Biobanking 2011


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Biobanking 2011

  1. 1. Biobanking 2011 Biobanking - principles, practices and controversies 10th - 11th March 2011, Thistle City Barbican, London, UK BOOK NOW! Key Speakers Julie Corfield, Human Tissue Research Project Leader, AstraZeneca Dr. Glyn Stacey, Director of the UK Stem Cell Bank, National Institute for Biological Standards and Control Janine Swifka ,Site Representative Research Biobank, Bayer Dr. Anne Bahr, R&D Data Privacy Officer, Sanofi-Aventis Martin Locher, Technical Project Manager, Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharma Dr. Holger Zetzsche, Head of Molecular Laboratory, DNA Bank Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem Morag McFarlane, Chief Scientific Officer, Tissue Solutions Julian Hitchcock, Director, EESCN & Consultant Solicitor, Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP Mark W Lowdell – Director, UCL-Royal Free BioBank Dr. David Bunton, Chief Executive Officer, Biopta Dr. Robert Coleman, Pharmaceutical Industry Consultant & Consultant, Safer Medicines Trust Emmanuelle Rial-Sebbag, PhD Health law, Researcher Toulouse, University Le Mirail, Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire, Solidarités, Sociétés, Territoires Dr. Karine Sargsyan, Managing Director, Biobank GrazAssociate Sponsors Driving the Industry Forward | Organised ByMedia Partners To Book Call: +44 (0) 20 7336 6100 |
  2. 2. Conference Introduction Biobanking 2011 10th - 11th March 2011, London, UK‘The total sales in biobanking market will reach $19.13bn in 2015, Associate Sponsor:$31.50bn in 2020 and $44.59bn by 2025’ (Source: Visiongain Report‘Biobanking for Medical R&D: Technology and Market 2010-2025’)Dear Colleague, For further information please visit: s the pharmaceutical industry shifts toward a more-personalised approach A At fluidX we offer an ever-developing range of fluidX bench top to medicine, the need for high-quality, well-maintained biospecimens is at the 96, 384 and 1536 liquid handling systems; Bar-coded 2D sample forefront of medical research. storage tubes plus tube sorting & tube tracking systems; Adhesive & he biobanking market is highly complex, and its complexity is increasing along with T heat sealing instruments along with a comprehensive range of seals. We have always its growth and demand. Due to the advancements in genetic research, stem cell placed the needs of our customers at the heart of the business so that our products and research and regenerative medicine, biobanking has become ever more important services continually evolve to meet the requirements of an ever-changing environment. and playing a key role in biomedical research. Understanding the balance between the need for reliability and precision combined with ur Biobanking 2011 conference is designed to offer an excellent in-depth O budget constraints, fluidX always strive to offer superior products at competitive prices. knowledge about the current state, trends and most pressing issues in the field of For further information please visit: biobanking. By attending this conference you will gain a comprehensive outlook on the market potential of biobanking as a key driver for next generation biomarker Media Partners: and drug discovery, and participate in the sessions specifically tailored to your needs and interests. is the leading industry-sponsored portal for oin us to learn, network, benchmark against the strategies and participate in our J the pharmaceutical sector. Supported by most of the leading open discussions and provide your valuable inputs. pharmaceutical corporations, provides dynamic real-time news, features, events listings and international jobs to industry professionals across Europe Don’t miss this opportunity to: and the US. • Obtain the most-up-to-date information on Sample Storage and Tracking Issues For further information please email: • iscuss the changing approaches to target-finding, drug development and patient D BIOTECHNOLOGY EUROPE is owned by BIOTECHNOLOGY treatment WORLD. It is based and located in Warsaw, Poland. • Review the development and implementation of a tissue repository Biotechnology World was founded in 2007 to provide the world’s biotech and pharma information and market to make it universally accessible and useful for scientific • Gain a clearer insight on Green Banking and business processes. Its first step to fulfilling that mission was building the • Hear the latest on the Stem Cell Banking BIOTECHNOLOGY EUROPE platform that will allow a quick spread of information in • Examine the quality concerns for existing biospecimen collections different channels. BIOTECHNOLOGY EUROPE offers companies completed internet • Recognise the importance of biobanking in rare disorders public relations, publication and marketing solutions. One of