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  1. 1. PRASAD KARUTURI 43804 Central Station Drive, Ashburn, VA. 757) 719-0028 CAREER SUMMARY: • Over 18 years of experience in Client/Server Technologies, Oracle ERP Applications and development of business applications using Oracle and related tools. • For last 11 years involved in different projects in US Coast Guard and worked in different capacities. Participated in Designing, Development, Implementation and production support. • Reviewed Technical and Functional documents as part of support team and suggested necessary functional and technical specification changes as required. • Solid success in identifying problem areas, troubleshooting solutions and meeting project goals, while ensuring no downtime or drop in productivity. • Consistently recognized by peers as a team player. Trained Users in different Oracle Modules and developed User documentation on the functional specs of the application tasks. • Worked extensively in different Modules like General Ledger, Purchasing, Accounts Parables, Cash Management and Accounts Receivables. • Good understanding of Modules like Federal Administration, Budget Execution, I Procurement, I Supplier, Order Entry, Inventory, Fixed Assets, Project Accounting, AOL and System Administration. PROJECT EXPERIENCE: Client: DHS (United States Coast Guard) Employers: CACI, Ashburn, VA. Feb '14 – Till Date SCI, Chesapeake, VA. May ’13 – Jan ‘14 Unisys Corp, Chesapeake, VA. May ’04 – April ‘13 Role: Implementation, Design, Development and Production support of R 12.2.4 and 11.5.10. KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: • Conducted workshop for requirements gathering of employee conversion/Interface. Created functional and technical design documents for employees, employees as suppliers and banks related to these suppliers. • Conducted requirements gathering sessions for PRISM / CLM conversion process. Analyzed the CIMS conversion process, prepared technical and functional design documents, LOE (level of effort) for both functional, technical documentation and code objects. • Designed and developed CLM Conversion processes for DNDO to convert the legacy data into Oracle R12.2.4. • RICE (Reporting, Implementation, Customization, Enhancement) for Oracle Financial Release R12.2.4. Purchasing • US Coast Guard on Quarterly basis has to report DHS their open obligations to track their budgets. Since they have multiple sources for entering purchase order like FPD, PO and other legacy systems. It was difficult for the management to report their open obligations. Analyzed the data sources like FPD, WINS and CAS systems and designed OOVA process to track all their open obligations. 1
  2. 2. • Designed and developed a process to reconcile Coast Guard PO sub-ledger with General Ledger on monthly basis before books are closed. • Reviewed Technical and Functional specifications and recommended necessary functional and Technical changes to the FPD Purchasing process. • Presented iProcurement module to CG management to demonstrate iProcurement as a good alternative to FPD system. Demonstrated our team of how iProcurement is tightly integrated with Oracle Financials to track budgets and other purchasing related information and avoid the weaknesses of current FPD system. • Recommended several alternative methods and procedures to fix the issues with in the Purchasing module and developed concurrent processes to automate the system. Involved in critical purchasing module issues and recommended alternatives and solutions to issues. • Fixed day today issues with the FPD system which involved Java code. Made changes to the Java Code in the FPD system and provided the updated compiled version to deploy into the system. • Developed several PLSQL procedures to automate the manual processes within purchasing module. This has saved lot of man hours which was invested on routine jobs. HR Module: • Designed and Developed HR employee conversion/Interface process. The employees created were converted into suppliers and all the related banks for the suppliers are converted or created based on the requirement. General Ledger: • Involved in designing, setup and configuration of Organization structure with Chart of Accounts, Calendar and currency . • Designed and developed Document Suspense Procedures to track all the Suspense Balances and match them based on certain criteria to clear the suspense balances. This process has brought down US Coast Guard suspense items from several millions to thousands. • Good Understanding of Sub-Ledger Accounting(SLA). • Designed and Developed several tools to track the Document Suspense items based on Aging criteria, All Cleared items, All Open items etc. These reports are very helpful to the management and the operations team at Coast Guard to monitor and track the Suspense items and take necessary action on time to clear all the suspense items, which is essential for Audit Success. By using these tools, the Coast Guard management was able to reduce the suspense items considerably. • Designed and developed a procedure for Coast Guard to track all the records, which are missing while interfaced from legacy systems to Oracle Applications, and alert the Systems people to take necessary action to bring these missing records into Oracle Applications (CAS). • Developed Several PL/SQL procedures to extract key