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Sep 2012

  2. 2. qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND® Heat Recovery Steam Generators | Waste Heat Boilers | Fired Packaged Watertube Boilers | Specialty Boilers We’ve been around awhile. The RENTECH team has a heap of experience – a total of more than 3,000 years – making boilers that operate efficiently and safely on six continents. Our formula has been tested and perfected so you can be assured that a boiler from RENTECH will perform reliably and earn your trust. So don’t be tempted to saddle up with a greenhorn; insist that your boiler be built Texas-tough by the skilled people at RENTECH. WWW.RENTECHBOILERS.COM ____________________BOILERS FOR PEOPLE WHO KNOW AND CARE qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND®
  3. 3. Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out For navigation instructions please click here Search Issue | Next Page NOX CONTROL GAS TURBINE O&M NUCLEAR I&C SYSTEMS BOILER PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS TECHNOLOGY’S EVOLVING ROLE UPGRADING TO DIGITAL 16 the magazine of power generation 1 Y EARS September 2012 • www.power-eng.comContents | Zoom in | Zoom out For navigation instructions please click here Search Issue | Next Page
  4. 4. qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND® Partnership… A vital part in air pollution control strategy! Over the years, SOLVAir Solutions has partnered with the very best equipment and engineering companies to bring our customers the Solution that works for their air pollution control needs. Together, we stand ready to partner with you to solve your acid gas mitigation problems. Assistance with effective systems design as well as the right choice of sodium products and implementation can help ensure that the air pollution control strategy you choose is right for YOU. While upcoming regulations may leave little time for lengthy evaluations, together we can work with you to help you achieve compliance, effectively and cost-effectively. No matter which way you decide to go, you are not alone. Call me in Houston at 800.765.8292, or go online at for more in-depth information on our products and our services.Solvay Chemicals, Inc.1.800.SOLVAY C (800.765.8292)www.solvair.usCopyright 2012, Solvay Chemicals, Inc. All Rights Reserved For info. RS# 1 qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND®
  5. 5. qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND® CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS—PennWell Corp. Power Engineering is the flagship 1421 South Sheridan Road • Tulsa, OK 74112 media sponsor for P.O. Box 1260, Tulsa, OK 74101 Telephone: (918) 835-3161 • Fax: (918) 831-9834 E-mail: TM World Wide Web: http://www.power-eng.comMANAGING EDITOR — Russell Ray(918) 832-9368 russellr@pennwell.comSENIOR EDITOR — Brian Wheeler FEATURES 16 1 VOL. No. 9, September 2012 34 SPECIAL REPORT: in(918) 832-9214 brianw@pennwell.comASSOCIATE EDITOR — Lindsay Morris(918) 831-9492 lindsaym@pennwell.comON-LINE EDITOR — Sharryn Dotson(918) 832-9339 Mega TrendsCONTRIBUTING EDITOR—Robynn Andracsek, P.E.CONTRIBUTING EDITOR—Brad Buecker Power GenerationCONTRIBUTING EDITOR—Brian Schimmoller What are the top five mega trends affecting the U.S.powerPRODUCTION SUPERVISOR — Deanna Priddy Taylor market? We have the answer.(918) 832-9378 SUBSCRIBER SERVICE P.O. Box 3271, Northbrook, IL 60065 44 Retrofitting Boilers Phone: (847) 559-7501 Fax: (847) 291-4816 for NOx Control E-mail: Learn the benefits and outcomes of zone analysis with CFD modeling.MARKETING MANAGER — Wendy Lissau 54 Successful Gas Turbine O&M(918) 832-9391 wendyl@pennwell.comSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, NORTH AMERICANPOWER GENERATION GROUP — Richard Baker Associate Editor Lindsay Morris examines the implementation of(918) 831-9187 large-frame gas turbines and the ongoing maintenance needs.NATIONAL BRAND MANAGER — Rick Huntzicker 58 Complying with(770) 578-2688 rickh@pennwell.comCHAIRMAN — Frank T. LauingerPRESIDENT/CEO — Robert F. Biolchini EPA Boiler Rules Boiler manufacturers stand ready to provide boiler operatorsCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICE/SENIOR and owners solutions to comply with new rules.VICE PRESIDENT — Mark C. Wilmoth 64 Entering the Digital AgeCIRCULATION MANAGER — Linda ThomasPRODUCTION MANAGER — Katie NoftsgerPOWER ENGINEERING, ISSN 0032-5961, USPS 440-980, is published Senior Editor Brian Wheeler examines the deployment12 times a year, monthly by PennWell Corp., 1421 S. Sheridan Rd., Tulsa, of digital technology in nuclear facilities.OK 74112; phone (918) 835-3161. ©Copyright 2012 by PennWell Corp.(Registered in U.S. Patent Trademark Office). Authorization to photocopyitems for internal or personal use, or the internal or personal use ofspecific clients, is granted by POWER ENGINEERING, ISSN 0032-5961,provided that the appropriate fee is paid directly to Copyright Clearance 70 The Texas Clean Energy ProjectCenter, 222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers, MA 01923 USA 508-750-8400. A 400-MW coal gasification project in Texas winsPrior to photocopying items for educational classroom use, pleasecontact Copyright Clearance Center, Inc., 222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers, broad support from clean-air advocates.MA 01923 USA 508-750-8400. Periodicals postage paid at Tulsa, OK 74 The New Exelonand additional mailing offices. Subscription: U.S.A. and possessions,$88 per year; Canada and Mexico, $98 per year; international air mail,$242 per year. Single copies: U.S., $14, Outside U.S. $23. Back issuesof POWER ENGINEERING may be purchased at a cost of $14 each in The new company has one of the industry’s cleanestthe United States and $16 elsewhere. Copies of back issues are also and lowest-cost power generation fleets.available on microfilm and microfiche from University Microfilm, a XeroxCo., 300 N. Zeeb Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48103. Available on LexisNexis, Box933, Dayton, OH 45402; (800) 227-4908. POSTMASTER: Send changeof address, other circulation information to POWER ENGINEERING, PO DEPARTMENTSBox 3271, Northbrook, IL 60065-3271. “POWER ENGINEERING” is a 2 Opinion 8 View on Renewables 12 Industry Watchregistered trademark of PennWell Corp. Return undeliverable Canadian 4 Clearing the Air 10 Nuclear Reactions 14 What Worksaddresses to P.O. Box 122, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6S4. 