the mains goals of BIOTECHNOLOGY EUROPE is to integrate the Biotech and Pharma Sector in Europe to • Understand the regulatory, social and ethical frameworks global biotechnology, pharmaceutical and life science activities. I look forward to meeting you at the conference For further information please visit: Best regards Future Pharmaceuticals has forged powerful relationships Driving the Industry Forward | with key industry leaders to provide a platform for successful brand recognition, and for senior decision-makers to have the means to procure and plan implementation strategies based on the topics covered. Positioned to be an authoritative resource within top pharma companies as well as small, specialty, and Pranita Nangia biotech, Future Pharmaceuticals magazine is geared to create a deep penetration into Head of Conferences a highly targeted and responsive audience, bridging the gap between the industries’ top issues and the solutions top-tier vendors can provide. For further information please visit: InPharm is the online platform for exclusive pharmaceutical news, comment, contracts, services, jobs and events and is A ‘Must-Attend’ biobanking conference for: home to, Pharmafile and Pharmafocus. VPs, Directors, Heads, Managers of: For further information please visit: • Biobank • Tissue bank • Biorepository/BioSample • Molecular Diagnostics • Clinical Genetics, Pathology • Genomics Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities • Privacy/Protection/Security This event offers a unique opportunity to meet and do business with some of the key • Scientific and Quality • Laboratory and Inventory players in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. If you have a service or product • R&D to promote, you can do so at this event by: • Quality Control • Strategic Outsourcing • Hosting a networking drinks reception • Clinical Research • Translational Medicine • Taking an exhibition space at the conference • Personalized Medicine • Advertising in the delegate documentation pack • Bioanalytical Chemistry • Providing branded bags, pens, gifts, etc. • Pharmacogenomics • Proteomics If you would like more information on the range of sponsorship or exhibition • Business development • Strategic alliances possibilities for visiongains Biobanking 2011 Conference, please contact us: Others: Ronald Magali, +44 (0)20 7549 9934 Consultants& Academics, Regulatory bodies, Researchers, Biorepository Vendors, Government Officials
  3. 3. Day 1 Biobanking 2011 Thursday 10th March 2011 09:00 Registration and refreshments 12:40 Networking lunch 09:30 Opening address from the chair 13:40 Changing human tissue requirements for today’s Dr. Robert Coleman drug discovery/development and biomarker research Pharmaceutical Industry Consultant & Consultant Safer Medicines Trust • ypes of tissues and door information needed T • he growing role of biomarkers & personalised medicine T 09:40 Biobanking – limitations and opportunities  • iobanking - essential element in today’s healthcare research B • se of human primary cells U  • imitations of current biobanking - limited tissue types, sources and L Morag McFarlane conditions of tissue retrieved Chief Scientific Officer  • pportunities - looking beyond collections of preserved tissue samples, O Tissue Solutions with more emphasis on living tissue • ourcing - transplant donors S • ses of such tissues - details of modern test methods both developed U 14:20 Legal, ethical and regulatory horizons and under development • he embryo problem in the age of iPS T Dr. Robert Coleman • ights in cells R Pharmaceutical Industry Consultant & Consultant Safer Medicines Trust • egulation R Julian Hitchcock 10:20 Biobanking: informed consent in practice Director, East of England Stem Cell Network • ompliance with personal data protection regulations C Consultant Solicitor, Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP - hy is it important? W - he EU personal data protection directive T - hich regulations apply? W 15:00 Afternoon Refreshments • ompliance with human samples collection regulations C - uidelines related to biomedical research and pharmacovigilance G 15:20 Private-public collaboration through research - nternational texts relating to biobanking I biobanks networks  - UNESCO, Art29 WP, Council of Europe and OECD recommendations Emmanuelle Rial-Sebbag, PhD Health law - Two local examples: The French and the Chinese Regulations Researcher Toulouse Dr. Anne Bahr University Le Mirail, Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire, R&D Data Privacy Officer Solidarités, Sociétés,Territoires Sanofi-Aventis 11:00 Morning refreshments 16:00 Banking and Working with Human Stem Cell Lines • echnical challeneges T 11:20 Sponsor Spotlight Session • P and ethical considerations I T ake this unique opportunity to be a part of the conference