off appreciation [+] argument, controversy, dispute, fracas of the beautiful Because of his aesthetic nature, he was emotionally disturbed by ugly things. 34 aggregate a. sum; total The aggregate wealth of this country is staggering to the imagination. [+] gross, inclusive, overall, whole; [-] isolated units PDF Creator - PDF4Free v2.0
  3. 3. GRE List Title Vocabulary Wizard 6.7 (Vocabulary Wizard) ¨Ï1995-2005 Prosigner 08/09/24 PM03:30 page 3/50 46 altruistic a. altru<alter(=other)+ist(=person 55 anagram n. gram(=write) who)+ic(=nature of) word made by changing the order of the letters considering the well-being and happines of in another word others first,unselfish; unselfishly generous; "Ulatf" is an anagram for "fault" concerned for others What good are altruistic principles if no real attempt is made to help people by putting them 56 analogous a. log(=speech) into practice?; In providing tutorial assistance similar or parallel; comparable and college scholarships for hundres of A birds wing is analogous to a planes wing.; economically disadvantage youths, Engene She called our attention to the things that had Lang performed a truly altruistic deed. been done in an analogous situation and [+] charitable, humane, humanitarian, recommended that we do the same. magnanimous, philanthropic, unselfish [+] corresponding, parallel, similar; [-] lacking similarity 47 amalgamate v. combine; unite in one body 57 anarchy n. an(=not, without)+arch(=govern, The unions will attempt to amalgamate their government) groups into one national body. absence of government or control; disorder; [+] compound, consolidate; [-] separate; [-] confusion; absence of governing body; state of isolate disorder 48 amass v. There is a vast difference between democracy, collect, pile or heap up under which everyone has duties as well as He would later amass a fortune from the small privileges, and anarchy under which no one investment.; The misers aim is to amass and has any fixed obligations.; The assassination of hoard as much gold as possible. the leaders led to a period of anarchy. [+] accumulate, cumulate, garner, stockpile [+] chaos, disorder; [-] order 49 ambiguous a. amb<ambi(=around, 58 anathema n. them(=put,place) both)+ig(=drive)+u(=s.e.)+ous(=having the formal declaration of the church, quality of) excommunicating somebody or condemning having more than one meaning; of uncertain something as evil; solemn curse meaning or intention; doubtful in meaning The church pronounced anathema against the The word presently may mean "right now"or "at wilful heretic.; He heaped anathema upon his a future time".Therefor, to say "I will do that foe. presently" must be considered an ambiguous [+] curse, imprecation, malediction, malison statement.; His ambiguous instructions misled us; we did not know which road to take. 59 anhydrous a. [+] equivocal, unexplicit, vague withered 50 ambivalence n. val(=worth,strength) 60 annihilate v. an<ad(=to, near)+nihil(=nothing) the state of having either or both of two contrary destroy completely; put an end to or similar values, meanings, etc.; the state of With their bigger, faster, more experienced having contradictory or conflicitng emotional players, they simply annihilated our team by 56 attitudes to 7.; The enemy in its revenge tried to The atrocity shook him out of his ambivalence .; annihilate the entire population. Torn between loving her parents one minute [+] demolish, raze and hating them the next, she was confused by the ambivalence of her feelings. 61 anomalous a. abnormal; irregular He was placed in the anomalous position of 51 ameliorate v. seeming to approve procedures which he improve despised. Many social workers have attempted to [+] aberrant, abnormal, atypical, deviant, ameliorate the conditions of people living in the untypical; [-] conforming to an established rule; slums. [-] normal [+] amend, improve 62 anonymous a. an(=not, without)+onym(=name, word) 52 amiable a. am(=love, friendly)+i(=s.e.)