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Lazy Ninja Twitter Contest


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This is the power point for the twitter contest held by viralcurry on account for Lazy Ninja Tees.

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Lazy Ninja Twitter Contest

  2. 2. OVERVIEW • Lazy Ninja Tees started up with another contest on their twitter handle @lazyninjatees. • HashTag for the day was- #iTurnNinjaWhen • The contest started with 350 followers and ended up with more than 500+ followers. • The Hashtag trended all over India and many other influential cites.
  3. 3. Followers Count • Followers count before contest- 345. • Followers count after contest- 525.
  4. 4. #iTurnNinjaWhen Analysis • The hashtag trended at 19th and 20th July. • The hashtag went viral all across the twitter with all the tweeples tweeting for it apart from the contest players • It was also covered by many prominent tweet analytics websites. • We got almost 200+ Followers in 2 Days.
  5. 5. Hyderabad Trends
  6. 6. Ahmadabad Trends
  7. 7. India Trends
  8. 8. Other Brands Using The HashTag.
  9. 9. Tweeples Tweeting
  10. 10. The Final Verdict • The contest went good overall. • Targeted audience was well achieved. • Lazy Ninja got promoted with use of Ninja in the hashtag. • Apart from the winners, also other users tweeted to come back with another contest. • The followers count and goodwill was well increased.
  11. 11. Thank You! -Team Viralcurry