theme, • est practice for stem cell culture and banking B network, share ideas and provide an overview of your product/services Dr. Glyn Stacey to the audience. For more information please contact Director of the UK Stem Cell Bank National Institute for Biological Standards and Control 12:00 Optimising human biological sample life cycle management in the UK: an ethical and 16:40 Closing remarks from the chair economic perspective • he publics perception/awareness of biobanking T • he UK landscape of biobanks; public and private sector T • nmet needs in treating disease U 16:50 Networking drinks • conomic aspects of biobanking E • ptimising all aspects to meet patient’s needs O Take your discussions further and build new Julie Corfield relationships in a relaxed and informal setting Human Tissue Research Project Leader AstraZeneca Due to unforeseen circumstances the programme may change and visiongain reserves the right to alter the venue and/or speakers c Copyright visiongain Ltd, 2011
  4. 4. Day 2 Biobanking 2011 Friday 11th March 201109:00 Registration and refreshments 12:40 Networking lunch09:30 Opening address from the chair 13:40 The role of biorepositories in decision making in oncology drug development Christopher Womack09:40 Biobanking – limitations and opportunities Clinical and biobank histopathologist The DNA Bank Network – DNA and tissue banking Astrazeneca for biodiversity genomics • roblems in identification of biodiversity specimens and the P 14:20 Establishment of a comprehensive research & annotation quality of molecular data therapeutic tissue bank in an academic setting • BIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility) data and G Mark W Lowdell metadata standards Director • dding the DNA data layer missing in GBIF A UCL-Royal Free BioBank • NA Bank Network – bridging the gap between biodiversity specimen D repositories, DNA collections and sequence databases 15:00 Afternoon refreshments Dr. Holger Zetzsche Head of Molecular Laboratory DNA Bank, Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem 15:20 The use of fresh human tissues to better predict drug safety and efficacy • ddressing clinical failures through preclinical human tissue research A10:20 Data Warehousing • unctional responses in fresh human tissue F Martin Locher Technical Project Manager • ypes of healthy and diseased human tissues that are used in T Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharma functional assays • ase studies: human tissue safety and efficacy studies and C comparisons to animal data11:00 Morning refreshments Dr. David Bunton Chief Executive Officer Biopta11:20 Sponsor Spotlight Session T ake this unique opportunity to be a part of the conference theme, 16:00 Governing an academic Biobank: What are the network, share ideas and provide an overview of your product/services challenges? How deal with them? to the audience. For more information please contact • he way from sample collection in research projects to institutional T certified biobank as a researchinfrastructure platform for academia and industry is rather tricky • he model of Biobank of Medical University Graz represents a case study T for development and operation of an academic biobank under the strong 12:00 Biobanking of human and animal tissue defined ethical, legal and social frames eg. Cardiovascular Dr. Karine Sargsyan • uality assurance of human and animal biological samples Q Managing Director Biobank Graz • omparability of animal models and human disease C • linical networking in research biobanking C • iobanking linked to translational medicine and biomarker research B 16:40 Chair’s closing remarks Janine Swifka Site Representative- Biobank Bayer 16:50 End of Conference
  5. 5. Registration Form Biobanking 2011 10th - 11th March 2011, London, UK Conf. code VGStandard Prices Biobanking 2011Conference only Fee: £1299 VAT: £259.80 Total: £1558.80 10th - 11th March 2011Number of bookings: Total cost: Location: histle City Barbican T Address: Central Street, ClerkenwellPromotional Literature Distribution London EC1V 8DSDistribution of your company’s promotional literature to all conference attendees Fee: £999 VAT: £199.80 Total: £1198.80Details How to bookForename: Surname: Email: Web: Job Title: Company: UK Office: Tel: +44(0) 20 7336 6100Main Switchboard Number: Fax: +44(0) 20 7549 9932 Visiongain LtdAddress: BSG House 226-236 City Road London EC1V 2QY UKCountry: Postcode: General informationPhone: Fax: Venue: Thistle City Barbican, Central Street, Clerkenwell, London, EC1V 8DS, Phone: 0871 376 9004 / +44 845 305 8304, Fax: 0871 376 9104 / +44 845 305 8343 Email: The reference number to avail discount on accommodation at the Thistle Barbican is: VISI090311 Please note discounted accommodation is only available until 23/02/2011.Signature: Payment terms: Visiongain require the full amount