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Di Questions


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DI Questions for MBA CET

Published in: Education, Sports, Automotive
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Di Questions

  1. 1. Set 1For the upcoming Olympic tour, India has prepared team of 150 athletes. The ratio of male and femalesin the team is 3:2. India has decided to participate in six events. The events are boxing, shooting,gymnastics, weightlifting, badminton and table tennis. 42 athletes will participate in gymnastics. Theratio between the no. of male gymnasts and male badminton players is 2:1. Number of female shootersand female table tennis players is equal. 30 athletes are participating in weightlifting. The no. of maleshooters is equal to the no. of female gymnasts. 7 male athletes are participating in Table tennis. Theratio between no. of male boxers to the no. of female boxers is same as the ratio between no. of maleweightlifters to the no. of female boxers. The no. of female badminton players is one more than no. ofmale table tennis players. The total no. of male gymnasts and male badminton players is 27. Assumethat at least one male and female athlete is participating in each of the event. 1. What is the minimum no. of female athletes that will participate in boxing and shooting? a) 8 b) 10 c) 9 d) None of these 2. What is the no. of female weightlifters? a) 12 b) 24 c) 16 d) 18 3. What is the no. of female table tennis players? a) 11 b) 10 c) 9 d) can’t be determined 4. What is the total no. of male athletes participating in boxing and badminton? a) 16 b) 22 c) 19 d) 25 Set 2Five Chief Ministers, Lalu, Mulayam, Modi, Nitish and Shivraj travelled to five different cities Lucknow,Bhopal, Jaipur, Raipur, and Mumbai by five different cars Tata safari, skoda fabia, Toyota Corolla, HondaCRV and BMW not necessarily in the same order.a) Mulayam and Modi did not travel by corolla.b) Nitish travelled by BMW whereas Shivraj travelled by fabia.c) Modi went to Bhopal and Mulayam went to jaipur.d) Toyota corolla did not go to Mumbai and Raipur.Answer the following questions using the given information. 1) The Chief Minister travelling to Mumbai used which car
  2. 2. a) BMW b) Fabia c) Safari d) can’t be determined. 2) If shivraj went to Raipur, which of the following combination is true for Nitish? a) CRV Honda : Lucknow b) Fabia : Mumbai c) BMW : Mumbai d) None of these 3) If modi travelled by tata safari, then Mulayam travelled by a) CRV Honda b) Toyota Corolla c) Fabia d) BMW Set 3Swetha, Swarna, Sneha and Soniya are four sisters. One day, uncle prem gave a box of cookies toswetha. Since the other sisters were not around, shweta divided the cookies in four equal parts. Ate hershare and put the rest into the box. As she was closing the box, swarna comes in. She took all thecookies from the box, and divided them into four equal parts. Shweta and swarna ate one part each, andput the rest into the box. Just then sneha walked in. she took all the cookies from the box, divided themin four equal parts. The three of them ate their respective shares and put the rest into the box. Laterwhen Soniya came, she divided all the cookies in four equal parts. And all the four sisters ate theirrespective shares. In total Soniya ate three cookies.1. How many cookies, in total, did sneha eat?2. How many cookies, in total, did swarna eat?3. How many cookies, in total, did Swetha eat?4. How many cookies did uncle prem give swetha? Set 4P, Q, R, S and T are students coming from Delhi, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Meerut, and Kanpur. They havetoped in different subjects i. e. mathematics, English, Hindi, Science, and Geography. I. The student who has topped in hindi is not from delhi. II. The student from Kanpur has topped in mathematics III. Q comes from meerut and S from delhi IV. The student from Chandigarh has not topped in science V. P topped in Science and T in geography.
  3. 3. Answer the following questions using the given information.Q. 1. Which student topped in Hindi?Q. 2. Topper of English comes from which City?Q. 3. Which city does R come from?Q. 4. Who topped in mathematics? Set 5 Cricket Soccer Both Total Sample surveyed Age group in years Male female Male female Male female Male female 10 to 15 40 30 30 20 10 15 100 120 16 to 35 160 120 180 100 80 65 260 160 36 to 40 50 40 40 50 30 20 200 430The table given provides the result of a survey conducted in a town regarding their preferences for twogames – soccer and Cricket. Answer the following questions 1) How many of the people preferred only one of the sports? a) 410 b) 430 c) 450 d) 420 2) What percentage of the people surveyed in the age group 36 to 40 do not prefer any of these sports? a) 21% b) 79% c) 55% d) 61% e) 45% 3) What is the ratio of people in the groups of 16-35, 10-15, 36-40 that prefer at least one of the sports? a) 19:83:26 b) 83:19:26 c) 26:83:19 d) 83:26:19 e) 19:26:83