82 Strategic Questions to ask at ad:techsg 2013


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82 Strategic Questions to ask at ad:techsg 2013

  1. 1. 82 questions to ask at#adTechSG 2013If you are shy to ask aloud, just tweet it to @adtechsg
  2. 2. They say that what differentiates greatleaders from the good ones are thekind of questions they ask?
  3. 3. We are here to provoke your thoughts &ignite the right kind of questionsto ask at each of the 41 sessionsover the next 2 days.If not anything else, this will help you sound intelligentwhile you network during the coffee breaks;)adTechSG 2013 is here & we all wannashare, network & learn everything aboutdigital in just 2 days
  4. 4. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg & @harperDay1 Opening Keynote:Failure Was Not An Option
  5. 5. Q1: If Singapore’s PM Lee invites you to managehis online campaigns for the next GeneralElections, will you be keen to help?;)Q2: Was it easier to market Threadless tees orPresident Obama for the 2nd term?! Onesimilarity in marketing the two brands?
  6. 6. Tweet your questions to@adtechsgDay1. Track 1. Session 1:Marriage of Content & Technology
  7. 7. Q3: What is a healthy ratio betweencontent creation : content curation that brandscan adhere to?Q4: Should brands create own branded contentor should they crowd source it?
  8. 8. Tweet your questions to@adtechsgDay 1. Track 1. Session 2:The Agency is Dead
  9. 9. Q5: In a hypercompetitive agency market, howrealistic is it for agencies to dictate terms withclients?Q6: You ask agencies not to get big. How dothey scale revenues & make an exit then?
  10. 10. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @alizaknox,@suttonmattDay1. Track 2. Session 1:Evolution of Social To the Centre ofthe Digital EcoSystem
  11. 11. Q7: Will Twitter’s self-serve advertising platformbe opened up to individuals and SMBs or is itonly meant for large organizations?Q8: Why don’t we see many Singaporecompanies use Twitter for customer service 24x7as observed in other markets?
  12. 12. Tweet your questions to@adtechsgDay1. Track 2. Session 2:The Affluent Asian Consumer
  13. 13. Q9: How relevant is traditional market researchin today’s world of real-time marketing? Howhas digital impacted your research process?Q10: How do you ascertain if affluent customersare active on digital platforms? How can brandsreach them directly?
  14. 14. Tweet your questions to@adtechsgDay1. Track 3. Session 1:Upsize Me. Serving CreativeInnovation with Fries
  15. 15. Q11: Why did you chose to co-promote HelloKitty? Any interesting data to suggest anypreference amongst your customer base?Q12: How do you decide which menu item topromote & which not to promote throughdigital?
  16. 16. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg,@derek_callow,@garytranterDay1. Track 3. Session 2:Balls to Play
  17. 17. Q13: As a medium sized agency, how do youcompete against the big boys?Q14: How do you lock down clients for long termAOR digital contracts?
  18. 18. Tweet your questions to@adtechsgDay1. Track 1. Session 3:New Innovation to Digital Mediafrom the Cloud
  19. 19. Q15: How is Amazon competing with SalesForcein the cloud marketing domain given theirrecent acquisitions?Q16: Can you share 2 examples of how localmarketers have leveraged on the cloud forcampaigns?
  20. 20. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @mackenzieDay1. Track 1. Session 4:Leave Your Egos at the Door
  21. 21. Q17: How do you re-invent agencies like OMDthat have so much historical baggage?Q18: Are younger talent who may understanddigital better, given more opportunities inagencies with old hierarchies?
  22. 22. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @ctoksvigDay1. Track 2. Session 3:Fairplay in Social Media
  23. 23. Q19: How can brands manage or preventconsumers from sharing copyright images onsocial media? Any best practices?Q20: How can brands manage “fairplay” betterin countries where there are no specific lawspertaining to digital/social media?
  24. 24. Tweet your questions to@adtechsgDay1. Track 2. Session 4:WWF – Towards engaging hundredsof millions for real change
  25. 25. Q21: Whats the average per capital donationthat you receive through digital channels? Howdoes that compare to traditional channels?Q22: How do you prevent moneylaundering/fraudulent sources from makingdonations to WWF?
  26. 26. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @l_3id, @TPeltoniemiDay1. Track 3. Session 3:Adapting to the mobile seismic shift
  27. 27. Q23: Is mobile really paying rich dividends inAsia beyond just delivering clicks?Q24: Whats your take on iOS7? Should marketersand developers prepare themselves for a bigchange?
  28. 28. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @narasimhasureshDay1. Track 3. Session 4:Adapting to the mobile seismic shift
  29. 29. Q25: How real and feasible is augmented realityfor marketing campaigns in APAC?Q26: Like QRCodes the technology has existedfor long. Why hasn’t it taken off yet?