+able(=capable without a name, or with a name that is not made of) known; having no name good-tempered; kind-hearted; easy and Although we cannot mention her name, we want pleasant to talk to; agreeable; lovable to express our heartfelt gratitude to the He is so skillful in dealing with people that he anonymous donor who gave this generous gift can seem amiable even when he is refusing to to our Building Fund.; He tried to ascertain the give them what they want.; His amiable identity of the writer of the anonymous letter. disposition pleased all who had dealings with him. [+] complaisant, courteous, lenient 63 antagonism n. 53 amorphous a. a<an(=not, without)+morph(=form) active resistance having no definite shape or form; shapeless Despite his lawyers best efforts to stop him, the The musical composition, with no melodic angry prisoner continued to make antagonistic pattern and no well-defined structure of remarks to the judge. development, seemed amorphous to my ear.; [+] animus, enmity, hostility She was frightened by the amorphous mass 64 antipathy n. anti(=against, opposite)+path(=feel)+y(=that which had floated in from the sea. which) [+] formless strong and decided dislike; aversion; dislike You are in deep trouble if you combine a strong 54 anachronism n. chron(=time,age) taste for high living with an equally strong mistake in dating something; something out of antipathy for hard work.; His extreme antipathy date now or in a description of past events; an to dispute caused him to avoid argumentative error involving time in a story discussions with his friends. Slavery is a sheer anachronism in the modern [+] abhorrence, abomination, aversion, loathing, age.; The reference to clocks in Julius Caesar repugnance; [-] settled fondness is an anachronism. [+] misdate, parachronism PDF Creator - PDF4Free v2.0
  4. 4. GRE List Title Vocabulary Wizard 6.7 (Vocabulary Wizard) ¨Ï1995-2005 Prosigner 08/09/24 PM03:30 page 4/50 65 antiseptic n.a. sept(=rotten) 74 appropriate a.v. chemical substance preventing infection; acquire; take possession of for one`s own use preventing infection; substance that prevents The ranch owners appropriated the lands that infection had originally been set aside for the lndians` He bathed the wound with an antiseptic.; It is use. advisable to apply an antiseptic to any wound, [+] arrogate, commandeer, confiscate, seize; [-] no matter how alight or insignificant. surrender 75 arbiter n. a person with power to decide a dispute; judge 66 apathy n. a<an(=not, without)+path(=feel, suffer) As an arbiter in labor disputes, she has won the absence of sympathy or interest; indifference; confidence of the workers and the employers. lack of caring; indifference [+] referee, umpire Her moods seem to go from one extreme to the 76 arbitrary a. ar(=to)+bit<bat(=go)+r(=s.e.)+ary(=relating other-from deepest apathy to unlimited to) enthusiasm.; A firm believer in democratic based on opinion or impulse only, not on government, she could not understand the reason; dictatorial; using despotic power; fixed apathy of people who never bothered to vote. or decided; despotic [+] impassiveness, indifference Mr. Ruggles claimed that the policewoman had been arbitrary in giving him a parking ticket 67 apocalyptic a. while ignoring other cars on the street.; Any prophetic; pertaining to revelations arbitrary action on your part will be resented by His apocalyptic remarks were dismissed by his the members of the board whom you do not audience as wild surmises. consult. [+] sibylline [+] autocratic, despotic, monocratic 68 apocryphal a. cryph<crypt 77 arduous a. relating to the apocryphal; not genuine; not hard; strenuous genuine; sham Her arduous efforts had sapped her energy. Many tales of the old West are apocryphal .; [+] laborious, toilsome Her apocryphal tears misled no one. 78 arid a. [+] bogus, counterfeit, forged, phony, spurious, dry; barren ungenuine; [-] authenticated The cactus has adapted to survive in an arid environment. 69 apostate n. st<a>(=stand) [+] droughty; sterile, unfruitful one who abandons his faith; one who abandons 79 armada n. his religious faith or political beliefs fleet of warships He became an apostate when he left the Queen Elizabeths navy was able to defeat the church.; Because he switched from one party to mighty armada that threatened the English another, his former friends shunned him as an coast. apostate. [+] betrayer, defector, recreant, renegade 80 arrogant a. unduly or excessively proud, as of wealth, 70 apotheosis n. theo(=God) station, learning, etc deification; release from earthly life; deification; glorification 81 arrogate v. ar<ad(=to, add)+rog(=ask) Some tyrants believed that they had apotheosis claim or seize without right; attribute unjustly; during medieval age.; The apotheosis of a claim without reasonable grounds