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This month I was addressing first year students at NHIM (Bangalore). This was an oriention program for MBA grads

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Marketing and more

  1. 1. MarketingThoughts, Concepts & Stories for a New Generation of Marketers Orientation Program for Class of 2012 MBA @ NHEI Raghavendra P Hunasgi © Raghav
  2. 2. Thanks for Viewing!This presentation was originally designed in August 2012(for Orientation Program for Class of2012 MBA @ NHEI). All the views and opinions expressed in this presentation belong toauthor and have no relation to his employer.You can find me on:Facebook: raghav0711Gtalk: pranesh.Raghvendra@gmail.comBook: © Raghavendra Hunasgi
  3. 3. One of then most difficult phases in a B-school for students is to choose the specialization that would eventually shape their career3
  4. 4. Facts and Myths you must know aboutmarketing
  5. 5. Different type’s of Marketing. Traditional Digital5
  6. 6. Before we go any furtherto discuss and understandabout Marketing. Did youknow Steve job was one ofthe best marketers of ourtimes?I am sure you have seenhim launch iPhone or iPad,but have you seen the firstmarketing commercial hecreated for Apple in 1984?Take a look at this video:
  7. 7. Now let’s take a look at what is MKTG?
  8. 8. Marketing isChanging
  9. 9. from MASS targeting
  10. 10. to individual relationships
  11. 11. from tools that interrupt
  12. 12. to tools that engage
  13. 13. As a Marketer you should be prepared to evolve
  14. 14. My marketing evolution…
  15. 15. 2002 2006 2010
  16. 16. My Marketing Job Description What does your dad do? He does marketing What does that mean? I’m not sure…he works a lot on hiscomputer and plays lots of games and travels so many countries. I guess he has fun. Well, not exactly…
  17. 17. PLAN CREATE GOVERN Content Write Maintain Review Measure Marketing Revise Approve Publish Store Delivery DisplaySource: Content Strategy and the Future of Marketing, Kristina Halvorson, Brain Matters
  18. 18. Partner Collaboration
  19. 19. Analyze and Optimize
  20. 20. Reading Blogs
  21. 21. Publishing Blog Content
  22. 22. Social Networking
  23. 23. Take a look at how Marketers are touching the world today? A P&G video for Olympics
  24. 24. Marketing as career option Salary, roles, responsibilities and road ahead........
  25. 25. PR AR AdvertisementSEM Options in Marketing SMM Sales Enblmnt Branding
  26. 26. How do salaries in Marketing look like?
  27. 27. Before we conclude let’s watch thisvideo to see how marketing createsimpacts and touches our lives:
  28. 28. Anything else youwould want to knowabout MKTG? © Raghav
  29. 29. Questions? Write to me © RaghavPhoto: © Raghav
  30. 30. Thank You