  30. 30. Tweet your questions to@adtechsgDay1. Keynote Presentation 2:Monetizing the DigitalTransformation
  31. 31. Q27: What is working better for FT – advertisingrevenue or subscription revenue?Q28: How long do you think FT’s print division willsurvive? Will it follow the path of Newsweek,Readers Digest & other failing print companies?
  32. 32. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @mcfrizzDay1. Keynote Presentation 3:Re-Shaping the conversationbetween brands and the people
  33. 33. Q29: How has VISA monetized its digitalinvestments and brand conversations in Asia?Q30: How can companies convince seniormanagement to allow for a 2way conversationbetween brands and consumers? Especially,large, sensitive, archaic, public listed ones?
  34. 34. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @barneyloDay1. Track 1. Session 5:How digital changes the game forglobalizing Chinese brands?
  35. 35. Q31: Which Chinese industries or flagship brandsare leveraging the most on digital as part oftheir internationalization process?Q32: What do internationalizing/exportingbrands use digital for? Whats your take on thedigital opportunity in Myanmar?
  36. 36. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @datadangDay1. Track 1. Session 6:The big currency debate – theresurrection of the GRP
  37. 37. Q33: Do you a see an opportunity for “secondscreen” digital platforms to target digitalomnivores?Q34: How is comscore preparing itself for the“cookie deletion” era?
  38. 38. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @victoronefcDay1. Track 2. Session 5:The use of digital media to create aworld class sporting event
  39. 39. Q35: Has social media helped connect thesporting fans directly with the MMA stars? Howhas that experience been?Q36: What digital/analytics tools have you usedwhile organizing mega sporting events toimprove the fan experience?
  40. 40. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @vikasgulatiDay1. Track 2. Session 6:Beyond the Banner on Mobile
  41. 41. Q37: How can brand marketers be betterprepared for the constant changing mobileenvironment in terms of device, design, OS etc?Q38: If a brand that is new to mobile was to pickone mobile option, should it be mobile websiteor mobile app or just begin with mobile ads?
  42. 42. Tweet your questions to@adtechsgDay1. Track 3. Session 5:Analytics to Drive Digital Results
  43. 43. Q39: With wearable computing devices like theGoogle Glass coming to the market soon, howdo you think the world of analytics will change?Q40: Does P&G use analytics on the mobileplatform as well? How different are the metricsfor mobile vs desktop analytics?
  44. 44. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @jordankhooDay1. Track 3. Session 6:Connecting the Dots
  45. 45. Q41: Can you share an Asian case studyinvolving multiple devices and second screenapps?Q42: What kind of analytics tools are available inthe market to measure & monitor cross/multi-device campaigns?
  46. 46. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @briansilverDay 2. Opening Keynote:The Beauty of Big Data to PreciselyTarget Audiences
  47. 47. Q43: Is Yahoo innovating only throughacquisitions (Tumblr, Hulu, Summly etc.)? Whatare some of its in house innovations recently?Q44: What does Yahoo plan to be in 5 years?Will it still be a portal and a search engine or ??
  48. 48. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @nickwodtke,@nickikenyonDay 2. Keynote Presentation 2:Introducing Samsung and Facebook
  49. 49. Q45: Would you consider Facebook Home to bea failure?Q46: Apart from Facebook advertising, how elsehas Samsung leveraged on innovated on theFacebook network?
  50. 50. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @enriquerpDay 2. Track 1. Session 1:3M – From Excellence in Innovation toExcellence in Digital
  51. 51. Q47: What are the core KPIs of a Centre ofExcellence? Does 3M experiment with its digitalstrategy?Q48: What kind of brands does a globalcompany like 3M take inspiration from for digitalcampaigns in APAC?
  52. 52. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @uberDay 2. Track 1. Session 2:Making a global brand successful in Asiathrough localized digital advertising
  53. 53. Q49: How does Amobee plan to compete withexisting mobile networks in Asia? Would beingpart of a larger umbrella brand like Singtelhinder its innovation?Q50: Has Uber’s growth in Singapore been easygiven how difficult it is to get cabs & thedeclining quality of public transport?
  54. 54. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @alexoberbergDay 2. Track 2. Session 1:Digital marketeers with a challengermindset
  55. 55. Q51: When a company loses heavy marketshare like Nokia did, is there a way digital/socialcan help prevent the free fall & augmentgrowth?Q52: Nokia was about connecting people, aperfect fit for the social media world. Do youthink it has strategically embraced digital?
  56. 56. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @jonwchinDay 2. Track 2. Session 2:The Philips+ project in Asia
  57. 57. Q53: How many of the crowd sourced ideasfrom Philips+ were actually implemented inAsia?Q54: What was one major drawback or failure ofthe Philips+ project in APAC?
  58. 58. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @keithtimimiDay 2. Track 3. Session 1:Innovate or Die – Why Ideas mustprecede profitability
  59. 59. Q55: How do you institutionalize ideas andknowledge management in agencies?Q56: What do you do with ideas that were eitherdiscarded or not shortlisted by clients? Candormant ideas be monetized?