Roman emperor was designed to insure his The United States Constitution is uniquely eternal greatness. designed to provide protection against [+] dignification, exaltation, lionization individuals and bodies which might seek to arrogate undue power to themselves.; I am 71 appease v. ap<ad(=to)+peas<pac(=peace) afraid that the manner in which he arrogates quiet an angry person, etc.; satisfy in appetite; power to himself indicates that he is willing to yield to the demands of someone; pacify; ignore Constitutional limitations. soothe [+] commandeer, usurp In ancient times, people sacrified animals , and even human beings, to appease the gods.; We 82 artifice n. have discovered that, when we try to appease deception; trickery our enemies, we encourage them to make The Trojan War proved to the Greeks that additional demands. cunning and artifice were often more effective [+] assuage, conciliate, mollify, pacify, palliate, than military might. placate, propitiate [+] chicanery, deceit, device, feint, maneuver, ruse, skullduggery, stratagem, trickery 72 apprehensive a. ap<ad(=to, near)+prehens(=take) 83 ascetic a. fearful about something that might happen; practicing self-denial; austere quick to understand; perceptive; fearful; The wealthy young man could not understand discerning the ascetic life led by the monks. Those students who have been doing their work [+] abstemious, abstinent, astringent, austere, all term need not feel apprehensive about the stern final examination.; His apprehensive glances at 84 askance a.e. the people who were walking in the street with suspicion; with a sideway or indirect look revealed his nervousness. The old woman looked askance at their short cf. comprehensive shirts.; Looking askance at her questioner, she displayed her scorn. 73 approbation n. ap<ad(=to)+prob(=try, test, good) [+] awry, askew, crookedly approval; sanction 85 assay v. Popularity polls seem to be based on the analyze; evaluate mistaken idea that the basic task of a political When they assayed the ore, they found that leader is to win immediate approbation from they had discovered a very rich vein. the people.; She looked for some sign of [+] appraise, assess, estimate approbation from her parents. [+] sanction; [-] condemnation PDF Creator - PDF4Free v2.0
  5. 5. GRE List Title Vocabulary Wizard 6.7 (Vocabulary Wizard) ¨Ï1995-2005 Prosigner 08/09/24 PM03:30 page 5/50 86 assiduous a. as<ad(=to, intensive)+sid(=sit) 97 avarice n. working steadily, diligent; eagerly attentive greediness for wealth What he lacks in skill, he makes up in King Midass avarice has been famous for assiduous attention to every last detail and centuries. requirement of the job.; He worked assiduously [+] avidity, covetousness, cupidity, greed, at this task for weeks before he felt satisfied rapacity with his results. 98 aver v. a<ad(=to)+ver(=true) [+] industrious, sedulous declare as true; assert; affirm; state confidently Whwn they offered to help him, he proudly 87 assuage v. averred that he could handle the situation ease; lessen pain entirely on his own.; I wish to aver that I am Your messages of cheer should assuage her certain of success. suffering. [+] affirm, assert, avouch, avow; [-] deny [+] allay, appease, mitigate, mollify, pacify, placate, propitiate, relieve, soothe; [-] intensify 99 aviary n. 88 astute a. enclosure for birds wise; shrewd The aviary at the zoo held nearly 300birds. That was a very astute observation. I shall heed it. 100 awry a. [+] acute distorted; crooked 89 atrophy n.v. a<an(=not, without)+troph(=nourishment) He held his head awry, giving the impression wasting away of the body or of a moral quality; that he had caught cold in his neck during the cause atrophy in or waste away night. Medical experts state that almost every case of [+] askance, askew muscle and tissue atrophy is the result of 101 axiom n. changes in cell nutrition, disease, or prolonged self-evident truth requiring no proof disuse.; Polio victims need physiotherapy to Before a student can begin to think along the prevent the atrophy of affected limbs. lines of Euclidean geometry, he must accept [+] decadence, declination, degeneracy, certain principles or axioms. degeneration, deterioration 102 azure a. 90 attenuate v. at<ad(=to, intensive)+tenu(=thin) sky blue make thin or slender; weaken; make thin; Azure skies are indicative of good weather. weaken We must not allow passion