6 Gas Generation Member American Business Press BPA International PRINTED IN THE U.S.A. GST NO. 126813153 POWER ENGINEERING ONLINE : Publications Mail Agreement No. 40052420 Newsletter: Newscast: Industry News: Stay current on industry news, A concise, weekly update of all Global updatesPower Engineering ® events, features and more. the top power generation news throughout the day qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND®
  6. 6. qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND® OPINION CSAPR’s Demise: The Big Picture The court’s rejection of CSAPR will slow, not alter, the transition to gas-fired generation and stricter emission limits. I BY RUSSELL RAY, MANAGING EDITOR t was not a unanimous decision, but nonattainment… EPA has used the good said last month at COAL-GEN 2012. “We it was the correct decision. neighbor provision to impose massive had to look at two years of air modeling Last month, an appeals court emissions reduction requirements on up- to understand where the pollution was struck down the Environmental Protec- wind states without regard to the limits coming from.” tion Agency’s Cross State Air Pollution imposed by the statutory text.” The reaction from utilities has been Rule, a costly and unreasonable measure Translation: The EPA ignored individ- mixed. A utility in Kentucky, Big Rivers designed to cut NOx and SOx emissions ual state contributions to pollution prob- Electric Corp., has asked state regulators that make meaningful contributions in lems in downwind states and imposed for permission to drop its plan to comply noncompliant states. The proposed rule thresholds without regard to their actual with CSAPR, a move that would save the would have applied to 28 states, many of contributions. utility $270 million. For the most part, which challenged the rule in court, claim- Oklahoma Attorney General Scott though, utilities’ plans to retire coal-fired ing the EPA preempted state authority by Pruitt put it like this: The rule “would generation have not changed. Luminant, issuing its own plan to cut emissions in have required Oklahoma to spend mil- the largest power provider in Texas, said downwind states. lions of dollars to retrofit power plants to it will continue its capital investment The three-judge panel voted 2 to 1 to address theoretical compliance issues in program to comply with pending and ex- vacate the rule, which would have forced one county in Michigan.” pected environmental regulations. power producers to shutter a significant While the ruling served a valuable pur- “The court’s decision that the EPA over- amount of reliable coal-fired generation. pose by redefining the EPA’s authority stepped its authority with CSAPR has the The ruling preserves the reliability of a over the U.S. power sector, don’t expect it potential to slow the sector’s transition national grid that was built around coal to change much in the long term. The rul- from coal to gas as a primary fuel,” said and gives the industry much needed time ing will slow, not alter, the transition to Laurie Oppel of Navigant. “While the de- to develop responsible, cost-effective gas-fired generation and stricter emission cision can be seen as a short-term win for strategies for reducing NOx and SOx. limits. The effect of CSAPR’s demise will the coal industry, it likely won’t alter the The ruling also showed that the EPA’s be a significant delay in the implementa- path the electricity sector is currently on.” method for calculating the limits on NOx tion of utilities’ Air Quality Compliance So what’s next? The EPA has until Oct. and SOx was fundamentally flawed. Just Solutions. 5 to request a rehearing before the three- as important, it highlighted the EPA’s pro- There will be less fuel switching, but judge panel that vacated CSAPR, or it pensity to skirt the law in its war on coal. the low price of gas, the prospect of more could request a review by the full court. “It’s the third or fourth ruling by a fed- regulation and the MATS (Mercury Air If a rehearing is denied, the EPA may then eral court that shows the EPA to be over- and Toxics Standards) rule will continue appeal the decision to the U.S. Supreme riding the authority that the states have to drive the transition to simple cycle and Court. However, an appeal to the Su- and conducting an unlawful regulatory combined cycle plants. preme Court is unlikely because the odds program against coal,” said Luke Popov- It may take years, but CSAPR will be re- of a favorable ruling are next to nil. ich, a spokesman for the National Mining incarnated in one form or another. Some “The most likely outcome will be that Association. believe the EPA will re-write the Clean EPA will go back to the drawing board, The court found that the EPA exceed- Air Interstate Rule, the rule CSAPR was using its current modeling but taking into ed its authority. Specifically, the court meant to replace. account current state attainment designa- pointed to the rule’s statutory text, which “CSAPR was the most complicated tions, and will come up with a new SIP “grants EPA authority to require upwind rule-making I’ve ever been engaged in,” (State Implementation Plan) call,” Jane states to reduce only their own signifi- Gina McCarthy, assistant administrator Montgomery, partner at Schiff Hardin cant contributions to a downwind state’s for EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation, LLP, told Power Engineering.2 qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND®
