Video gaming and its effects


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  • There also are physical symptoms that may point to addiction:Carpal tunnel syndromeSleep disturbancesBackaches or neck achesHeadachesDry eyesFailure to eat regularly or neglecting personal hygiene
  • Video game addiction is not included as a diagnosis in either the DSM or the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems.However, some scholars suggest the effects (or symptoms) of video game overuse may be similar to those of other proposed psychological addictions. Video game overuse may be likecompulsive gambling, an impulse control disorder.According to Griffiths“all addictions (whether chemical or behavioural) are essentially about constant rewards and reinforcement”. Griffiths believed that addiction has six components: salience, mood modification, tolerance, withdrawal, conflict, and relapse. Some scholars suggest that psycho-social dependence, if it occurs, may revolve around the intermittent reinforcements in the game and the need to belong. . Some scholars claim that the social dependence that may arise from video games occurs online where players interact with others and the relationships “often become more important for gamers than real-life relationships” . However this is not a view which is generally accepted among all scholars.
  •  In higher levels of a game, players usually fail the first time around, but they keep on trying until they succeed and move on to the next level
  • Are video games violent: YesDo they cause violence in young children: No more than television or the moviesShould the rating system be changed: NoThe last word: Video games may or may not promote violence in teenagers or in young adults, but the fact is that there is not enough evidence to support it. Video games are forms of entertainment that children enjoy, and if for some reason parents have a problem with certain games, then its up to them to pay attention to what their child is doing, instead of it being the game industries fault for putting mature rated content into a mature rated game.
  • Video gaming and its effects

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    4. 4. In UK survey of 300 womensimilarly non-scientific poll suggests that 9
    5. 5. A study conducted at the University of Central Florida found that• Nearly 40% of players are female :O :O• Of the 33 games sampled,• 41% do not feature female characters,• 33% portrayed woman as sex objects,• 26% depicted violence against women.
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    7. 7. WHY DO PEOPLE PLAY GAMES?? 10%27% 43% Timepass Regular basis Cant live without To freshen up 20%
    8. 8. GAMES WHICH PEOPLE PLAY!!!! 14% 32%6% Fantasy Sports Violence Sexual Quizzes18% Skill based 10% 20%
    9. 9. Here are some sign which indicates addiction to videogames…!!! Most non-school hours Falling asleep in Falling behind with are spent on the school assignments computer or playing video games Lying about Worsening grades computer or video game use Choosing to use the Being irritable when computer or play video Dropping out of other not playing a video games, rather than see social groups (clubs or game or being on the friends sports) computer
    10. 10. BAD EFFECTSInfluence Violence Playing online child can pick bad language andMakes child isolated behaviorTeaches wrong valuesConfuses between realityand fantasyHealth issuesAffect studies
    11. 11. Were addicted to video games becausetheyre fun, competitive, and satisfying.Here are the social benefits of video games& info about new activity oriented videogames
    12. 12. Problem solving and logic Simulation, real world skills Hand-eye coordination, fine motor and spatial skills.GOOD PerseveranceEFFECTS Multitasking ,MemoryQuick thinking, making fastanalysis and decisions.