for justice to be 103 baleful a. attenuated to mere halfhearted good will.; By deadly; destructive withdrawing their forces, the generals hoped to The drought was a baleful omen. attenuate the enemy lines. [+] baneful, malign, pernicious, sinister; [-] [+] debilitate, disable, enfeeble, extenuate, beneficent unstrengthen; [-] strengthen 104 ballast n. heavy substance used to add stability or weight 91 audacious a. The ship was listing badly to one side; it was daring; bold necessary to shift the ballast in the hold to get Audiences cheered as Luke Skywalker and her back on an even keel. Princess Leia made their audacious, death-defying leap to freedom and escaped 105 banal a. ban(=prohibition, control)+al(=nature of) Darth vader`s troops. commonplace; trite; hackneyed; commonplace; [+] courageous, dauntless, intrepid; [-] timid trite 92 augment v. aug(=increase) In this moment of grief, the conventional make or become greater, increase expressions of sympathy which I had He will augment his income by tending bar at considered so banal were surprisingly night.; How can we hope to augment our forces comforting.; His frequent use of cliches made when our allies are deserting us? his essay seem banal. [+] aggrandize, boost, expand, extend, magnify [+] platitudinous; [-] arresting 93 auspicious a. 106 bane n. au<avi(=bird)+spic(=look)+i(=s.e.)+ous(=having cause of ruin the quality of) Lack of public transportation is the bane of showing signs or promising good fortune, urban life. favorable; favoring success [+] poison, venom Since everything had gone so smoothly, we felt 107 baroque a. that the campaign to elect Ellen captain was off highly ornate to an auspicious deginning.; With favorable They found the baroque architecture amusing. weather conditions, it was an auspicious [+] embellished, flamboyant, rococo, moment to set sail. ornamented [+] favorable, fortunate, propitious 108 bauble n. 94 austere a. trinket; trifle strict; stern The child was delighted with the bauble she His austere demeanor prevented us from had won in the grab bag. engaging in our usual frivolous activities. [+] bagatelle, triviality [+] ascetic, rigorous, severe, stern, strict 109 beatific a. 95 authentic a. hen(=perpare,achieve) giving bliss; blissful genuine, not fictitious; reliable, trustworthy The beatific smile on the childs face made us You cannot contest the authentic will. very happy. [-] bogus 110 beatify v. 96 autonomous a. nom(=law) to make supremely happy self-governing; free A federal system makes provision for local 111 bedizen v. government with considerable autonomous dress with vulgar finery authority.; This island is a colony; however, in The witch doctors were bedizened in all their most matters, it is autonomous and receives no gaudiest costumes. orders from the mother country. [+] independent PDF Creator - PDF4Free v2.0
  6. 6. GRE List Title Vocabulary Wizard 6.7 (Vocabulary Wizard) ¨Ï1995-2005 Prosigner 08/09/24 PM03:30 page 6/50 112 beget v. 124 bereft a. father; produce; give rise to deprived; deprived of; lacking One good turn may deserve another; it does not Divorce left him bereft of family or home.; The necessarily beget another. foolish gambler soon found himself bereft of [+] breed, generate, progenerate, propagate funds. 113 beholden a. [+] bereaved obligated; indebted 125 beseech v. Since I do not wish to be beholden to anyone, I ask earnestly or urgently cannot accept this favor. He beseeched forgiveness for his folly. 114 behoove v. 126 besmirch v. suited to; incumbent upon soil; defile In this time of crisis, it behooves all of us to The scandalous remarks in the newspaper remain calm and await the instructions of our besmirch the reputations of every member of superiors. the society. [+] stain, sully, taint, tarnish 115 belie v. 127 bestial a. give a wrong or untrue idea of; fail to justify or beastlike; brutal be equal to what is hoped for or promised; We must suppress our bestial desires and work contradict; give a false impression for peaceful and civilized ends. Her behavior belied her story.; His coarse, [+] brutish; cruel, savage, truculent hard-bitten exterior belied his innate sensitivity. 128 betroth v. [+] contradict, contravene, controvert; [-] aver engage a waman in contract of marriage; 116 bellicose a. become engaged to marry warlike The couple was betrothed and planned to marry His bellicose disposition alienated his friends. during the summer.; The announcement that [+] belligerent, combative, contentious, militant, had become betrothed surprised their friends pugnacious, quarrelsome, warlike. who had not suspected any romance. 