  7. 7. qM qM qMPrevious Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND® Call Brandenburg . ® ________________ qM qM qMPrevious Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND®
  8. 8. qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND® CLEARING THE AIR Beyond Common Sense BY ROBYNN ANDRACSEK, P.E., BURNS & MCDONNELL AND CONTRIBUTING EDITOR I don’t understand environmental- is the foundation of our electricity between today’s power plant designs ists. At first, the Sierra Club want- needs. The wind does not blow and yesterday’s, not the difference be- ed to move the country “Beyond constantly or consistently and can tween BACT levels of 2 ppm and 2.5 Coal” and “Beyond Oil.” Their initia- therefore only be a supplement ppm. Currently, it is harder to permit tives supported a myriad of lawsuits to the energy mix. Seattle and a new, modern coal plant than it is to which attacked proposed coal-fired Phoenix have very different solar retrofit a grandfathered coal plant. How- boiler construction. Combined with potentials. Compact fluorescent ever, environmentalist lawsuits create the plummeting price of natural gas and and LED light bulbs only go so far a disincentive to build modern base confusing, stalled regulations, dozens of in reducing demand. Not every load coal-fired boilers and increase the new coal projects were cancelled. member of our society can afford value in an existing, albeit dirtier, facil- Today’s economics support the con- to pay their heating bill, much less ity. Similarly, attempting to increase the struction of simple and combined to buy a more efficient heater. efficiency of an existing facility leads cycle natural gas plants, as well as • One who will face reality. Our to “routine maintenance” enforcement natural gas-fi red reciprocating engines global culture depends on elec- frustrations. In fact, the Clean Air Act built specifically to support renewable tricity. Two hundred years ago, promotes pollution in the very way that generation. Instead of endorsing this electricity was absent and yes, the regulation gives you credit for replac- new paradigm, the Sierra Club has be- humans thrived. But today is to- ing old equipment with new. gun a campaign to move America “Be- day. We now have mass produced The Clean Air Act needs to be revised yond Natural Gas.” food, advanced medicine, and to promote efficiency, streamline com- Utilities are stuck between the rock secure housing structures. Space pliance requirements, and reduce liti- of environmentalists constantly de- travel, supermarkets, and the in- gation. In 2002, President Bush’s EPA creasing the energy sources that they ternet help define our civilization tried to do this; however, “New Source will allow and the hard place of pro- here in the United States. Electric- Review Reform” was a litigated, back viding affordable, base load power to ity makes all these modern neces- tracked failure. Regulations affecting maintain our country’s economy and sities possible and the removal the power industry are still confusing, standard of living. of electricity from our daily lives ever-changing, and contradictory. We need a better breed of environ- would cause social panic. The Natural gas is a vital part of the gen- mentalist. truth to this can be seen in any eration solution, as is base load coal • One who will fight hypocrisy. recent widespread blackout. The and nuclear. Renewables alone do not Don’t build coal, build natural reality of wind generated energy provide enough stability for the cur- gas; don’t build natural gas, build is that a 100 MW turbine does not rent electric grid infrastructure. Re- wind and solar but without build- generate 100 MW for each hour of building the grid from scratch is not ing new transmission lines or the year. The wind cannot be used a viable option. Diversity is an impor- harming bats and turtles; reduce for base load energy demands for tant component of the energy mix. demand but don’t raises costs so the simple reason that the wind Environmentalists have an impor- much that the economy is harmed. does not blow all the time. tant role in our society, as yin does This series of arguments is self-de- to yang. But the result of a balance of feating. Our culture’s energy de- One who will focus on making a ideas should not be confl ict but rather mands require a mix of technolo- difference. The bigger picture is in synergism. Extremism has no part in gies. Base load power generation the order of magnitudes of reduction real world solutions.4 qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND®
  9. 9. qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND®VISIT US AT POWER-GENINTERNATIONAL IN ORLANDODECEMBER 11-13 2012 BOOTH 3815 BRINGING THE WORLD’S LEADING TECHNOLOGIES TOGETHER HOWDEN’S ACKNOWLEDGED EXPERTISE IN AIR AND GAS HANDLING TECHNOLOGY IS BUILT ON 150 YEARS OF HISTORY AND EXPERIENCE THAT SPANS THE GLOBE. Along the way, we have sought out companies whose products and abilities mesh with our own and brought them into the Howden portfolio to broaden and reinforce the services and range we can offer our customers. Today, we have the 12HOW4750 technologies and OEM documentation of over 40 companies including Buffalo Forge, Joy/Green Fans, Westinghouse, Novenco and American Blower. Our installed base includes 90,000 fans, compressors and legacy products worldwide, and we offer a commitment to support each one’s life cycle and retrofit services based on the original OEM documentation. From installation to decommissioning, 24/7/365, we’re there when you need us. Find out more at For info. RS# 2 AXIAL FANS CENTRIFUGAL FANS FLUID DRIVES COMPRESSORS AIR PREHEATERS BLOWERS qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND®
