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Mr.Prasanta Kumar has made email etiquette for the every business to maintain the format for official mail and get well image front of clients.

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Email etiqutes Prasanta

  1. 1. EMAIL ETIQUETTE Presented By:-Presented By:- Prasanta Kumar ParidaPrasanta Kumar Parida
  2. 2. What is Email Etiquette?? Email etiquette is the way you communicate when using email. They are guidelines that help you to avoid mistakes like offending someone or being offended when you're not meant to. Good email etiquette also includes not sending something you don't want to.
  3. 3. Tone: Example Two To: All staff From: H. Honcho Re: Reminder about what to wear to work Date: 1 July 2006 During the summer, our dress code is business casual. We think “business casual” means clothes that feel comfortable and look professional. Men Women •khaki pants •casual pants and skirts •leather shoes… •leather or fabric shoes…
  4. 4. When would you use email?  To send confidential salary information  To address a personal hygiene issue  To get an immediate reply  To settle a conflict between two team members  To request a manual for the new phone system  To recap a conversation about a pending order  To set up a meeting next month  To keep people updated on a project’s status
  5. 5. How Does Etiquette Benefit us? • Differentiates you from others in a competitive job market • Enables you to be confident in a variety of settings with a variety of people • Honors commitment to excellence and quality • Modifies distracting behaviors and develops admired conduct “Be one step ahead, practice the social skills necessary to help you make a great first impression and stand out in a competitive job market”.
  6. 6. Critical Etiquette Topics to Consider • Etiquette Basics • Professional Appearance • Office Etiquette • Dining and Table Manners • Networking
  7. 7. Office Etiquette • Email – – Make subject line specific – Address emails – Reply to a question- copy question into your email and then provide your response – Follow standard writing guidelines - business letter format as a professional courtesy – Keep it short and concise – Include your name and contact information – REMEMBER – NOTHING is confidential when sent electronically
  8. 8. Why Is Email Etiquette Important? • We all interact with the printed word as though it has a personality and that personality makes positive and negative impressions upon us. • Without immediate feedback your document can easily be misinterpreted by your reader, so it is crucial that you follow the basic rules of etiquette to construct an appropriate tone.
  9. 9. The Elements of Email Etiquette • General format • Writing long messages • Attachments • The curse of surprises • Using a professional tone
  10. 10. General Format: Character Spacing • Try to keep your line length at 65 characters or less. • If your message is likely to be forwarded, keep it to 60 characters or less. • Set your email preferences to automatically wrap outgoing plain text messages.