117 benefactor n. fact(=do,make) [+] engage person who has given financial help to a school, 129 biennial n.a. enni(=year) hospital, or charitable institution; gift gver; plant that lives two years; occuring every two patron years The benefactor was generous to the school.; The biennial pansy flowered in the second Scrooge later became Tiny Tims benefactor year.; The group held biennial meeting instead and gave him gifts. of annual ones. [+] patron 118 beneficent a. bene(=good)+fic(=do, make)+i(=s.e.) 130 bilge n.v. +ent(=having the quality of) where the sides of the vessel curve in to form doing good; kind; kindly; doning good the bottom; cause to leak (as of vessels); take She is known and loved throughout the in water at the bilge community for her many beneficent acts in behalf of all types of unfortunates.; The overly 131 blandishment n. generous philanthropist had to curb his flattery beneficent impulses before he gabe away all his Despite the salespersons blandishments, the money and left himself with nothing. customer did not buy the outfit. [+] maleficent [+] adulation, flattery 132 blasphemous a. 119 benevolent a. bene(=good)+vol(=will)+ent(=having the profane; impious quality of) The people in the room were shocked by his doing or inclined to do good; kindly; charitable; blasphemous language. generous; charitable [+] irreverent, sacrilegious No one doubts the benevolent intentions of the 133 blatant a. program for community improvement, but it was loudly offensive ruined by mismanagement.; His benevolent I regard your remarks as blatant and nature prevented him from refusing any beggar ill-mannered. who accosted him. [+] boisterous, clamorous, obstreperous, [+] charitable, altruistic, humane, humanitarian, vociferous magnanimous, philanthropic 134 blighted a. suffering from a disease; destroyed 120 benign a. gn<gen(=birth) The extent of the blighted areas could be seen kind, gentle; mild; not dangerous; kindly; only when viewed from the air. favorable; not malignant The red evening sky was a benign omen.; The 135 blithe a. old man was well liked because of his benign gay; joyous attitude toward friend and stranger alike. Shelley called the skylark a "blithe spirit" [+] clement, humane, merciful because of its happy song. [-] grave 121 berate v. 136 bode v. scold sharply; scold strongly foreshadow; portend He began to berate tyrants.; He feared she The gloomy skies and the sulphurous odors would berate him for his forgetfulness. from the mineral spring seemed to bode evil to [+] revile, upbraid, vituperate those who settled in the area. 122 bereave v. [+] augur, forebode, foreshadow, foreshow, rob; leave sad by taking away omen, portend, presage Illness bereaved the family of their father. 137 bolster v. support; prop up 123 bereavement n. I do not intend to bolster your hopes with false state of being deprived of something valuable or reports of outside assistance; the truth is that beloved we must face the enemy alone. His friends gathered to console him upon his [+] buttress, prop, sustain; [-] decrease support sudden bereavement. of; [-] undermine PDF Creator - PDF4Free v2.0
  7. 7. GRE List Title Vocabulary Wizard 6.7 (Vocabulary Wizard) ¨Ï1995-2005 Prosigner 08/09/24 PM03:30 page 7/50 138 bombastic a. 153 cabal n. pompous; using inflated language small group of persons secretly united to The orators bombastic manner left the promote their own interests audience unimpressed. The cabal was defeated when their scheme [+] grandiloquent, magniloquent; [-] understated was discovered. 139 boorish a. [+] junto, plot of or like a boor; rude; clownish 154 cache n. Because of his boorish behavior, which people hiding place find offensive, he is seldom invited to parties.; The detectives followed the suspect until he led Your boorish remarks to the driver of the other them to the cache where he had stored his loot. car were not warranted by the situation and served merely to enrage him. 155 cacophony n. [+] churlish, loutish discord 140 breach n. Some people seem to enjoy the cacophony of breaking of contract or duty; fissure; gap an orchestra that is turning up. They found a breach in the enemys [+] discordance, dissonance fortifications and penetrated their lines. 