  10. 10. qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND® GAS GENERATION Natural Gas + Renewables = the Future of Power Generation BY JIM DONOHUE, MARKETING MANAGER – GE THERMAL PRODUCTS, GE POWER & WATER T here is no single solution that had to sacrifice fuel efficiency. We had to set a new global standard for the efficient will meet all of our future en- make a trade-off. It was much like buying integration of natural gas and renewable ergy needs. We need to fi nd a high-performance sports car vs. a fuel- energy. It will enable the grid to use more new and innovative ways to make all efficient sedan. You can get power and wind, solar and natural gas, helping to of our energy resources work together responsiveness under your foot, but at a meet the growing demand for cleaner, – natural gas, cleaner coal and nuclear, heavy fuel cost. affordable and reliable power generation. as well as renewable options such as Think about renewables and gas In addition, Electricite de France wind, solar and biomass. working together. With yesterday’s (EDF), one of the world’s largest utili- Renewable energy will make an in- technology, as more and more renew- ties, has announced plans for the fi rst creasingly important contribution to the ables came on line, power grid opera- FlexEfficiency 50 power plant to be power grids of the future. Not only does tors were forced to put more and more connected to a national grid. The com- it produce cleaner power, it is becoming inefficient, gas-fi red power plants on bined-cycle plant, to be located at Bou- more affordable as wind and solar tech- line as well, to provide the power on chain in northern France, will produce nologies move forward. demand that was needed to offset the 510 MW and is expected to achieve Of course, there is an obvious draw- intermittency of wind and solar. greater than 61 percent efficiency at back to renewable technologies. When Once again, technology innovation base load, which will conserve natu- the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t has responded to the changing needs of ral gas and reduce the production of blowing, we need other sources of energy the energy industry. Today, the technol- greenhouse gases. Its operating flex- to meet grid requirements. ogy exists to build gas-fired power plants ibility will enable the plant to respond The logical choice is natural gas, the that combine world class fuel efficiency quickly to fluctuations in grid de- cleanest of the fossil fuels. New discov- with world class flexibility. This advanced mand, facilitating greater use of solar eries and improved extraction methods technology provides the flexibility to take and wind. in the U.S. and around the world are full advantage of natural gas and renew- As the U.S. and other international increasing the abundance of natural gas ables, without sacrificing fuel efficiency. markets consider cleaner energy sourc- and reducing its cost. Shale gas is now Today’s gas turbine-based solutions es, EDF’s decision to install the Flex- expected to enable the U.S., the world’s borrow from well-proven jet engine tech- Efficiency 50 plant is an important ex- largest consumer of natural gas, to be self- nology to produce cleaner, more efficient ample of how flexibility and efficiency sufficient for decades. and more flexible power. Plans have been can combine to enable greater use of It is widely recognized that natural gas announced to build the world’s first In- renewable power globally. is a cleaner source of power compared to tegrated Renewables Combined-Cycle Around the world, nations are look- traditional fossil fuels. Less known is the (IRCC) Power Plant, using GE’s FlexEf- ing for solutions that combine eco- fact that natural gas plants are highly flex- ficiency 50 technology. The IRCC plant nomic progress with environmental ible. These plants can start up quickly and will include a next-generation gas tur- sustainability. The world’s energy mix adjust their output rapidly. That makes bine, steam turbine and generator— plus has changed over the last decade, and natural gas an ideal partner for wind and wind turbines and concentrated solar we recognized the need for technology solar, which are variable sources. There thermal tower technology, all integrated that delivers the necessary combina- may be a time in the future when renew- by a plant control system with a single- tion of flexibility and efficiency to meet able resources don’t need fossil fuel back- button start. a wide range of challenges. We believe up, but we’re not there yet. At site conditions, this technology is that the greater use of renewable en- Until recently, the problem was that capable of reaching a record 69 percent ergy, in combination with natural gas, highly flexible gas-fired power plants fuel efficiency. This landmark project will is the future of power generation.6 qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND®
  11. 11. qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND®For info. RS# 3 ______ qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND®