  60. 60. Tweet your questions to@adtechsgDay 2. Track 3. Session 2:Google’s approach to Innovation
  61. 61. Q57: How do you improve Google search 10X?How do you foresee the search engine businessevolving in 5 years?Q58: Why hasn’t Google succeeded on socialmedia? Do you think eventually it would makesense for it to acquire a Facebook?
  62. 62. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @widhadh, @ismcb,@derektweetsDay 2. Track 1. Session 3:Building a multi-country social mediaprogramme
  63. 63. Q59: How is SalesForce’s gameplay in digitalexpected to change with its recent acquisitionof ExactTarget?Q60: Why does Ogilvy have so many sub brandsto handle digital? Doesn’t it make sense tointegrate skillsets and ideas?
  64. 64. Tweet your questions to @adtechsg,@nsmiti, @wendy_hogan,@js_hawkins, @stu_spiteriDay 2. Track 1. Session 4:Long live programmatic buying
  65. 65. Q61: Are programmatic & automatic mediabuying the one and the same thing?Q62: Can programmatic buying completelywipe out the media agency business in adecades time?
  66. 66. Tweet your questions to@adtechsgDay 2. Track 2. Session 3:Attribution: This session will make youchanger your media mix
  67. 67. Q63: How do you integrate the attributionmodel across both offline and online? Howaccurate and robust is the data?Q64: How real-time is the econometric data thatis made available for attribution modeling?
  68. 68. Tweet your questions to@adtechsgDay 2. Track 2. Session 4:Big Data Analysis of Human BehavorialPatterns
  69. 69. Q65: Is the GPS-based data that is collectedonly after seeking explicit permission from all themobile users?Q66: Do you foresee a future where everyaction and movement of humans would bedigitally recorded and tracked? What are theimplications?
  70. 70. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @jbarouchDay 2. Track 3. Session 3:The New Social Metrics
  71. 71. Q67: What location algorithm or technique doyou use to map geo data with existing socialmedia conversation data points?Q68: Does this technology work well indeveloping countries in ASEAN such asCambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar?
  72. 72. Tweet your questions to@adtechsgDay 2. Track 3. Session 4:Using Context to Unlock the TabletOpportunity
  73. 73. Q69: Is there a way for brands to combine theirefforts to tackle both phones & tablets? A“Phablet” strategy?Q70: Which industries are making the most useof tablets as part of their sales and marketingefforts in APAC?
  74. 74. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @turbanizerDay 2. Keynote Presentation 3:The 3 Year Journey of Angel’s Gate
  75. 75. Q71: Why hasn’t Angels Gate produced orgroomed a startup that has scaled up massivelyor enjoyed a good exit?Q72: Name one Singapore startup that you arepersonally betting on?
  76. 76. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @mgrover1Day 2. Track 1. Session 5:Transforming digital marketing to $$$marketing
  77. 77. Q73: Isn’t it unfair that digital and offline mediachannels are compared on different levels?Why does no one seems to demand trueaccountability from offline?Q74: Does J&J leverage on digital marketing forits B2B businesses as well? If so, in what way?
  78. 78. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @rachitdayalDay 2. Track 1. Session 6:FEH – Refreshing the online brand ofSingapore’s largest hospitality group
  79. 79. Q75: If you were to pick between search,display and social media marketing for a hotelclient, which one medium would you place yourbets on and why?Q76: Does online marketing for a large hotelgroup offer economies of scale vis-a-viz runningcampaigns for a single hotel?
  80. 80. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @johnm_dwaDay 2. Track 2. Session 5:New Communication Strategies thatengage with your customer
  81. 81. Q77: What is the one key metric that brandsmust use to measure customer engagementonline?Q78: What kind of people would you advise abrand to hire to develop an internal contentmarketing team? Who owns the content?
  82. 82. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @stu_spiteriDay 2. Track 2. Session 6:New Communication Strategies thatengage with your customer
  83. 83. Q79: How is BrandScreen different fromTubeMogul?Q80: Apart from click and view-based metrics,what are some of the other softer, qualitativeanalytics that you offer to your clients?
  84. 84. Tweet your questions to@adtechsg, @harperDay 2. Closing Keynote:Fireside chat with Harper
  85. 85. Q81: What would it need for Asia/Singapore tooutpace Silicon Valley in digital innovation?Q82: Five marketing technologies that weexpect to mature by the time we meet atadTechsg 2014?
  86. 86. Ok, enough already. Time toparty!If you found these questionsuseful, please tweet me at@pranmaz and buyme a beer
  87. 87. If you would like to meetme at @adtechsg, justSMS me at 90695123
  88. 88. While we are partners of adTechSG2013, all the questions in thisdocument are our own & have notbeen influenced/planted by the eventorganizing committee.No, Really!DISCLAIMER