156 cadaver n. [+] contravention, infraction, infringement, corpse transgression, trespass, violation; break, hiatus, In some states, it is illegal to dissect cadavers. interim, interruption, interval, fracture, rift, [+] corpse rupture, schism; [-] solder 157 cajole v. 141 brevity n. brev(=short)+ity(=that which) coax; wheedle shortness of statements, human life and other I will not be cajoled into granting you your wish. nonmaterial things; conciseness [+] beguile, deceive, delude Shakespeare expressed the tragic brevity of 158 calcify v. life by comparing it to a candle that must soon become impregnated with calcium salts; turn go out.; Brevity is essential when you send a into lime; become calcified; convert into lime telegram or cablegram; you are charged for every word. 159 caliber n. [+] conciseness, succinctness ability; capacity A man of such caliber should not be assigned 142 brindled a. such menial tasks. tawny or grayish with streaks or spots [+] ability, capability, capacity He was disappointed in the litter because the 160 calk n.v. puppies were brindled; he had hoped for a metal cleat on the bottom front of a horseshoe animals of a uniform color. to prevent slipping; provide with calks; seal with [+] piebald, pied caulking; injure with a calk 143 broach v. open up 161 callow a. He did not even try to broach the subject of unfledged; youthful poetry. In that youthful movement, the leaders were [-] close off only a little less callow than their immature 144 brook v. followers. tolerate; endure [+] immature, juvenile, unfledged The dean would brook no interference with his 162 calumniate v. disciplinary actions.(secondary meaning) slander [+] endure Shakespeare wrote that love and friendship 145 bruit v. were subject to envious and calumniating time. tell or spread rumors [+] asperse, defame, denigrate, libel, maligne, slander, traduce, vilify 146 brusque a. 163 calumny n. blunt; abrupt malicious misrepresentation; slander She was offended by his brusque replay. He could endure his financial failure, but he [+] gruff could not bear the calumny that his foes heaped 147 bucolic a. upon him. rustic; pastoral [+] belittlement, defamation, depreciation, The meadow was the scene of bucolic gaiety. detraction, disparagement, slander [+] rural, pastoral, rustic 164 canard n. 148 bumptious a. unfounded rumor; exaggerated report self-assertive It is almost impossible to protect oneself from His classmates called him a show-off because such a base canard. of his bumptious airs. [+] impertinent, obtrusive 165 candid a. 149 burgeon v. straightforward grow forth; send out buds I want your candid opinion. In the spring, the plants that burgeon are a promise of the beauty that is to come. 166 capitulate v. cap(=head)+itul(=s.e.)+ate(=make) [+] blossom, bloom, effloresce; augment, surrender on stated condition expand, multiply; [-] subside; [-] wither Completely surrounded at Yorktown by 150 burlesque v. American and French forces, Cornwallis had no give an imitation that ridicules choice but to capitulate .; The enemy was In his caricature, he burlesqued the warned to capitulate or face annihilation. mannerisms of his adversary. [+] submit, succumb, yield [+] parody, travesty 151 burnish v. 167 capricious a. make shiny by rubbing; polish flickle; incalculable They burnished the metal until it reflected the The storm was capricious and changed course lamplight. constantly. [+] furbish, glance, glaze, gloss, polish [+] fickle, mercurial, unstable; [-] steadfast 152 buttress n. support or prop The huge cathedral walls were supported by flying buttresses. [+] prop PDF Creator - PDF4Free v2.0
  8. 8. GRE List Title Vocabulary Wizard 6.7 (Vocabulary Wizard) ¨Ï1995-2005 Prosigner 08/09/24 PM03:30 page 8/50 168 captious a. capt(=take)+i(=s.e.)