  12. 12. qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND® VIEW ON RENEWABLES The Brewing Storm for the Wind Industry BY PHILIP TOTARO, PRINCIPAL, TOTARO & ASSOCIATES A panel discussion at a recent OEM representative or certified tech- a third party or competitor’s patent? wind industry event has shed nician. This locks in an aftermarket Would an OEM jeopardize an existing some light on a brewing storm revenue stream for the OEM. For the or potential customer relationship and in the wind industry. This may prove wind industry, this is something the future turbine sales opportunities to to be an unwelcome headwind, partic- OEMs will not want to lose out on as assert their patent rights? ularly as many companies stare in the more ‘modern’ turbine fleets continue The most likely response is simply to face of shrinking margins and more to age and go off-warranty. say ‘just go get a license on the patent’ competition. As the O&M cost structure and op- or ‘buy an indemnity insurance poli- This panel comprised several de- timization of wind farm operations cy.’ However, in an increasingly cost- velopers and service providers as well becomes more of a hot button issue, sensitive market, passing the cost of as a representative from a major U.S. we will see what steps the OEMs will the license fee or insurance policy pre- developer and operations and mainte- take to ensure revenue streams in this mium along to turbine purchasers and nance (O&M) provider. He indicated increasingly competitive market. As- rate payers may not be possible. The that his organization will sidestep the sertion of patent rights is certainly a costs of license fees and policy premi- turbine original equipment manufac- tool in the toolbox. ums could also have a material impact turer (OEM) when it comes to sourcing As competition emerges and the in- on the economics of a large project. spare parts. dustry matures, IP owners will likely Insurance will still be required, and This type of cost-saving strategy is assert their rights if they feel there is is an appropriate risk mitigation strat- not limited to this particular company. diminishment of their commercial egy, but the industry runs a risk of be- It is indicative of a maturing industry enterprise. We have seen GE assert coming dependent on insurance as the which is still trying to come to grips their rights against many other turbine means for risk mitigation. This does with all the costs and associated risks OEMs on variable speed technology, not appear to be an adequate solution, of project development and O&M. and even go to court with Mitsubishi because it is really just risk shifting and Largely speaking, the turbine supply in a series of lawsuits which could have not mitigation. agreements which turbine OEMs sign profound implications on the indus- If the infringement risk is shifted to with their customers cover the breadth try. Last year, AMSC also made public the insurer though acquiring a poli- of their patent protection, but typically the theft of trade secrets by one of their cy, there is still a need to identify the only a use license is provided. If there customers. scope of this potential risk in order to are aspects to the turbine design which This begs an important question: accurately calculate a policy premium. are patent protected, then the ability Will the turbine OEMs, who have ac- Being proactive will likely avoid exces- to modify turbines or use substitutes cumulated over 5,450 U.S. patents and sive damage awards in case the patent from lower cost component suppliers applications on all aspects of wind tur- assertion were to escalate. may not be implicitly provided to the bine technology, begin to seek targets As we have seen in the past in other owner/operator of the turbine. other than their OEM competition industries, and even in wind, patent We’ve seen this happen before. In for licensing revenue in a U.S. market owners will look to assert their rights if other industries, like automotive or which is increasingly cost-competi- they feel their margins or market share gas turbines, the OEMs have created tive? What recourse does a wind farm will be squeezed in some way. Given features of certain key components operator or a turbine OEM have to re- the market outlook in the U.S. over the which mean the components or the fuse a curtailment order from an ISO next few years, we’ll see just how big service can only be provided by an if they know that it would infringe on the brewing storm will become.8 qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND®
  13. 13. qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND® Energy Products of Idaho is now Outotec We know you have come to trust EPI for high quality and reliable fuel thermal oxidation and gasification technologies to recover energy from biomass and wastes, and we are committed to making sure that trust only grows stronger. Under the Outotec umbrella, we increase our global presence and expand our capabilities allowing us to even better meet customer needs worldwide. Now operating as Outotec Energy Products, we can also grow our service offerings for our large existing base of installed technology only further improving the overall quality of service and support you have come to expect. Contact us: Tel. +1 208 765 1611 email: Outotec innovates, develops and delivers sustainable technology and service solutions to minerals, metals, chemical and energy industries. Outotec collaborates lifelong with its customers in order to optimize the utilization of raw materials and energy efficiency as well as to minimize the environmental impact and operating costs. Outotec Oyj is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.For info. RS# 4 qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND®