information requested by the Auditor’s at Coast Guard Finance Center. Some of the important extracts include Tran’s tab, which shows Legacy Transaction Codes VS USSGL TC Codes, and all the General Ledger accounts, Schedule types associated to these Transaction Codes and display these in a tabular format. • Developed Abnormal Balances Report for operations to track all the Abnormal Balances to analyze and fix if necessary. • Developed several pl/sql packages, Forms, Reports as part of fixing issues to avoid day today scripts which involved lot of resources from top management to CM system. This has reduced time taken to fix the issues for the team. • Developed several FSG reports in General Ledger. • Worked across Modules like General Ledger, Purchasing, Budget Execution, Federal Administrator, FPD, CIMS and Fixed Assets. 2
  3. 3. • Created test scripts for UAT (User Acceptance Testing) in TE040 documentation with detailed testing of all the above modules Involved in development of RICE components as per business requirement Environment: Oracle Applications Rel. 12.2.4,12.1.1, 11i (11.5.10), (11.5.9), 9i, 10i,11i SQL*PLUS, PL/SQL, SQL Navigator, UNIX SunOS 5.8, Windows XP. Client: Estee Lauder Inc. NY. Nobel Networks, NJ. Mar ’01 to Apr ’04. Oracle Financial Consultant. Role: Development and Production Support. Basing on the new requirements and enhancements, Develop and test the programs, reports etc and provide Technical support for the Oracle Applications 11i. Accomplishments include: • Enabled Audit Trail for PO_Vendors and PO_Vendor_Sites_all Tables to track who is changing those tables . • Developed a Flexfield Report which takes the Parent Flexfield as parameter and returns all the child fields related to that Flexfield.. • Fixed bugs in Customer Interface which brings customer information into oracle applications from third party feeder systems. • Fixed bugs in Auto Invoice Interface Program which brings Invoice information from Main Frame systems. Environment: Oracle Applications Rel. 11i (11.5.7), (, SQL*PLUS, PL/SQL, UNIX SunOS 5.8, Windows XP. Client: Sterilite Corporation, Townsend, MA. Role: Involved in Development of Several Reports using Reports 6i as per Client’s Business Requirements: • Customized the Invoice Print New Invoices Report to Sterilite Print New Invoices Report. Lot of new functionality was added to the report as per business requirement. Security features were also added to regulate the users, so that user’s in one organization could not be able to access/print the invoices of the other organization. The text report was converted into a Post Script Report. • Customized the Customer Statement Report. The text report was changed into a Post Script Report and new functionality was added as per the client/user’s requests. Environment: Oracle Applications Rel. 11i (11.5.7), 8i (, SQL*PLUS, PL/SQL, Developer2000 Rel .6i (6.0.8) (Forms & Reports), UNIX SunOS 5.8, Windows 2000. Client: TMP Worldwide, NY. Role: As a part of Strong 15 Member team Involved in different Global Projects in different Modules Like GL, AR, AP and FA in Oracle Applications 11.5.7. The projects include: • Designed and developed General Ledger Interface programs for Australian and UK projects to bring feeder System data from Purchasing Accruals, Sales Accruals, and Sales Deferrals to Oracle General Ledger. • Wrote AR Invoice Interface and Conversion programs for UK Adcomm’s. • Prepared the Duplicate Vendors Report with same Address. • Wrote the Vendor Conversion program for US project. Customized Cost Detail and Summary Report to track the assets basing on the Location for the Australian project. • Customized different forms using Custom.pll and prepared new lookup forms for Interface program’s to derive source system to oracle values. 3
  4. 4. • Involved in migration project from 11.5.1 to 11.5.7 Wrote inbound and outbound extracts to sync data With SPOT system to the Global System. • Modified UNIX Shell scripts to call all the interface programs. Environment : Sun Soloris8.0. Oracle Applications 11.5.7, Secure FX. Client: Lincoln Electric Company, OH. Micro Solve, IL. Apr '98 – Feb '01 Oracle Financial Consultant, Role: Involved in functional & technical design like preparing Data Mapping, Technical Flow diagram and wrote several PL/SQL procedures, functions and SQL*Load Programs to convert data into a flat file and this data is transferred into SAP through BDC Sessions. Some of the highlights include: • Prepared Data Mapping and Conversion Technical Design to extract the Invoices, Debit Memos and Credit Memos to a flat file (OPEN AR PROGRAMS). • Wrote Conversion Programs in PL/SQL and SQL*Load to extract data into flat files. • Technical Support for Oracle Applications: • During this period I supported Oracle Applications. Some of the modules include Oracle Receivables, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Purchasing and third party vendor software like FAMIS, MOTOR MANUFACTURING. Environment: Oracle Applications 10.7, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables,Purchasing, Fixed Assets, General Ledger. Oracle 7.3, Developer 2000, SQL*Loader, AIX, Windows NT. Education: Bachelor’s Degree. Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Sciences. Trained in Java Programming Language(TCC). Six Sigma White Belt Training. 4

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