+ous(=having the quality 178 cavil v. of) make frivolous objections finding fault or making protests especially about I respect your sensible criticisms, but I dislike unimportant points; faultfinding the way you cavil about unimportant details. He dismissed all of my carefully formulated [+] carp, dissent criticisms with the casual rejoinder that I was 179 celibate a. being "unreasonably captious ".; His criticisms unmarried; abstaining from sexual intercourse were always captious and frivolous, never The perennial bachelor vowed to remain offering constructive suggestions. celibate. [+] carping, faultfinding 169 carnage n. carn(=flesh)+age(=collective) 180 censor n. killing of many people; destruction of life overseer of marals; person who reads to The carnage caused on our streets and eliminate inappropriate remar highways each year by careless driving has Soldiers dislike having their mail read by a become a major national scandal.; The carnage censor but understand the need for this that can be caused by atomic warfare adds to precaution. the responsibilities of our statesmen. [+] butchery, slaughter 181 censure n.v. blame; criticize 170 carte blanche n. He was censured for his inappropriate behavior. unlimited authority or freedom [+] condemn, denounce, denunciate, rebuke, Use your own discretion in this matter; I give reprehend, reprimand, reproach, reprobate, you carte blanche. reprove; [-] commend 182 cessation n. 171 cascade n. stopping small waterfall The workers threatened a cessation of all We could not appreciate the beauty of the many activities if their demands were not met. cascades as we made detours around each of [+] cease, termination; [-] commencement them to avoid getting wet. 183 chafe v. [+] cataract warm by rubbing; make sore by rubbing 172 castigate v. cast(=pure)+ig(=drive)+ate(=make) The collar chafed his neck. punish severely with blows or by criticizing [+] abrade, excoriate; irritate, scratch In Gullivers Travels and other books, Jonathan 184 chaff n. Swift castigated the human race for its follies worthless products of an endeavor and wickedness.; Sensitive seven to mild When you separate the wheat from the chaff, criticism, Woolf could not bear the castigation be sure you throw out the chaff. which she found in certain reviews. [+] chastise 185 chagrin n. vexation; disappointment 173 castigation n. Her refusal to go with us filled us with chagrin. punishment; severe criticism [+] mortification Sensitive even to mild criticism, Woolf could not 186 charisma n. bear the castigation which she found in certain divine gift; great popular charm or appeal of a reviews. political leader [+] chastisement; [-] affection Political commentators have deplored the 174 cataclysm n. clysm(=wash) importance of a candidates charisma in these sudden and violent change; deluge; upheaval days of television campaigning. A cataclysm such as the French Revolution [+] charm, fascination affects all countries. 187 charlatan n. [+] deluge, inundation, overflow, spate; calamity, quack; pretender to knowledge catastrophe, misadventure, tragedy Because he was unable to substantiate his claim that he had found a cure for the dread 175 catalyst n. lys(=to loose) disease, he was called a charlatan by his a combination which starts a reaction; agent colleagues. which brings about a chemical change while it [+] mountebank, quack remains unchanged 188 chaste a. Many chemical reactions cannot take place pure without the presence of a catalyst .; Many Her chaste and decorous garb was chemical reactions cannot take place without appropriately selected for the solemnity of the the presence of a catalyst. occasion. [+] decent, immaculate, stainless, unblemished, undefiled, unsullied 176 catharsis n. hars(=pure) 189 chasten v. outlet for strong emotion; emptying of the discipline; punish in order to correct bowels; purging or cleansing of any passage of Whom God loves, God chastens. the body [+] castigate, chastise, punish Aristotle maintained that tragedy created a 190 chauvinist n. catharsis by purging the soul of base concepts. blindly devoted patriot [+] purification, purgation A chauvinist cannot recognize any faults in his country, no matter how flagrant they may be. 177 caustic a. caust(=burn)+ic(=nature of) able to burn or destroy by chemical action; 191 choleric a. acrid; sarcastic; burning; sarcastically biting hot-tempered If any of the caustic material gets on your His flushed, angry face indicated a choleric clothing, wash it off immediately with lukewarm nature. water to prevent it from eating away the fabric.; [+] irascible, testy, touchy The critics caustic remarks angered the 192 chronicle v. hapless actors who were the subjects of his report; record (in chronological order) sarcasm. The gossip columnist was paid to chronicle the [+] incisive, mordacious, mordant, pungent, latest escapades of the socially prominent sarcastic, scathing, stinging, trenchant; [-] celebrities. innocuous PDF Creator - PDF4Free v2.0