  14. 14. qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND® NUCLEAR REACTIONS On the Wings of Angels BY BRIAN SCHIMMOLLER, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR S afe, effective nuclear plant opera- the units fold flat and include a sup- in avoided labor costs. Recurring eco- tion and maintenance depends port bar that can be used as a handle. nomic savings are estimated at about on thousands of little things go- At Arkansas Nuclear One, the Angel $30,000 per outage, or $450,000 over ing right. Sustained high performance Wings supported a reactor coolant pump the remaining years of the plant license. depends on the united actions of scores and motor replacement project. One The maintenance workers also have of people, processes, and equipment. example of its efficiency involved the acknowledged benefits from the Angel Sure, big things come along once in a removal and installation of the whip re- Wings. Welders, for example, have in- while that can have an outsized impact straint girder, which had to be removed dicated that they feel more comfortable – condition-based maintenance and to access the pump. The whip restraint working 30 to 40 feet off the ground on digital instrumentation and control, girder provides structural support to the Angel Wings platform than on con- for example – but it’s the little things keep the reactor coolant pumps secure ventional scaffolding. that add up to keep nuclear plant re- and in place in the event of a loss-of- Entergy currently has eight Angel liability and capacity factors high. coolant accident. Wings platforms to support mainte- Entergy recently adapted a little thing A traditional scaffolding approach nance activities at Arkansas Nuclear (with a celestial moniker) from anoth- would have involved erecting scaf- One. Six have been used to date inside er industry to enhance safety, reduce fold structures on both ends of the containment, with two in reserve. In dose, and reduce the time needed for girder to access the bolting. After re- between uses, the units are stored in certain maintenance tasks. During re- moving the bolts, Entergy would then special SeaLand containers designed to cent refueling outages at Units 1 and have had to dismantle the scaffold- store contaminated tooling and equip- 2 of its Arkansas Nuclear One nuclear ing so the girder could be removed, ment in compliance with safety and plant, Entergy deployed portable, light- and then the process would have quality standards. weight construction platforms called been reversed to reinstall the girder. As a new type of work platform for Angel Wings to support various in- “We would have had to install, re- nuclear plant applications, Entergy had spection, repair, and “hot work” ac- move, and re-install about 40 feet of to complete a Job Safety Hazard Analysis tivities such as welding and cutting. scaffolding to perform this task,” said to ensure the Angel Wings were compli- Used in the construction industry, Angel Troy Hollowoa, Entergy project man- ant with nuclear industry safety stan- Wings provide a portable work platform ager and team lead. “With the Angel dards. “The use of such platform systems that can be installed in minutes without Wings, the workers lowered the An- was not envisioned or addressed in our special tools, eliminating or dramati- gel Wings to the girder, where they industrial safety manuals,” said Hollo- cally reducing the amount of scaffold- were able to secure the platforms woa, “so we had to obtain approval for a ing required. Each Angel Wing unit is and get to work removing the bolts.” deviation from our safety manual. That made from an aluminum alloy, weighs Entergy realized significant benefits was successful, but to ensure all parties about 40 pounds, and can support a from the Angel Wings platforms. By were comfortable with their use, we also 440-pound load with a 4:1 safety factor. eliminating 40 scaffolding tasks – and bought one Angel Wing unit in advance Moreover, the platforms have been ap- the time and dose associated with erect- and conducted a demonstration outside proved for industrial use by the Occupa- ing, inspecting, and dismantling the of containment.” tional Safety and Health Administration. scaffolding – Arkansas Nuclear One Entergy is broadening the use of An- The Angel Wings that Entergy em- required 1400 fewer man-hours in the gel Wings across its fleet. The Water- ployed at Arkansas Unit One attach to reactor building and achieved an 800 ford Plant will be employing several of I-beams using a hook and wing nut as- mRem savings in dose. Entergy cal- the portable work platforms during its sembly, but other versions are available, culated one-time economic savings of fall outage to support a reactor coolant such as for attaching to concrete walls. $52,000, based on an $8,000 capital cost pump motor change-out project and the For easy handling and transportation, for the Angel Wings units and $60,000 steam generator replacement.10 qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND®
  15. 15. qM qM qMPrevious Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND® For info. RS# 5 qM qM qMPrevious Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND®
  16. 16. qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND® INDUSTRY WATCH Gas-fired power generation – putting all eggs in one basket? T BY PATRICK HAISCHER, PARTNER, A. T. KEARNEY he natural gas world is with new gas-fired ones — if gas prices believe the price of natural gas will changing. The boom in shale stay at relatively low levels. But what fi nd equilibrium by 2020 in the $6 Author gas has sent gas prices to are the chances that today’s prices (cur- to $7 range. Patrick Haischer profoundly low levels, and even the rently hovering at less than $2.50) will In other scenarios, we see natu- is a partner in the popular press has noted the effects remain below the breakeven point for ral gas prices varying from a low of Utilities Practice on utilization levels of existing gas- the lifetime of a new gas-fired plant? about $4 to a high of about $8. At at A.T. Kearney, a fired power plants. But as those in the The past few decades tell a caution- prices lower than $4, production global management consulting firm. industry are aware, the bigger coal- ary tale. After a brief period of sus- from dry-gas wells would not be Patrick has over 15 versus-gas question is in the longer tained low prices in the 1990s, gas