to be paid before the conference. Visiongain Ltd may refuse entry to delegates who have not paid their invoice in full. A credit card guarantee may I confirm that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of booking be requested if payment has not been received in full before the event. Visiongain Ltd reserves the right to charge interest on unpaid invoices.Methods of payment Substitutions/name changes or cancellations: There is a 50% liability on all bookings once made, whether by post, fax, email or web. There is a no refund policy for cancellations received on or Payment must be made in sterling after one month before the start of the event. Should you decide to cancel after this date, the full invoice must be paid. Conference notes will then be sent to you. Unfortunately, we are unable to transfer places By Mail: Complete and return your signed registration form together with your cheque payable between conferences. However, if you cannot attend the conference, you may make a substitution/name to Visiongain Ltd and send to: visiongain Ltd, BSG House, 226-236 City Road, London, EC1V 2QY, UK change at any time, as long as we are informed in writing by email, fax or post. Name changes and substitutions must be from the same company or organisation and are not transferable between By Fax: Complete and fax your signed registration form with your credit card details countries. Please note that discounted delegates places at a visiongain event are non +44 (0) 20 7549 9932 Invoice alterations: There will be an administration charge of £50 for any changes to an invoice, excluding substitutions/name changes, requested by the customer. This will be charged to the By Phone: Call us on +44 (0) 20 7336 6100 with your credit card details customer by credit card prior to the changes being made. Indemnity: Visiongain Ltd reserves the right to make alterations to the conference/executive By Credit Card: Fill in your card details below and fax back to +44 (0) 20 7549 9932 briefing content, timing, speakers or venue without notice. The event may be postponed or cancelled By Bank Transfer: due to unforeseen events beyond the control of visiongain Ltd. If such a situation arises, we will try to reschedule the event. However, visiongain Ltd cannot be held responsible for any cost, damage or Visiongain Ltd A/C: visiongain Ltd expenses, which may be incurred by the customer as a consequence of the event being postponed or cancelled. We therefore strongly advise all our conference clients to take out insurance to cover the Barclays Bank Sort Code: 20-71-64 cost of the registration, travel and expenses.Piccadilly Branch Account No: 6038 7118 Data Protection: Visiongain Ltd gathers and manages data in accordance with the Data 48 Regent Street Swift Code: BARC GB22 Protection Act 1988. Your personal information contained in this form may be used to update you on visiongain Ltd products and services via post, telephone, fax or email, unless you state otherwise. We London, W1B 5RA IBAN: GB80 BARC 20716460387118 may also share your data with external companies offering complementary products or services. If you Please debit my credit card: wish for your details to be amended, suppressed or not passed on to any external third party, please send your request to the Database Manager, visiongain Ltd, BSG House, 226-236 City Road, London, Access MasterCard Visa American Express EC1V 2QY. Alternatively, you can visit our website at and amend your details. Please allow approximately 30 days for your removal or update request to be applied to our database. Following your removal or update request, you may receive additional pieces of communication from visiongain Ltd during the transitional period, whilst the changes are coming into effect.Card number: Fee: The conference fee includes lunch, refreshments and conference papers provided on the day. This fee does not include travel, hotel accommodation, transfers or insurance, (which we strongly recommend you obtain).Expiry Date: VAT: VAT will be charged at the local rate on each conference. Delegates may be able to recover VAT incurred by contacting Eurocash Corporation plc +44 (0) 1273 325000, Security number (last 3 digits on back of credit card): Eurocash specialise in recovering cross-border VAT. How we will contact you: Visiongain Ltd’s preferred method of communication is by email and Signature: phone. Please ensure that you complete the registration form in full so that we can contact you. Unable to attendCardholder’s name: Obviously nothing compares to being there but you need not miss out. Simply tick the box and send with your payment. You will receive speaker talks in PDFs two weeks after the event.News updates Yes, please send me speaker talks Price£550 VAT:£110 Total:£660Please tick if you do not want to receive email news updates in the future