profitable, and gas producers would years of consulting term. Power producers are facing sig- prices have bounced up and down, reduce expected output (either by experience serving nificant strategic decisions regarding sometimes so high (higher than $14 shutting down wells or going bank- global clients along billions of dollars of investments in per million BTU) that past invest- rupt), thus failing to meet demand. the entire regulated and unregulated their future portfolios. Which tech- ments had to sit unused. Could the Conversely, at prices higher than $8, energy value chain. nology should that money go into? same thing happen again? Dare you demand would shrivel significantly. He can be reached Many coal-fired plants are reaching put all today’s eggs in this one basket? In short, what seems like a done at Patrick.Haischer@ the end of their effective lifetimes. It’s impossible to know for sure, deal in the popular press proves in Of existing U.S. capacity, about half because a wide range of factors could fact to be a more difficult decision. is more than 40 years old, with sig- come into play. For example, oil pric- Our base-case scenario (gas prices nificant portions more than 60 years es, global economic growth, and new at $6 to $7) brackets the predicted old. Existing coal-fired plants are also shale plays in other countries could breakeven price for the long-term facing additional potential regula- each impact domestic gas prices. So coal-versus-gas capacity decision. tory burdens — including Mercury could regulatory issues such as poten- Of course, predicted price is not and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) and tial regulations on fracking, potential the only factor in that strategic Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) restrictions on exports of LNG, or deci- investment choice. The flexibil- regulation — that could require ad- sions of other participants in the natu- ity of gas to cope with fluctuating ditional capital investments in aging ral gas ecosystem, such as E&P and demands makes it a more useful plants and increase the cost of pro- chemical companies. Finally, although complement to renewables. Gas also duction. it’s quite safe to predict that the com- represents a safe bet against envi- At current price levels, gas would ing decade will bring new technologi- ronmental regulations on coal. And be highly competitive with coal. cal advances, it’s anybody’s guess as to because gas prices above $8 are quite A.T. Kearney analysis shows that which energy source they will benefit, unlikely, its downside is limited. gas prices up to $6 to $7 per million and how they will ultimately affect the Thus, gas is likely to play a key role BTU make investments in new gas- competition between coal and gas. in most companies’ portfolios — but fi red capacity economically favor- So power generators must make a great deal will depend on deep able, even in absence of a CO2 tax. big strategic decisions under uncer- case-by-case analyses. Factors such A carbon tax of $30 per ton of CO2, tainty. To shed some light on poten- as location, existing coal supply con- widely seen as a realistic possibility, tial future states, A.T. Kearney has tracts and pipelines, load and mar- would make gas the better invest- developed several scenarios that ket structure, and competition from ment at gas prices of up to $9 to $10. capture the key drivers and their im- other power generators, to just name In short, the combination of eco- pacts on the entire natural gas value a few, make each generation fleet nomics, age and environmental factors chain. In what we see as the base- unique. As a result, actual portfolio creates an apparently powerful ratio- case scenario, involving the small- decisions can deviate quite signifi- nale to replace retiring coal-fired plants est degree of major policy shifts, we cantly from this average case.12 qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND®
  17. 17. qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND®N O C O M PA N Y I S M O R E Committed to Enhanced Nuclear Plant Safety W E S T I N G H O U S E E L E C T R I C C O M PA N Y L L C Westinghouse has services and technologies to make the world’s already safe nuclear plants — both pressurized water reactors and boiling water reactors — even safer. We provide products and services to help nuclear plants prepare for external events, address extended station blackout conditions, provide enhanced spent fuel pool protection and mitigate a severe accident. We built safety into the design of our AP1000 plant, which harnesses natural forces like gravity, convection and condensation to achieve passive safety system shutdown. During a station blackout, or loss of all electrical power, the AP1000 plant’s passive safety system shuts down the reactor automatically, with no need for human intervention for up to 72 hours. Safety is at the forefront of our plants’ operations — Westinghouse is committed to helping provide safe, clean and reliable electricity. Check out our solutions for enhancing safety at For info. RS# 6 qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND®
  18. 18. qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND® WHAT WORKS SaskPower Uses Wireless Measurements to Improve Process Visibility at Coal-Fired Generating Station A Screen Capture Of The Famos From Screen At The Shand Power Plant 1 BY SCOTT MCLEOD, P.ENG, SUPERVISOR - PERFORMANCE, SASKPOWER AND MARK MENEZES, P.ENG, CANADA MANAGER – MEASUREMENT, EMERSON PROCESS April, 2012. Courtesy Of Saskpower. S askPower is publicly owned, and measurements were added generates and distributes electric- at less than half the cost of ity to 473,000 customers in the traditional wired, and the province of Saskatchewan, Canada, with system has proven extremely exports to adjacent provinces and North reliable since startup in 2009. Dakota. Total generating capacity of 4 GW SaskPower has since added is obtained from a mix of coal, gas, hydro wireless systems to other fa- and wind. Their engineers use advanced cilities, and currently operate software to optimize their operations and more than 200 WirelessHART these expert systems require a lot of real- transmitters in four coal-fired time data, which drives the need for many plants with total generating new process measurements. For their 267 capacity of 1.1 GW. MW coal-fired Shand station, adding new measurements using traditional field wir- NEED FOR NEW ing was deemed prohibitively expensive MEASUREMENTS in cost, time and physical space. Instead, SaskPower’s internal “Per- SaskPower used Foundation fieldbus and formance” team is tasked with WirelessHART transmitters. One hun- optimizing all of the com- dred sixty-five fieldbus and 67 wireless pany’s assets, with the biggest opportunities in coal-fired plants. The WirelessHART Network Uses Self-Organizing Mesh 2 team has installed Scientech “FAMOS” software, which continuously analyzes and quantifies opportunities for im- Optimization proving plant performance (heat rate), System and detects problems before they can cause shutdown. The system can utilize manual inputs, but the best performance Historian/HMI is achieved with continuous, real-time measurements. Although the plant has PLC an automatic control system and asso- ciated measurements, the Performance team determined in 2007 that they re- quired additional measurements - 26 pressure, 10 flow and 197 temperature - for maximum benefit. The majority of the temperature mea- surements were packed into a few lo- cations, so the team decided to utilize14 qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND®
  19. 19. qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND®Freshdesigns.Crenlo® products are designed to be functional and stylish. As an industry leader in the design,manufacture, and integration of high quality enclosures, we offer: standard Emcor® enclosuresolutions custom Crenloenclosure solutions, which can be built for any application, ranging from inverter enclosures topackage drop boxes. The only thing stronger than our enclosures is our commitment to customersatisfaction. At Crenlo, we see enclosures differently.Crenlo leads the market in premium enclosures by providing: ___________________________We see enclosures differently.© 2012 Crenlo Cab Products, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Crenlo® and the Crenlo® Logo are registered trademarks in theUnited States (and various other countries) of Crenlo Cab Products, Inc.© 2012 Emcor Enclosures, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Emcor® is a registered trademark in the United States (and variousother countries) of Emcor Enclosures, Inc. For info. RS# 7 qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND®
  20. 20. qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND® WirelessHART Pressure & Temperature 3 eight-input temperature transmitters Transmitters Simplify Instoallation multi-dropped via Foundation fieldbus. The other measurements were widely distributed over the unit. Adding the new measurements using a traditional wired approach would have incurred significant capital costs in addition to the purchase of the transmitters themselves – new junction boxes, cable trays, marshaling cabinets. The control system, which is it- self nearing obsolescence, would require new input cards, racks and power sup- plies. Physical space for this new equip- ment would be difficult to find, and exist- ing cable trays were full of aging, brittle cables, prone to failure if disturbed. Engineering and labor costs for the new wiring were also expected to be sig- Engineering contractors require accurate known in advance. Easy expansion was nificant, including terminations, check- information, and of course charge for needed, since they expected that as some out and drawings. Project execution was changes made mid-project. The SaskPow- measurements came online, they would scheduled for 2008, which looked to be er team wanted to ensure maximum flex- point the need and provide justification a busy year for local contractors, given ibility, since the exact number and loca- for additional measurements. Finally, op- booming oil, potash and uranium prices. tions of all of the measurements was not erations saw advantages in having newApply a better biocide. Now you can get a water treatment program that’sEnsure a better biosphere. tougher on microbiological activity, easier on the environment. The Oxamine system from Buckman is a safer alternative to gaseous chlorine, and it is more effective in an environment where ammonia is present. It provides better performance in high-demand systems, resulting in improved condenser cleanliness. Oxamine is more effective than chlorine on biofilm control while lowering corrosion rates on common system metal- lurgies. It is 100% mineral and produces no organic toxins, making it the greenest technology on the market. To learn more, contact your local Buckman represen- tative or visit us online at For info. RS# 8 ©2012 Buckman Laboratories International, Inc. qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND®
  21. 21. qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND®Spend less time in the pursuit of parts andmore time in the pursuit of happiness.You can now source all your aeroderivative and heavy IGT parts from onereliable provider. We stock over 15,000 high-quality GE, P&W, Rolls-Royceand Westinghouse parts. Make one phone call, pay one invoice and spendmore time doing what you 1.800.998.9844For info. RS# 9 qM qM qM Previous Page | Contents | Zoom in | Zoom out | Front Cover | Search Issue | Next Page MqM q Qmags THE WORLD’S NEWSSTAND®